This is 49 -Part 2

Hi friends! Thanks for coming back for part 2 of my birthday shopping trip! After leaving Nordstrom I popped into Loft.  I have $50 in Loft cash to spend and I was hoping the Tampa store would have something different than the two stores near me.  I was happy to see that they did in fact have a few different pieces.  I really liked the romper I tried on. The colors are pretty and it has a cute tassel. I have been on the hunt for a wide leg, cropped trouser so I tried these but I wasn’t crazy about the fit. They looked good enough with this gathered halter top in red . I am mildly interested in jeans with a raw hem so I tried on these . The fit was good, I tried a size 6. I had high hopes for this gingham wrap blouse because it is absolutely adorable! But it did nothing for me except try my patience with all the wrapping and tying. It’s just way too much to fuss with for me and I felt like Sponge Bob Squarepants in it because I have no waist! Of course I was wearing my cold shoulder blue dress because it is both cute and comfy. Although by the end of the day I was tired of taking it on and off! Ultimately I left Loft with NOTHING! Can you believe it? I decided to wait because I wasn’t really in love with anything I tried. Sometimes when I shop Loft I’m hesitant because I know it’s very likely that I’ll see someone else wearing the exact same thing. I may go back this week and get the gathered halter top in red . Check out my fitting room selfies from Loft:










































After Loft I found myself in Banana Republic. I don’t really own much from Banana because I always associate them with work or career wear and my style is a little more casual. My friend Jill and I shopped there earlier in May and I had a total change of heart. Jill has a very professional job (big wig with Starbucks!) and she asked me to help her get some new clothes. We found a new wardrobe for her at Banana and I made a mental note to go back! I tried on a few dresses, some shorts, and a couple of tees. I ended up with the tees and a pair of shorts. I liked the dresses but one was a little snug and the buttons didn’t lay flat and the other dress had a broken zipper. As a side note the dress with the broken zipper was my favorite and I wanted it but unless I take up residence at Downtown Abbey and have my own maid to dress me I can’t own that dress. I had to ask the sales associate to zip it for me and she told me the zipper had to be pulled out and away from the body and then zipped. Um, so I can’t zip it myself? Nope. How does anybody pull the zipper out and away and then up? Okay and then the zipper was broken. She didn’t offer to get me another so I took that as a sign that the dress was not for me and that customer service is not what it used to be. How sad. This is why the dress was on clearance and why brick and mortar stores are closing. I couldn’t find the black dress online but you can check in store. It is a great dress and I wish it had worked. This white dress was so cute and if I hadn’t gone to 3 happy hours last week it may have buttoned perfectly. But I don’t buy things hoping I’ll lose weight so they’ll fit. This dress just wasn’t right on my body but it was cute and comfortable and it has pockets! These shorts came home with me and so did this tee and this tee. These tees are really fabulous, the fabric is thick and soft on the striped one and the other is a linen blend – LOVE!
















































































After refueling at Starbuck’s I hit up the Lilly Pulitzer shop. All that pink just makes me happy! I went straight to the sale rack (of course). I found this tunic dress on sale for $69. The print is called “Never Been Betta” and that made me laugh because hey, it’ show I feel right now! I’ll be wearing it not only as a dress but also as a cover up when we go on our cruise in a few weeks!












After Lilly I popped into Gap, Macy’s, Athleta, and Gucci. Gucci was Nolan’s idea. Apparently he’d like a pair of shoes #keepwishing. I saw a few things I liked at Gap but not enough to make me want to try anything on. I was actually tired of getting dressed and undressed. After dinner we went to another mall and I shopped at Macy’s. I did try on a few things but didn’t get any pictures and I decided I didn’t love anything enough to make a purchase. I even looked at handbags, shoes, and accessories and came away empty handed. My husband made out like a bandit though and found shorts ans shirts so it wasn’t a total bust. The boys shopped at H & M where our older son insisted on our younger son getting new clothes. Nolan is always trying to get Collin to step up his fashion game but Collin honestly couldn’t care less. He was a good sport though and we bought him a few new outfits. We also ordered a new ping pong table from Sears that will be delivered later this week. I’d say the day was a great success!

Between the two malls we had dinner at a great Mexican restaurant and once again dined al fresco! That along with a yummy margarita, chips and delicious salsa had me all kinds of happy.

So friends that’s how I started my 49th year. Shopping and eating with my 3 favorite people on the planet. It was a perfect way to spend the day and I thank you for sharing in the experience with me! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

Fashionably yours,

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