A Few of My Favorite Things

I could hardly type that title without singing, any Sound of Music fans out there?Yep, today’s theme with The Blended Blog is favorite things, I can hardly wait to see what everyone’s favorites are! Shaunacey is our host today.

My favorite things are the things I wear all the time – some you see and some you don’t! Some you will today and some you won’t. #rhymingsmyfavorite
#Pattern Mixing
I’ll start with things I wear just about every single day. My Kendra Scott jewelry pieces are definitely at the top of the list. They go with everything and since I gave up wearing a watch several years ago I always grab bracelets. I wear this cuff all the time. It was gifted to me last year when I worked with Wiki Buy and it has since become my go to piece. It’s just beautiful! I also wear this bracelet every day too. Mine has white stones. I own the Rayne necklace in two colors – Mother of Pearl and Hot Pink, definitely my favorites. I want to add this necklace and this cocktail ring to my collection next. Do you own any Kendra Scott pieces? Remember to find a store near you and during your birth month you get any piece for 50% off!

Now, something you don’t see. My underwear. You never will. There are few things I can be very sure of but I know I will NEVER appear in underwear on this blog. My husband and sons would be horrified (along with me) so you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you about a bra or underwear fitting well, okay? I swear by and wear these seamless underwear every day. They come in one size and do not show any panty lines. There’s no tugging or pulling or riding up. They stay put. They come in different cuts, I have these hipsters and these briefs. I love them for all the reasons I listed above but also because I don’t have to guess about the size. They are so soft. Over the last year I have slowly replaced all of my underwear with these. My favorite way to buy them? Three at a time – you save some money that way. Also? I buy them in weird colors when they are on the clearance rack at my Dillard’s. I have several pair in coral and dark blue that I got for a fraction of the cost – score! Take a look at someone else wearing these:

Another of my favorite things is my hair topper. If you are new around here you may not know that I wear a hair topper every day (except to the gym). My hair line is receding. I’m not bald and I don’t have bald patches. As women we get older and our hair thins, you may not want to wear a wig but a hair topper may be your solution. You can read all about mine here. Now that I am hot to trot on my Insta stories (I’m really not, I make many mistakes) I plan to share it there, one of these days!

Friends are my favorite too and today I’m joining my sweet friend Laura of The Horton Family.
1. I don’t believe in luck; oh sure I have fun throwing the term around but it’s all in good fun. I believe in God’s timing and God’s plan and that’s how things happen. I also believe in hard work – nothing is achieved through luck in my mind.
2. The best thing about yesterday was spending time with my family. My boys had spring break last week. Collin was home with us but Nolan went away with is roommates. This weekend they were both home and we had dinner out.
3. The last photo I took was of our dinners! My sweet co-worker gave us gift cards to Longhorn so we could have a steak dinner in memory of my dad. Steak was his favorite! So, this may not be the best photo but I was taking it to send to her so she could see we did in fact all order steak! I had a 6 oz filet and cauliflower gratin – yum!
I hope your Monday is magnificent and that you are not too sleepy after the time change over the weekend! I will be back on Wednesday and I hope you’ll join me then.

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