Friday Favorites July 16

This is the Friday Favorites that almost wasn’t. No reason in particular, just couldn’t quite find the words. Some days, weeks, and even months are like that. When that kind of “funk” strikes me, I… View Post

Friday Favorites #99

Welcome to a new year of Friday Favorites! After a two week break from the blog I am happy to be back in the saddle. It’s been a busy week blog-wise with my Monday post,… View Post

Friday Favorites #95

Sometimes the struggle is real coming up with a title for a post. That’s not typical on a Friday generally speaking but this week, yeah, it’s a stretch. If you’re a regular reader you know… View Post

Friday Favorites #86

What a week! The days have all blended together thanks to Hurricane Dorian. Those of us in Florida have put our lives on hold as this slow moving beast of a storm threatened all kinds… View Post

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