3 Ways to Leave Your Style Comfort Zone

Pink Baby Doll Dress + Combat Boots
Definitely stepping out of my style comfort zone with this look!

Do you dress the same way day in and day out? Have you followed the same style for the last few years? There is nothing wrong with doing either of these things but if you’re looking to enhance your style, it might be time to step out of your comfort zone. 

You see, there are times when we should try something new, as we might be pleased with the final results. Yes, we might have to take the occasional risk here and there, but if we eventually get to stand in front of the mirror and say ‘wow,’ then these risks are more than worth it. 

So, where should you start?

Well, here are some ideas we hope you find useful.

#1: Start small

You don’t need to revamp your entire look immediately. Not only is it expensive to revamp your style all in one go, but there is the potential for mistakes if you mix and match the wrong outfit choices. So, start small, perhaps with a few accessories. Experiment with new earrings and wear inexpensive pieces of jewelry you have never worn before, and wear them with your existing outfits to see how well they look. They might be the inspiration for something more daring, be that a new style of outfit that you may never have considered before, or a new way to accessorize yourself, such as this nose piercing jewelry from Urban Body Jewelry

#2: Get together with your friends and have a clothes swap party

Do you envy your friends for the clothes they wear? Do you wish you could pull off the outfits that they regularly display? Well, get together with them and have a clothes swap party. This will be your opportunity to try on new styles of clothing, and you will be able to judge from your friend’s reactions how well certain outfits appear on you. If you don’t like what you’re wearing, just give it back. But if you like the way you look and feel, keep hold of that outfit if your friends are willing to swap, and let it be the basis for the reinvention of your style. 

#3: Get rid of your self-doubts

Have you ever walked into a store, wandered over to the clothing rack, and doubted your ability to pull off certain styles? “I wish I could pull off those colors,” you may have said to yourself. Or you may have found yourself saying “I wish those patterns would suit me but I don’t think they will.” By self-doubting what you could wear, you might then end up returning to the colors and styles of clothing that you are used to. If you’re happy with this, then fine. But if you later feel regret, make the conscious decision to take a risk. Try on new clothes and look at yourself in the changing room mirror. Try different combos of clothing, and mix and match until you see something you look like. And if you’re not sure, take a selfie of yourself instead of buying, and give yourself more time at home to decide how well the new styles of clothing suited you. If you decide they did look good, head back to the store at your nearest opportunity.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with remaining in your style comfort zone if that’s what makes you happy. But if you’re bored with your look and have the yearning to try something new, then go for it! You can still return to your current wardrobe if you make a mistake, but chances are, you might discover a great new style that will refresh the way you look and feel!

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