Styling Silver Pants

Staying on top of trends helps keep us fresh and modern. Sprinkling in a piece here or there keeps our wardrobes exciting and fun. So when I started seeing silver pants, I knew they’d be… View Post

Best Prime Purchases in October

The first Monday of November (can you believe it??) means it is time to link up with darling Tanya for the Prime Purchases link up. Make sure you check it out after you finish reading… View Post

New in November

The first Friday in November is here and I’m flabbergasted at how quickly time is passing. Halloween decor is coming down and the halls are being decked everywhere – well, not at my house just… View Post

Styling Cargo Joggers

If leggings had a dressier, more polished cousin they’d be called cargo joggers. Frankly I’m not sure that sentence is grammatically correct but it’s the only way I know to convey my thoughts. There are… View Post

Splurge or Save: Fall Edition

As a middles aged woman I want to be stylish and current. This means that I enjoy purchasing new clothing each season. But I never want to spend foolishly, there are some things I don’t… View Post

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