This is 49 – Part 1

This card cracks me up! I love a funny card and this one just makes me laugh!
Today I am going to do a little recap of how I ushered in my 49th birthday. I hope you’re not bored but it’s kind of nice to have a place to record special events like birthdays and such. So here I go!

My birthday was Saturday but I started celebrating on Friday. One of my besties, Windy, took me for a mani/pedi ,some shopping and lunch. The day was perfect despite a little hiccup at work and having to stop by school to take care of said hiccup. I rebounded well by coming home and baking, also known as my therapy. And yes, I work out like a beast and call that therapy as well. Other than shopping my favorite hobbies are baking and working out – go figure!

The weather was a little cloudy but the view was still a good one and the food was terrific! I feel like when you’re eating on the water you need to eat seafood, right? So here’s what we ordered: tuna for me, salmon for my husband, sushi for Nolan, and a cheeseburger for Collin. I swear there’s one in every crowd, right? I also decided to forego a cocktail because I wanted to be clear headed when I shopped. I guess at 49 I am becoming responsible? Ugh, it was so hard not to order a fabulous drink while enjoying the view!

Next stop shopping. So here’s the deal, I made a list of things I wanted to see at Nordstrom. But you know what? I could hardly find any of them! I don’t know why but I sure was disappointed. I stopped briefly in the shoe department and looked at some of the sale items. I slipped on a few that had gotten rave reviews from other bloggers. Sadly most weren’t comfortable enough for me and my bum foot but I persevered and did end up with this pair in beige. They were surprisingly comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them with EVERYTHING!

Next stop the lingerie department. Years ago Oprah did a show about wearing the correct size bra and she had someone from Nordstrom on. At the time Orlando still had a Nordstrom so I went and got fitted. I loved the experience and the selection. I trusted the woman and felt like she really knew her stuff. Now that the Orlando store has closed I’ve gone to some specialty shops and found decent bras but I really love the selection at Nordstrom. If you’ve never had a professional fitting (Victoria’s Secret doesn’t count) there are a few things you should know. First of all you are going to get very intimate with a stranger or two, in my case there were two ladies helping me (I think one was in training). Secondly be very honest with what you like and don’t like in a bra. Finally be prepared to hear that you’ve been wearing the wrong size. You should really have a professional fitting once a year at least or more if your weight fluctuates. You might also wear different sizes in different bras. But probably the biggest hurdle to get past is having strangers in the fitting room with you while you’re pretty much naked. I don’t care because you know what? They’ve seen better and they’ve seen worse! I ended up with two bras and they cost me a pretty penny. My husband knows that bras are an investment and I tell him this is what happens when you marry a woman built like a brick house. Bwah, hahahahahaha! We usually bust out the lyrics and sing the famed song much to our sons’ chagrin. The two bras I ended up with are this one and this strapless one. They are both by Chantelle and my size? 34 DDD. At that size there’s no way I can just grab a bra anywhere. Well I could but I’d end up with spillage and looking terribly sloppy. Clothing looks so much better when you’re wearing the right undergarments.

My next stop was clothing. I looked around for quite awhile. I wanted a dress to take on vacation but the one I liked online was not in the store. No worries, I found some tops and a pair of shorts to try. I bought this top in white. I love the sleeves and I am always on the hunt for a great white blouse. It’s tunic length and so soft. For size reference I bought a small.

I also got this bell sleeved eyelet top in navy. I got a small in it as well. I’ll wear a cami underneath it. And finally I bought this cold shoulder slub knit tee in royal blue. It’s soft and so pretty. I wanted a top in this color to go with a pair of shorts I already own. Because I wore a dress I grabbed a pair of these shorts in navy to try with the tops. I really liked the fit of the shorts and they were super comfortable in a size 6. I didn’t buy them because I didn’t love the color but they worked like a charm to try the tops on!


I’m going to end part one of my shopping trip and pick up on Wednesday with the rest of the trip. Here’s a quick peek at the results of the shopping trip. I’d say it was a success!

I”ll be back on Wednesday with the second part of the shopping trip, I hope you’ll join me!
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