Abercrombie Over 50

Confession: I have only been in an Abercrombie fitting room once. At the age of 55. This occurred on Saturday. My niece worked there years ago and definitely had ‘the look’ of course as a young mom at the time, that wasn’t for me. Also? The super loud music pretty much chased me out of the store. My boys never really got into the brand either. No need to shop there, I had no need for the brand and Abercrombie had no need for me either.

And then…as the story goes, I started seeing things I liked on women my age and where were they from? Abercrombie. It started making me think that maybe, Abercrombie over 50 is a thing. You might remember my crochet sweater and the trousers I purchased online. Impressed by that purchase I was anxious to get into the store and shop in person.

Abercrombie Over 50

Part of me thinks I should have just kept shopping online rather than in the store. But I was hoping to get a better feel for sizing, options, and quality without ordering a ton and then returning a bunch. Not a huge fan of making large returns – anyone else? Also? their denim was all 25% off and I was curious.

Inside Abercrombie

First of all, the music isn’t quite as loud as it used to be. But the store is dark and dimly lit. I guess it’s a vibe – although I am not sure what vibe. Definitely not the ‘we welcome mature shoppers’ vibe. Ha!!Sales people are hard to spot and didn’t acknowledge me for quite some time. I actually had an arm load of clothes and a young man mentioned that their denim was on sale. Finally! Someone spoke to me – I was excited so I asked him if there were any trousers that were not super high waisted and had a slimmer leg. Hmmmmm…he looked perplexed. He radioed someone else. She showed up and I got the distinct feeling I was having a stroke or some other episode that had me speaking some other language or at least majorly slurring my words. Needless to say, no help, Basically what we have is out on the floor and she hightailed it away from me as quickly as she possibly could.

I found the fitting rooms and was promptly placed inside. I felt like a kid in a candy store – there were controls in the room for the lighting and volume control for the music. Wow!!!

What I Tried On

Since denim was on sale, I started scouting jeans first. Sometimes I feel like a party of one when it comes to rise. High rise and Ultra High Rise make me look Buddah. All belly and then boobs. Thanks to my short waist, it’s not a flattering look on me. Not that I need a low rise either, but mid rise is the sweet spot for me. However, it is hard to find. I found ONE style in the store that said mid rise.

They turned out to fit very well! The quality was good, they had some stretch but not too much. I tried a size 6, they were called The Straight. Online they come in 6 washes. This is a great pair of jeans that rival designer denim. If I didn’t already own a pair I love from Good American, these would have come home with me.

Remember on Friday how I mentioned wanting a denim skirt? I tried one on and really liked it. There were very limited sizes and the one I tried on was supposed to be a high rise. Because it was a little too big it slid down on my hips and I liked it better that way.

Finally I tried on this pretty satin skirt and top. Actually I wore the top to try on both the skirt and the jeans. It’s a thicker material so it drapes nicely and skims the body. It was wrinkled but a quick steam would take care of that. The pretty knotted elevated satin midi skirt looked terrific with it! These pieces come in silver as well as black. I tried on a medium in the skirt and a small in the top. I think I needed a small in the skirt but it wasn’t in store. Under my elbow is the security tag for the top, it almost looks like my skin.

These two are on my radar for a future purchase. The black is obviously very versatile and wearable but the silver would be pretty too!

Final Thoughts on Abercrombie Over 50

I saw blazers, tailored shorts and trousers in store. A few pretty denim dresses too. I was actually impressed with what I saw and tried. My advice? Don’t sleep on Abercrombie, check it out. If you decide to shop in person keep your expectations low when it comes to customer service. But the quality is good and the prices are too.

As far as fit goes, I noticed several signs in the store referring to petite, tall, and plus sizes available online if not found in store. They also have their Curve Love denim that features an additional 2″ through the hip and thigh. So I feel like the Abercrombie we used to think was for teens only is no more!

Have you thought about Abercrombie at all lately? I’d love to know if you shopped there before and if you’d do it again!

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