CTC Week 4

Wrapping up the Common Threads Challenge with a lot of selfies today!  Although I wish we had actually had time to snap real pictures with the kitchen renovation in full swing it just wasn’t in the cards.  I’ve also had a couple of rough days at work which equated to very little sleep so there’s that.  Enough whining let me share what I have, because for the most part, I have been on my A Game with the challenge.

I could have very easily called this post all the ways with olive because I sure wore the heck out of my skinny cargo pants. On Wednesday I wore them with my college tee since it’s Destination College Day (I know for a FACT that our elementary school students are certain to pick a college because I wore the shirt) #snark #whycantweletthembelittle. We had another VEX Robotics competition on Saturday and once again my olive cargo pants made an appearance but this time with my cute graphic tee. The bathroom mirror was FILTHY so excuse that, it looks like my pants are spotted, they are not but the mirror is, ha! Then on Sunday I wore them AGAIN this time to the grocery store and Target. I actually had Collin snap that picture outside along with the pictures from Monday’s post. About this time I start wondering what the neighbor’s are thinking of Collin snapping pictures of his mom – like a weird Psycho-Norman Bates thing? Hmmmmmm…























I’ve learned that creativity is key when a wardrobe is limited and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I’ve also learned that I am a mood dresser – so planning outfits in advance and staying the course is difficult for me.

On Thursday I wore my gingham bell sleeve top from Loft (p.s. it’s on super sale) with a pair of chambray trousers. I didn’t snap a picture of that ensemble unfortunately. Probably because I felt just sort of meh about it, do you feel like that sometimes? The outfit looks great in theory but once on it just doesn’t live up to your expectations. Normally when that happens I’m all about changing but not that day.

Monday brought another selfie, this time with my striped, embroidered top and magenta flame pants (similar).












The final outfit I am sharing this week was not what I had originally planned to wear but with the promise of rain and somewhat cooler temperatures I decided to change things up. Please note that said promised rain never materialized but it was a little cloudy. I only worked a half day because I had a dental appointment (random fact I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months, I know weird).












Today (Wednesday) is supposed to be much cooler and Thursday even cooler! I am super excited and have no idea if I’ll stick with the challenge or not. After all I need to take advantage of the cool weather while it lasts (approximately 48 hours, we move fast in Florida – ha).

Nolan is coming home for a long weekend on Thursday and I took Friday off from work. We’ve only just started our 2nd marking period and I am growing very weary. Sometimes life is just like that and when I recognize it I have no problem stepping back and taking a breather. Believe me, I need it. What do you do when you reach your limit? I often find it a little confusing and difficult to truly decipher what’s going on – is it hormones? Lack of sleep? Crazy job? My gut tells me it’s a combination of all three mixed in with a kitchen renovation. Yup, definitely.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you back here on Friday! Until then I hope you make it a great one and take care of yourself!


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