Ageless Style: Mother’s Day

This month our sweet style sister Amy came up with the theme for our Ageless Style post: Mother’s Day! Even though this Mother’s Day will look drastically different than it has in the past what I’m wearing won’t! Last year we went to the beach for a long weekend with my sister and her family and my mom. So I spent the day in a bathing suit. Guess what I’m wearing this year?

Yup, a bathing suit! I am not one for stuffy, crowded restaurants. I prefer a relaxing day with the ones I love. Last year I bought this bathing suit in black. That was after my neighbor texted me to tell me how fabulous it was. Vicki I owe you a world of thanks because this suit is all that and more!

For years I wanted a one piece suit with good support up top. It’s almost impossible to find. But gosh darn, this one does a great job. P.S. don’t be alarmed by the side boob – I should have adjusted that AND I have gained weight since last year (that needs to come off asap). I liked it so much I purchased it in blue. I also bought one for my mom because she liked it so much. Did I mention it is under $30 and comes in 41 colors and prints.

Since I don’t sunbathe I’ll be sure I’m all faux tanned up! My favorite right now is this amazing self tanner, I’ll also be wearing this cover up, I ordered it on Saturday and it hasn’t arrived yet! A hat and earrings finish off the look because even though I’ll be by the pool I like to do it in style! The only time I’ll be in the sun is when I dip into the pool to cool off. Our patio is covered and we have ceiling fans to keep us comfortable.

Buy this cover up here

If I have my way, I’ll spend the day poolside sipping low calorie margaritas (my friend Amy’s recipe) and eating chips and salsa from my favorite Mexican place. What are your plans?

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