8 Tips for Finding the Right Accessories for Your Outfits this Summer

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Accessorizing correctly has become an essential part of modern fashion. Jewelry crafted materials and even your shoes can make or break your style. Any designer will tell you that there is a delicate balance between the clothes you wear, your overall style, and your accessories. Here are some tips for choosing the right accessories this Summer.

Pick the Right Rings for Your Hands

Your hands are as unique, and no two are the same. Ridge patterns and DNA aside, your hands are different in bone structure, finger length, and thumb shape. Because of this, you need to accessorize your hands properly. Something which people often overlook. For instance, thick metallic rings aren’t suitable for shorter, chubby fingers. At the same time, thin rings can make your fingers look longer. So remember to pick the correct finger and thumb rings when completing your dress. Otherwise, you might look like a trendy E.T. at your next gathering.

No More than Three

The rule of three is old as time itself. Three is a unique combination that extends right across the design. From ancient master builder golden ratios to modern interior design, three is always the magic number. The same goes for styling. Three accessories have a better impact when appropriately matched than a bunch of bracelets, necklaces, and rings stealing focus from the entirety of your outfit. Remember, accessories are there to highlight your body and style features, not attract attention. So stick to no more than three accessories that go well together.

Be Careful with Matching the Right Accessories

The jewelry industry is worth over £230 billion in the U.K. alone. And further to accessories that go well together, matching jewelry is a challenge. It can be a little off-putting to your sense of style to wear matching jewelry, and some stylists argue it should never be done. However, wearing matching accessories looks excellent if they are smaller and more subtle. For instance, a matching set of white gold and thin emerald ring, pendant, and charm bracelet would look stunning with a white evening gown. So long as they are delicately styled.

Match the Tones Properly

You should also consider the tones of your clothing and accessories when matching. Whatever the style of your chosen outfit, toning is essential. Spring is a great time to break out the pastel tones as we head towards Summer. But pastel tones should match throughout, even down to your shoes. For instance, you will ruin a well-styled pastel outfit with black shoes. So, consider a sandalwood brown pair of wedges rather than your shiny new leather Chelsea boots to go with your baby pink jeans. It’s just a better combination all around.

EXTRA: Trending Summer Accessories for 2022

Like any other year, fashion trends are coming and going for 2022. Summer is almost upon us, which means a new season of fashion. Some of the trends tipped to be big this year include throwbacks to classic fashion accessories from the1970s and 1980s:

  • Chain belts
  • Loafers
  • Chokers
  • Cross-body bags
  • Platform boots

Fashion trends just get recycled. And most of us are old enough to remember the trends tipped for this Summer. So you will be familiar with most of them, like chokers, cross-body bags, and chain belts. They seem to have been pulled from Madonna’s 80s videos.

Wear Neutrals with Crafted Accessories

Hand-crafted and cultural accessories are becoming more trendy to wear. However, many are made using beads and threads, often brightly colored. And these can be a little overwhelming if not appropriately accessorized. First, try sticking to the rule of three and keep the sizes to a minimum. But also match the colors with neutral tones. This will help tone down the overall effect by minimizing the imposition of bulky and bright materials, making it easier on the eyes. Of course, neutral-toned hand-crafted accessories also look great with natural materials.

Decide on Bright Clothes or Bright Accessories

It can be a challenge to balance your clothing and accessories. Remember that they should complement each other, not fight for attention. Therefore, if you like brighter colors, you need to decide which it should be. More colorful clothes or brighter jewelry. It’s best not to wear both, or it will be a sensory overload. If you wear bright clothing, tone down the accessories. And if you want to break out your most luminous accessories, offset them with darker clothing. For instance, try wearing a flat formal dress with your favorite statement piece.

The Right Accessories Don’t Always Have to Match

One of the oldest style tips is matching the color of your handbag with your shoes. This is clearly absurd. Accessories don’t always have to match colors, especially if they are both bright. It can actually be off-putting to match insanely bright shoes and handbags. However, you can achieve a much better-rounded appearance if you forgo the shoes and bag-matching insanity. All that matters is the overall style fits, and everything you are wearing compliments each other. Looking good in your clothing and accessories is more about the contrast than the matching.

Leave Your Watch at Home for Formal Wear

Watches are lovely inventions. Keeping time aside, watches can make a style pop. There is a place for a well-curated watch in almost every case, whether at work, in the gym, or at brunch with friends. The fantastic array of styles means there is always something to choose from. Except in one case. Watches simply don’t look good when wearing formal clothing. Not your work outfits, but evening gowns and ball dresses, for example. As great as watches are, they simply have no place with these outfits. Consider leaving it off for the evening.


It’s always tricky finding the right combination of accessories, but hopefully, you got some ideas from the above. Try thicker rings for longer fingers and thinner ones for short fingers. And stick to the rule of three when accessorizing. Summer pastel clothing needs to stay pastel throughout, so don’t wear dark boots or shoes. And remember, it’s about contrast.


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