3 Wonderful Gift Ideas for the Home Cook in Your Life

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There’s nothing quite as lovely as encouraging a friend in their passions, no matter if that’s watching them develop as a painter, being one of the first lucky readers of their novel manuscript, or simply encouraging them to take up running following a breakup to help clear their head (it’s better if you attend this pursuit with them).

Yet sometimes, encouraging a friend in this direction may have an ulterior motive. For instance, who wouldn’t want to incentivize someone we know to be a blossoming home cook to create even more delectable dishes in their kitchen? The next time they invite you for an evening meal, you’ve hit the jackpot.

All jokes aside, it can be nice to help someone bond with a passion they have, and gifting them from time to time, be that as a random treat or in order to celebrate a holiday or event can be a great idea. 

But it can also be tough to gift someone something in a field that they know more than you about. Should we really purchase that $300 kitchen knife if they’ve been saving up for that $1000 Japanese model? This is why it’s good to do a little research ahead of time.

In this post, we’ll discuss three considerations that may help here:

Engraved & Customized Goods

If home cooks can see themselves reflected in their kitchen, they begin to feel more ownership over their space. The same logic applies when Dads are given dominance over their man cave, perhaps an area in the garage where they house their workbench and tools.

In our mind, an engraved cutting board is among one of the most worthwhile gifts you can present, totally customized and beautiful with a sentiment they’re sure to never forget. It’s a nice addition they may not have thought of, but are sure to appreciate.

An Appliance They May Want

Home cooks are known for purchasing a range of appliances and devices to help them in their cooking, no matter if that’s a homemade coffee grinder or a blender with more functions than the average person could know what to do with (who know a blender could do more than just blend?)

It could be that seeing what they’re missing will help you bring something new to the table, like an air fryer, a slow cooker, or even something simple like a high-quality pestle and mortar. When you give them something to nerd out over, they’ll be sure to do so.

Storage Items

A home cook can never have enough storage items to collect and keep all of their wonderful creations. From large hand-woven crates that allow them to store and create their own hampers, to high-quality any maybe even vintage jars they may use to store their preserves and other baking ingredients, the more you can help the utility of their day to day, the less you interfere with the more direct decisions, and the liklier it is for them to feel less ‘bogged down’ in the chores they have to keep up with to keep a clean and tidy kitchen.

With this advice, you’re sure to gift a wonderful set of goods for the home cook in your life. These are just three ideas, if you have any more, we’d love for you to share them with us!


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