Do These Wardrobe Shopping Mistakes Cost You Money?

Do These Wardrobe Shopping Mistakes Cost You Money?

You’re probably reading this because you want to look fabulous without regretting how much you spend – and you don’t need to spend a fortune to look your best. Unfortunately, that’s just what you may be doing by making expensive wardrobe shopping mistakes. You want to look and feel elegant but on a budget. And that’s possible. But do you find yourself spending too much on your clothes every time? Are you making these wardrobe shopping mistakes?

Thinking you know it all

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And why not? After all, you’re buying for yourself, so who would know better than you? Well, an expert should. Shopping for new clothes can be a lot of fun, even if you’re not too fashion conscious. However, the fun can easily lure you into making unplanned decisions while you explore patterns and styles. From boutiques to large department stores, there are so many options available and different price ranges. Try reading tips (like you’re doing now. Good for you!) and shopping hacks regularly to find out new info you may not know. You can also try signing up for personal shopping services and even benefit from closet detoxing and in-home styling.

Purchasing at full price instead of waiting for sales

It is pretty tempting to want to buy the latest fashion pieces as soon as they become available. But experts suggest that if you want to save money, you need to be just a little more patient. First, look for ways to build healthy relationships with your favorite stores and find people or trusted associates who can inform you when your favorite fashion items will go on sale. If you have a great relationship with your favorite stores, you can even get your preferred clothes saved up for you so they don’t get sold out. This is where your customer loyalty should win you favors.

Falling for a fake sale

When you see the price of a fashion piece you want is slashed by, say, 50%, that would be too good a deal to ignore! Well, that’s not entirely true. Before you jump in to make a purchase, first take time to make sure that the original price hasn’t been hiked just to make the offer look attractive. Some stores double the price of an item then offer a 50% slashed deal to get you to buy at the actual price-these are known as fake sales. You can find out the actual price of an item by comparing prices from different ecommerce platforms or stores. 

Focusing on labels instead of style

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You love to own fashion pieces created by your favorite designers and labels, but do they look good on you? Do they fit? Before you make clothing purchases, your first concern should be whether they fit and look good on you. Many shoppers are guilty of buying on impulse, just because an item catches their fancy or that it looks like a piece to own. But an item appearing flashy doesn’t mean it will work for you.


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