Dress Your Body Type with Ageless Style

One of the biggest fashion myths is that there are people who look good in anything. It is simply not true. What is true however, is that “those people” who seem to never have a… View Post

August Ageless Style : The Heat is On

The first Monday of August means I am joining my nine ageless style sisters to showcase the styling of one them. Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust chose the theme this month: The Heat is On!… View Post

Styling Bright Colors – Summer Fun with Ageless Style

It’s time for our monthly Ageless Style link up and today the theme is Summer Fun! Thank you Daenel for a great and timely theme – we could all use a little fun right about… View Post

Breakin’ the Rules with Ageless Style!

It’s time for another edition of Ageless Style! This month our sweet style sister Bettye chose our theme, Rules Were Meant to be Broken! Although I have never met her, I have a feeling Bettye… View Post

Ageless Style: Mother’s Day

This month our sweet style sister Amy came up with the theme for our Ageless Style post: Mother’s Day! Even though this Mother’s Day will look drastically different than it has in the past what… View Post

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