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#Beauty HacksToday we’re sharing our favorite beauty hacks with The Blended Blog. While I’m no beauty expert anything beauty related grabs my attention, how about you?

I credit Pinterest for the majority of the beauty hacks or tips I know about. What in the world did we ever do before Pinterest? That’s not to say that I have not stumbled upon a few share-worthy tips along the way. I shared my tips for keeping your make up from melting off your face here and how to fake that glow. Those are two topics I feel reasonably proficient in; living in a hot, humid climate I have found there are certain products that will keep my make up where it belongs and make my skin look tan without the harmful rays of the sun!

A good primer and setting spray will keep your make up in place without touch ups throughout the day. My skin is oily and right now my favorite primers are this one and this one. Yes, I use two primers. I mix the smoothing primer with my foundation and apply the mattifying primer after I moisturize my skin. After I have applied all of my make up I use this setting spray.

On Friday I shared my favorite self tanning products. I believe everything looks better with color so self tanning is a year round sport for me! In the winter months I cheat a bit and only use the self tanner on my upper body since my legs are usually covered. However, if I need color quickly or I want my legs to look flawless I spray on Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Trust me, this stuff covers EVERYTHING and it is waterproof! #Pink Shorts + Ruffle Top

Lately I have been bothered by my crow’s feet- more than usual in fact. I know they tell the world I smile and laugh a lot but when I see them I cringe. I’d love to get Botox or Dysport and when I do I will share that with you. In the meantime I am looking for something to help the appearance of my crow’s feet and I am open to suggestions. See how prominent they are? #party-girl

Do you have any tried and true beauty hacks? How about any products you can’t imagine living without? I’d love to know!

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