9 Spring Trends You Can Actually Wear for 2023

First of all, let me start by saying I had computer issues last week and was unable to do anything with my laptop. Long story short, the Geek Squad at Best Buy helped me tremendously and $35 later, I am up and running as good as new! My 7 year old laptop still has many miles to go apparently! My apologies for no post and not visiting blogs. But today I hope to make amends with Spring trends you can actually wear!

Spring Trends

Let’s look at some trends, 9 to be precise, that will be everywhere in Spring, 2023. Here’s the thing about trends, like everything else in fashion, you can embrace them or erase them – it’s up to you! Wear what you like always and consider adding a few here and there to keep your wardrobe and style fresh and relevant. I am focusing on the nine I think are the most wearable.

Trend 1 Florals

Every Spring florals seem to be popular. This year consider floral embellishments – on hats, bags, or your blouse -without actually having a floral print. Not that floral prints are a bad thing – but the trend (a new and fresh way) is to add the embellishment to an item.

Not ready to embellish? Wear florals but look for tiny floral print – like a ditsy print, or a larger floral print that is more tonal nature. Florals can look frumpy and dated if we go for the starburst floral print or those that look like Hawaiian prints..

Trend 2 Polka Dots

Polk dots are also on trend this season. This is a pattern that is really wearable and I bet you probably already own a piece or two. Get ready to see lots of polka dots at your favorite retailers.

Polka dots can be done in a very chic and sophisticated way. I especially like pieces that have a Swiss Dot (an almost embossed or embroidered look), like this piece. Rather than having a polka dot in a contrasting color, I like the tonal look of these pieces. That’s the nice thing about a trend, you can wear it how you like and make it work in your wardrobe.


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Trend 3 Color

Color – dopamine dressing, neon colors, you’ll hear and see lots of it! Maybe now more than ever, we are all ready to feel good and we’re understanding the science behind wearing colors. Apparently there have been studies that prove, wearing color can impact your mood.

Obviously I am a big fan! This neon berry outfit from Express is so pretty! But I am also loving come of the neon yellow I’m seeing too!

Express Neon Berry Shirt + Pants Pink Pant Suit for Spring
spring trends

I have also shared this orange suit with you – another fun, bright color you can wear in 2023!

Orange Suit
Spring Trends

Just last week I shared multiple ways to style a slip dress and of course I chose pink!

Pink Slip Dress
Spring Trends

Trend 4 Gauze

Gauzy pieces kind of scream beach vacay to me, how about you? I adore how chic and effortless gauze is – this fabric is comfortable and easy to care for – such a bonus! I recently invested in this gauze top and I am so glad I did. I kept buying gauze from Target but this one is so much softer and I love the fit!

Think outside the box with gauze – you don’t have to wear white gauze, this is a great way to wear darker colors, like black. Black can feel too heavy when it warms up if the fabric isn’t lightweight. I love a black, gauze dress for Summer like this one!

Trend 5 Denim with Details

Denim is never not on trend, is it? But 2023 is going to be all about details on our denim. From embellishments to hem details, you’ll find yourself craving a new piece or two because you will literally see it everywhere!

I like the slits in the hem, and I even like the panels of lighter denim on darker denim. The denim midi skirt with a high slit in the front is another way to make this trend very wearable.

Trend 6 Pearls

Most of us own some pearls, but this year pearls are going to be on shoes, handbags, and clothing. This cute bag caught my eye – a very wearable way to enjoy this trend.

Trend 7 Large Bags

Say goodbye to the micro bags of the last few years and embrace larger, more functional ones. Some bags may be oversized but pay attention to proportion when you choose a bag for yourself. Tote bags are especially useful for holding all the things!

Trend 8 Bangle Bracelets

I am so excited for this trend! I love a good bangle bracelet and this year they’re back in a big way. Not that bangles were ever out of style but in the last few years we’ve seen stretchy acrylic tube bracelets and beaded bracelets. This year you’ll see more of the fun, colorful bangles that dress up any outfit!

Trend 9 Shoes

I saved the best for last, shoes! Metallic, ballet flats, platform sneakers – they’re all fair game in 2023. Since I am bound and determined to keep my Plantar’s Fasciitis in check, I will be wearing Vionics on the daily. I do wear other shoes but on a daily basis Vionics really work for me. Their new Spring styles are out and I am trying to decide between a few. I’m looking at these , these, and these (I have them in hot pink).

So what are your thoughts on these trends? I tried to focus on those that I found to be the most wearable for mature women. Obviously there are lots of other out there – micro minis, sheer clothing – and I think they can be fun but not necessarily easy to wear for everyone.

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, 1st shop your closet. You may already have some of these pieces. Just try pairing them in new and different ways – commit to wearing them in a new combination and see what happens. If you do decide to purchase some new pieces that are trendy, think it through. You may not want to invest too much – try to aim for an 80/20 balance – that’s wardrobe staples and trendy pieces. That’s how I am solving the problem of having an overflowing closet but nothing to wear!

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