Prime Purchases for July

Prime Purchases for July

Happy August, friends! It’s time to recap all my Amazon Prime Purchases for July. I’m joining my friend Tanya’s link party. I hope you’ll visit her blog and check out what everyone has been priming!

Amazon Prime Purchase #1 Mirror

This purchase may go down as one of my all time favorites. This mirror! I am far sighted and have been using a magnifying mirror that sits on my counter to apply make up. After seeing a YouTuber rave about this one I decided to give it a try. I find that since it sticks to the mirror and has the gooseneck as well as the light it does everything I need without taking up counter space. Such a game changer for me. I am also loving that I can travel with it too!

Amazon Prime Purchase #2 Earrings

These little gold huggie earrings are just what I have been looking for and they are under $12. I wanted something small and gold but without backs. I keep losing the backs to my earrings and while I know I can order extra backs on Amazon, sometimes they don’t seem to fit my earrings properly. Losing an earring has happened one too many times for me so I am trying to only buy earrings that are one piece.

Amazon Prime Purchase
All the Amazon! I’m wearing the earrings, the necklace, and the dress!

Amazon Prime Purchase #3 Initial Necklace

Andrea bought this first and I loved how it looked on her. It is such a great set – you actually get two necklaces for the price of one! I have since ordered two more to give as gifts. Also, I have worn this set many times and it has held up very well. I highly recommend it!

Amazon Prime Purchase #4 Collagen

This collagen is a repeat purchase for me. I use it every day in my coffee. It’s not something I always order on Amazon; sometimes I buy it at Target. This was a special on Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Purchase #5 Black Sundress

Another favorite Amazon Prime purchase! I’ll admit I have slowed way down on my clothing purchases from Amazon but every now and again something great comes along. Like this dress. It is very well made and I’ve worn it 3 times already. I love everything about it. It comes in other colors and I’m wearing it in a size medium for reference. The straps are adjustable and there is no smocking in the bodice- which is actually nice if you are large chested like me!

Amazon Prime Purchase
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Amazon Prime Purchase #6 Lash Primer

This lash primer was something I was looking at and accidently added to my cart. I ended up really liking it so it was a happy accident. This is the same brand that makes the inexpensive mascara many rave about. I will purchase it again.

Amazon Prime Purchase #7 Oversized White Button Down

How many white button downs is too many? I have no idea but I know I need at least a few! One that is fitted, one that is relaxed, and one that is oversized for sure. This one has been a great purchase. It comes in lots of other colors and I may buy more. I ordered a medium and love the oversized fit. It doesn’t look sloppy, it looks intentional and I believe that is key.

Amazon Prime Purchase
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See anything you like? I am very happy with all 7 of my Amazon Prime Purchases this month. Be sure to visit Tanya to see what everyone else found. Amazon makes it so easy to get what you want when you need it, sometimes too easy!

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