Christmas Cozy!

Less than a week before the big day, are you ready? I sure hope so. These days leading up to Christmas are my favorite and if I could just have time stand still I would. I’m already lamenting the fact that next week this time my decor will all be put away as we do some moving of rooms and painting. Oh how I will miss all the Christmas cheer!

Today we are sharing our Christmas pj’s with you! You can link up with us here or join our host this week Christy.

So here’s the thing, up until just a few years ago I never bought Christmas pjs for myself. I was too practical and hated to waste the money. I know some families get to relax and spend Christmas day in their pjs but not me. I host our meal, usually by 1pm my house is full. So this year is actually the second time I bought some cute, Christmas jammies for myself!

I think these  are perfect and just like the pair I bought this year.


and I actually have this set from last year.Do you wear special pjs at Christmas? It’s a good idea considering so many pictures are taken.We try to focus on the kids and get their pictures. I’m fine to be in photos once I’ve showered! Here are my new pajamas for 2018:#pajamas#pajamas

Here are some cute pjs if you’re in the market:

As always I thank you for stopping by today and I do hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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