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img_2667img_2664img_2626Happy HAPPY Friday!!!!!
After last week with our close call with a category 3/4 hurricane I had a friend ask me to give her tips on how to organize her closet. Now, anyone who knows me I detest anything out of place…..#touchofocd……..and my closet is something that I am very proud of! If you are anything like me, you will get up in the morning and freak out because you have NOTHING to wear!!! I am going to give my tips on how to organize your closet and keep it that way!!! Make sure that you have time to take on this project because to do it right, you will need a large chunk of time!!!

1. Take EVERYTHING out of your closet-no-you can not leave one piece of clothing in there. I tried that once and I failed miserably at getting rid of items that had no business staying in my closet!!! You will need a LARGE bag(s) to put the items that are leaving the house-and yes, there will be many pieces freeing up your closet!
2. Now this is going to be painful-you need to try on every single piece of clothing. If it has a small stain or rip-get rid of it….I know my friends won’t fix things and don’t let it take up space!!!! Also, dated items, items that don’t fit right and items that you haven’t worn in six months need to go….Please…don’t use the line..”I got it on sale!” ” Its a ________(insert any high end fashion name)
“I’m going to lose the weight!!” (That has been my go to line for the past 18 months!)
3. When you try it on, go look in a mirror right away. If you go “Oh I LOVE this piece!” Then it goes back on a hanger. If you go “Hmmmmm…..well it might work with_____________” Go find that piece it might work with and try it. IF it doesn’t work then it goes in the bag as well.
After you have tried everything on and put a ton of pieces in the bags it is now time arrange things beautifully in your closet!!!!
4. This is how I hang items in my closet-
A. Put all sleeveless shirts in order from lightest to darkest.
B. Next, its short sleeve shirts-same way-light to dark.
C. Long sleeve-
D. Shorts/skirts
E. Capris
F. Pants
G. Dresses
With everything in a color pattern you are able to see what you are lacking and what you don’t need to buy in that color for some time-for me, it is black…
Something that I always do it hang my statement pieces and bracelets on the hangers as well. I feel that if you put it in a drawer or a jewelry box you forget what you have. I hang one piece on each hanger on the shirt that I feel it will look best with-there might be several that it will work with!!! I also hang my infinity and blanket scarves separately so I don’t forget I have those as well!!!!
I absolutely LOVE organizing so I hope this helps my friends get a start on their closets!!!
PS…..I will come and do your closet for a fee!!!hahahahhahha!!!!!!

Fashionably yours!



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