Cowboy Boots Take One

Back in the 80’s I had a pair of black cowboy boots.  I loved them!  I wore them with dresses, shorts, you name it.  I’m not sure what happened to them but I do know they are long gone.  I hadn’t really thought about ever getting a new pair until I started noticing other women wearing them.  Like my sweet friend Andrea over at Living on Cloud Nine. I’ve also noticed they’re gaining in popularity as far as barn weddings go and parties of that nature.

In March my sweet little niece turns 2 and her party will be at their family farm. So naturally I had to get a pair of boots! I got them on sale and used my Plenti points (reward program at Macy’s).

I also needed a dress to wear with said boots because as I’ve gotten older I have to work a little harder styling them. When I found this dress on Amazon and it arrived my husband remarked that it looked like the dress I used to own and wear with my old cowboy boots! For only $16 this dress from Amazon was a winner! Check the bottom of the post, there’s an Amazon link there that will take you to a very similar dress.

The dress came with a thin little belt but I chose not to wear it. After looking at the pictures I wasn’t pleased though. It needs something because I have no shape! I have decided we will re-shoot the dress with a different belt,I think it will make all the difference!

The boots are fun and a nice change. I’m planning to wear them with my tulle skirt next!

This was a cute and comfortable outfit! We sure had a heck of a time getting photos though. The sun was setting and shadows were everywhere making it difficult to get a decent shot. On top of that I wasn’t really pleased with how I looked. We went out of town so there was no chance for a redo. That’s why I’m calling this post “Cowboy Boots Take One” because I’m not giving up!

This is probably one of the daintiest necklaces (similar) you’ll ever see me wear! I got it right before Christmas at the Kate Spade Outlet. I think it’s the perfect piece for a simple, understated look. I wanted to keep this simple because I feel like I’m attracting enough attention in these boots – ha! Since I live in a college town I don’t want to give the impression that I’m trying to look like a college student. Really, I am not trying to compete with a 20 year old. Mainly because I DON’T WANT TO BE A 20 YEAR OLD! I like my age but I also like to dress how I want. How about you? Do you own a pair of cowboy boots? If so, how do you style them? Do you wear what you want?
Thanks for stopping by friends, I appreciate it!
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