My Favorite Pajamas

You’d laugh if I showed you what I wore to bed the night of my wedding – a t-shirt and boxer shorts! If my husband didn’t feel like he’d hit the jackpot prior to that,… View Post

Walmart Finds

Happy Friday friends! I feel like this every week but after a slew of internet issues and rain, I am ready to close the chapter on this work week. Let’s focus on some great Walmart … Read more

What’s In My Cart Right Now

Today’s post is a round up of things I have in my cart right now from several different retailers. They’re all affordable and I’ll explain why I chose them. Who knows? Maybe my sharing will … Read more

J.Crew Pajamas for Christmas Morning

With so much attention on how to dress for the holidays, let’s not forget the all important even of Christmas morning. There will be photos taken, right? For me this means I want to be … Read more

Friday Favorites: Pajamas, Books, Shoes

Time for Friday Favorites once again. Today I am sharing my favorite pajamas, books I’ve recently read, and shoes that are keeping my feet happy! Pajamas Thirty years ago if you had told me I’d … Read more

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