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This never happens.  Not for me anyway.  Really, 2 posts in one day?  Who am I? Did you think when you saw the title of this post that I was referring to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Well, I’m not!

Here’s the thing, it is so hot here in Florida and it is going to continue to be hot for several more months.  So as much as I LOVE Fall clothes and dreaming about cooler temps it is not my reality.  Unless you live here you may not really understand, it just doesn’t cool down until the end of November (if we’re lucky) and there have been plenty of Decembers with temps in the 80’s with high humidity.  My eyes are on end of season sales because the rest of the country is prepping for cool weather but those of us living in warmer climates can totally cash in on great deals on clothing we can wear for MONTHS!

I adore J. Crew Factory because they offer great quality clothing in classic cuts and fun prints.  They are pieces you’ll keep for years.  Right now using the code SUPERCLEAR you will get an EXTRA 50% off clearance.  Guess what?  The cutest clothes are on clearance!

Remember this outfit?  Yep, totally on clearance! You can get the whole outfit for just about $40!

Check out these super steals! Keep in mind with the code SUPERCLEAR you will get an extra 50% off these prices! Honestly you will pay the same price you’d pay at Target for better quality pieces! Happy shopping friends! (p.s. be sure to click the arrows so you can see all the goodness)

Or click here:
Navy Ivory • J.Crew Factory • $39.99
White • J.Crew Factory • $34.50
Natural • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
Blue Bandana • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
Neon Berry • J.Crew Factory • $14.99
Multi Plaid • J.Crew Factory • $59.99
Navy • J.Crew Factory • $39
Blue Ivory Stripe • J.Crew Factory • $59.99
Ivory Watermelons • J.Crew Factory • $9.99
Blue Wash • J.Crew Factory • $24.95
Misty Green • J.Crew Factory • $28
White • J.Crew Factory • $22.50
White • J.Crew Factory • $16.50
Natural • J.Crew Factory • $18
Cobalt • J.Crew Factory • $24.99
Warm Cerise • J.Crew Factory • $59.50
Black Champagne • J.Crew Factory • $34.50
White • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
White • J.Crew Factory • $11.50
Old Red • J.Crew Factory • $14.95
Neon Berry • J.Crew Factory • $20.50

If I could I’d put every single piece in my shopping cart, lol!




  1. Jennifer
    July 12, 2017 / 1:52 pm

    Hi Kellyann,
    I completely understand! All the bloggers I follow are very excited about the Nordstrom Sale, but I agree with you. Here in Florida, it is just too hot to be thinking about Fall clothes. I live in High Springs, which is a small town just north of Gainesville. I taught elementary school (K, 1, and 3) for twenty years. I’m now the dean for our middle school. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all the tips.

    • Kellyann
      July 12, 2017 / 4:08 pm

      Hi Jennifer! I am so pleased to “meet” you. My son goes to UF so we head to Gainesville quite a bit, and funny, my other son heads to Gainesville often for Vex robotics competitions. He’s going to be a senior this year and is hoping to head to UF next year. So a BIG piece of my heart is in Gainesville. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for High Springs!
      I have been reading blogs for years and this time every year I swear I am going to skip reading all the posts about the Nordstrom Sale. It’s so tempting for me because I’m a sucker for suggestive selling but it just doesn’t make any kind of sense for me to buy cold weather clothes. I’m glad to hear from some of my readers who are in the same boat. Now I know it’s okay to give the big sale just a smidge of attention and then get on with our lives. But I’ll tell ya some of these ladies are prepping for it more than a marathon! Hahaha, it’s just a sale people!!!!
      Thanks for commenting and I hope you’re enjoying your Summer!

      • Jennifer
        July 12, 2017 / 6:07 pm

        Yes, you should check us out. There are several antique shops, the local springs are great for swimming and snorkeling, and the Great Outdoors Restaurant is a favorite for both visitors and locals alike. We are about a twenty minute or so drive from Gainesville. I was born in Gainesville, and have lived in the area all of my life. The University of Florida is in my heart for sure! Go Gators! Yes, those ladies are READY!!! It is hard not to be tempted especially when I know later they will show something cute they bought during the sale. I hope you are enjoying your summer as well!

        • Kellyann
          July 12, 2017 / 7:26 pm

          You had me at antique shops, my husband is a lover of old things and a collector! My younger son is all about swimming and snorkeling in the springs, we’ve been hitting up all the local springs lately. I am absolutely going to stop by.
          Here’s what I think about the sale for us hot weather girls, there are some things we can use but we have to remember it’s not a good deal if your cost per wear is high, so even if a cashmere sweater is on sale for $99 rather than the regular price of $198 it’s not a deal if you only wear it twice, because really $50 per wear? Crazy! There are great things though like handbags, jewelry, candles, and cosmetics. I am honestly going to try to shop for gifts and keep my head on straight and not go overboard. Here’s to hoping the blog keeps me accountable!

  2. Debra
    July 12, 2017 / 2:15 pm

    I am in the same boat as you except I live in Phoenix, AZ. As much as I love winter clothes, it just doesn’t make sense to buy them. It’s hot here until mid December. I practically wear summer clothes year round but just throw on a sweater! Thanks for your post.

    • Kellyann
      July 12, 2017 / 4:18 pm

      Hi Debra,
      Yes, we are in the same boat. Last Christmas I remember wearing shorts! Ugh! Lucky us we can score some major deals right now on clothes we can wear practically all year! I just love seeing everyone wearing their Fall and Winter clothes and sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes all over the internet but that is not my reality, glad to be in good company.
      Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. July 12, 2017 / 2:20 pm

    We live about 5 miles from outlets (but only about 2 as the crow would fly) I can literally see them when I’m walking up in the hills of our neighborhood. Anyway, there’s a JCrew Factory store there and so I get to cruise through it rather frequently and keep my eye out for cute bargains. I love all your picks from there and you are right about now being the time to strike while the iron is hot both literally and figuratively. I just love that floral shirt and your pink shorts. It screams summer and dinner on the water. 🙂 Have a great day!!
    Lisa recently posted…10 on the 12thMy Profile

    • Kellyann
      July 12, 2017 / 4:22 pm

      Ok now I know why you have so much company, hahaha!! Living that close to the outlets makes me want to come stay at your house! The outlets are a good 45 minutes from my house so needless to say I don’t go very often. I am realizing the error in my ways of instituting a shopping ban until I lose a few pounds, the temptation is KILLING me and I am in love with all the pretty things at JCF. Lesson learned, next year I’ll plan better or eat better, lol!
      Have a wonderful day sweet friend!

  4. July 14, 2017 / 5:59 am

    I LOVE those shorts on you! Such a pretty, happy outfit! I haven’t shopped at JCrew in years – definitely going to go check out their sale! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Lana recently posted…Keep Moving With Ted’s Pain CreamMy Profile

    • Kellyann
      July 14, 2017 / 1:48 pm

      Thanks Lana! You know I never shopped J. Crew or J. Crew Factory until a few years ago. I must have been living under a rock, ha! Definitely check out the sale, they have some amazing deals right now. Have a wonderful weekend in your beautiful Washington!

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