Friday Favorites #90 Cheers to 25 Years!

There’s nothing like a Friday and the hope and promise of a wonderful and restful weekend ahead!  As I wrap up this week I can’t help but think of my very favorite part of these… View Post

Friday Favorites #89 – I’m Baaaaack!!!!!

Hello friends, I am back from my trip and so thrilled to share this edition of Friday Favorites! Of course I’m linking up with Narci and friends today! While I do plan to do a… View Post

Friday Favorites #88

Time for Friday Favorites friends and it will be my last for a few weeks. Next Friday I’ll be waking up in London!! Forgive me for taking a break from not only publishing my blog… View Post

Friday Favorites #87

Happy Friday friends and cheers to the upcoming weekend! Although I’m not certain what our plans are I look forward to a slower pace and sleeping in! Monday-Friday I get up by 4am so I… View Post

Friday Favorites #86

What a week! The days have all blended together thanks to Hurricane Dorian. Those of us in Florida have put our lives on hold as this slow moving beast of a storm threatened all kinds… View Post

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