5 Simple Tips to Make Guests Feel Welcome

You may be desperate to welcome friends and family back into your home after what has been a lengthy leave of absence. But first, it is a good idea to brush up on your hosting skills. 

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  1. Get a fresh look for Spring and Summer.

It may be time to update your wardrobe, especially if it’s only appropriate for Zoom calls right now. A new outfit could boost your confidence, which will not go unnoticed by friends and family.

The hottest fashion trends we see on catwalks may seem over the top for regular life, but the high-street fashion we know and love takes inspiration from high fashion. Check out the latest season’s collections from famous designers, and you will be able to spot lookalikes or different takes on this style in your favourite high-street stores at an affordable price. If you don’t know where to begin, this video simplifies the latest trends from designers like Chloe, Versace, and Balmain.

  1. Add the finishing touches to your home.

You can serve your guests in style by adding finishing touches to your living space. Whether it is a dinner party, BBQ, or buffet spread, the little things will not go unnoticed by guests. If you are genuinely trying to impress, you could invest in antique silverware and make your guests feel positively regal. Other ways to spruce up your living space:

  • Light scented candles.
  • Play background music.
  • Organise your couch cushions.
  • Let fresh air in through an open window.
  1. Check and prep food before their arrival.

If meeting people for the first time, it’s best to check with them any dietary requirements before buying food and drink, so your efforts do not go to waste. It’s a good idea to do this even with close friends and family, who may have turned vegan since you last saw them and forgot to mention it! 

Once you know what dishes you can serve, get ahead of the game and prep the ingredients before guests’ arrival and time dishes in the oven. That way, you can enjoy your guests’ company without worrying about a kitchen nightmare.

Top tip: if it’s a dinner party, lay the table before their arrival too so everything is ready to go, and you can sit down and relax, also!

  1. Greet them with a smile.

A happy face on arrival will create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Remember: if you feel you will not be able to host to the best of your ability, it is always best to reschedule. Your guests should understand and not want to burden you.

  1. Show gratitude.

Often a guest will thank you for hosting them and may even bring a gift. It’s essential to return the favour, so guests feel like coming to your home is an activity of mutual benefit. A ‘thank you for coming over’, an ‘it is nice to see you’ or ‘it is good to catch up’ are all effective ways of communicating your gratitude.


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