Cropped Tweed Jacket Styled 2 Ways

The cropped tweed jacket is a classic, wardrobe piece. Recently there has been a resurgence of this style and I’m seeing it all over! Maybe it has caught your eye as well and you are contemplating whether or not this piece has staying power and how you’ll wear it. I’ll answer both of those questions today!

Cropped Tweed Jacket Styled 2 Ways

At first glance the jacket seems so dressy, right? While it’s true that IT alone can elevate an outfit, I love the idea of wearing it casually as well as for dressier/professional occasions. I hear from women all the time that while they like something they don’t need it because they don’t go anywhere. Well…I work from home and don’t really go anywhere either but you know what? I buy and wear what I like and YOU can too. So let’s see how regardless of your lifestyle you can wear a jacket like this and if it will remain in your closet or end up in your donate pile.

A way to modernize such a classic piece like the tweed jacket is to pair it with denim. It’s one of the things I love about current fashion. Women from my mother’s generation would NEVER dream of wearing a jacket like this with jeans yet we do it all the time! So those of us who don’t go to an office everyday can incorporate a cropped tweed jacket like this into our wardrobe rotation.

The jacket is in fact timeless! The style has been around for years – thank you Coco Chanel! I bought one version a few years ago from JCPenney and just recently added this one to my closet. I still have the JCPenney version but since the colors are more spring-like I wanted something a little darker. I feel certain if you add a cropped tweed jacket to your wardrobe, you will enjoy it for years to come!

Casually Worn

Two things I love: jackets/blazers and denim! Not only are they consistent with my style (check that out here) but they work with my lifestyle as well. That is honestly key to curating a wardrobe you love – it needs to work with your everyday life.

Cropped Tweed Jacket worn 2 ways
cropped tweed jacket + denim + boots
Cropped Tweed Jacket worn 2 ways
cropped tweed jacket + denim + boots

Blue denim is nice but white will work too! I added my lug sole boots and a short sleeve tencel top. FYI – can you see the difference in these photos? The white denim was taken with my iphone and ring light and the blue denim with my DSLR. The jacket looks so different! This jacket has a nice blend of blues in it as well as some black, making it so easy to style!

Cropped Jacket: Trend or Timeless

Purchased back in 2019, this jacket has survived many closet purges. A timeless piece like this is definitely worth having in your closet as long as you can wear it in a way YOU like. With denim or shorts this style works for me. You might like it better with slacks, a skirt, or even over a dress.

cropped Tweed Jacket worn 2 ways
How I wore it in April, 2019
cropped tweed jacket + shorts
cropped tweed jacket worn 2 ways
May 2022

Cropped Tweed Jacket Worn Dressier

To see another way I have styled my jacket, please hop on over to Jill’s blog. She is on vacation and I am covering for both of us this week!

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