Crazy With a Side of Stress

It seems like the last few weeks have been crazy with a side of stress. At least that’s how I’d describe it. In general I try to manage whatever comes my way by writing lists, getting organized, and most importantly granting myself a little grace. That plan usually serves me well but this year I’ve been taken to task. I thought I’d share what the crazy and side of stress is all about and how I plan to remedy the situation so I can enjoy the holidays with those I hold most dear.

While I don’t get invited to many social outings, it seems the ones I am invited to all fall on the same week. Tonight I’m attending an ornament exchange which is always a fancy affair. It’s the one event I get dressed up for – but isn’t that what women do? We get all glammed up to spend the night with a bunch of women! Here’s what I am thinking I’ll wear:
I’m not too worried about being sleeveless but I’ll bring my moto jacket (similar) just in case. I’ve worn it 5 days this week! I’ve been anxious to wear this velvet top (under $20!) – the blue is so pretty. I’ll wear these party shoes.

Saturday my plans include baking and wrapping presents. In the middle of the day I have to drive my neighbor to the airport but then I’ll be back at it. Each night this week I’ve been trying to bake a batch of cookies but I’ll need to finish up so Collin can deliver the cookies to his teachers on Monday!

On Sunday we have our Annual Family Brunch. I look forward to it every year. Our adopted uncle (my parents neighbor since I was 8) hosts in his decked out, over the top, gorgeous Christmas home. I’ll be sure to share pictures. I’m not sure what I’ll wear because the high is expected to be 80 degrees which has me completely disappointed. All these cool days we’ve been enjoying are about to come to an abrupt halt. Each year I make this Panettone Bread Pudding with Amaretto Cream Sauce. It is honestly so good and easy!

I ordered Christmas cards before Thanksgiving and I’ve had them since Black Friday. However, I have yet to address even one! I will get to it but I’ve been a bit distracted lately. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I took Monday and Tuesday off from work. Monday I indulged in outlet shopping with my bestie Windy. The day was good for my soul and I knocked a few things off my list. Santa told me it was okay to head into Kate Spade and do my part to stimulate the economy. I’m nothing if not compliant!
Tuesday I drove to Gainesville to pick up Nolan, so that’s by far the BEST news of the week. My college boy is home and half way through his sophomore year. I enjoy his company so much and those hours together in the car provide an opportunity for uninterrupted conversation! If I could say one thing to parents today it would be this: hang up your phone and talk to your kids!

My beautiful friend Andrea sent me the sweetest package this week. Not only is she in the middle of moving into a new house, selling an old house, working, being a terrific mom and wife but she is thoughtful. I am blown away and blessed.

Here’s the source of my stress: I am changing jobs in a big way. I am leaving my school district and I have accepted a position with Florida Virtual School as an elementary school counselor! While this is most definitely a positive change for me it’s still a MAJOR change and therefore a source of stress. It’s hard to leave the kids, teachers, and staff I know and love but for many reasons this is the right thing and I am looking forward to all the wonderful things I’ll do in my new (work from home) position!

So yeah, it’s a lot. But here’s how I’m keeping my sanity: grace, plain and simple. I’m granting myself grace to take a break when I need to and watch all the Hallmark movies, read a book, and rather than beat myself up I am laughing. You know what else? If a Christmas card arrives after Christmas it’s totally okay. The sentiment and well wishes are the same – the card says you care and that’s all the matters. How do you stay sane this time of year? Do you feel like you have more stress this time of year? Are you changing jobs? I want you to know I get it because I am there.

Make this the best weekend my friends, enjoy every moment!


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