Ageless Style Link Up – February Edition

Welcome to the Ageless Style Link Up! The first Tuesday of every month this fabulous group of over 40 bloggers shares a theme along with our own interpretation.  Read along and link up with us! 

This month we’re sharing how our own style has been influenced by literary or television characters.  Such a fun idea, right?  We can thank our creative Daenel for this theme.  Our co-host is the always fabulous and inspiring Patti from Not Dead Yet Style. She posted here about 3 fictional characters with closets she’d like to raid. Perfect, huh? Especially since Danael had already shared her idea for this month’s theme with us! #matchmadeinheaven

Honestly the show I credit with completely changing how I dress is the now cancelled TLC’s What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.  I learned so much from them about pattern mixing, wearing colors that go – not match, adding a completer piece like a jacket, and of course the importance of great foundations like a proper fitting bra.  Prior to their show I shopped at Loft and wore whatever outfits they had and I looked like everyone else! WNTW helped me develop more of my own style. I was heartbroken when the show left the air but I hear their voices in my head often!

Another television show that has inspired me is Sex and the City.  Admittedly I haven’t watched every episode and I’m not as inspired by their story lines and I am their sense of fashion.  I love how each lady is unique and I’d raid any one of their closets! Interestingly enough the two that most captivate me are Charlotte and Samantha- polar opposites.  Charlotte with her sweet, demure, classic, conservative style and Samantha with her sexy, racy, more colorful spirit – so yeah, a blend of those two would most likely be me!

All that being said, however, my look today is more Carrie Bradshaw inspired with my tulle skirt! I’ve wanted to wear one for a sweet forever – probably since her infamous look on the show.  Inspired by some of my very favorite bloggers, including Debbie, I took the plunge. See how she wore her tulle skirt here. Without further adieu my tulle skirt is ready to debut!

With all the volume of the skirt I needed to go a little more fitted on top. I think that’s the best way for me to wear this skirt – a little balance!
When it came to shoes I was a little stumped! Luckily my favorite heels came to the rescue. Although this little experiment made me realize I need a pair of nude colored heels.
I added my black faux leather jacket because afterall it is Winter!

I am pleased with the way this worked out. It’s definitely a little different than what I’d normally wear but that’s what makes it fun! I am already thinking of other ways to wear the skirt and I’ll be sure to share my hits and misses with you! Interested in getting a tulle skirt? Take a look!

For those of you who have not yet met Patti – here she is!

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