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Welcome to the last Monday of October and with it the promise of a fresh start for a new week.  For me, after a long weekend, I am hoping to return to work refreshed.  My weekend was a wonderful one with our oldest home from school, a little shopping, happy hour with our best friends, and family time.  Our kitchen reno is nearing the finish line too.  Today the painter comes to begin painting the interior of our home, tomorrow appliances arrive, and possibly granite at the end of the week.  We still have cabinetry to be delivered but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate the supportive comments from this community.  What started as a fashion/style blog has become a place to share and connect and the experience has been cathartic.  Thank you, for real!

On Friday I made my way to Old Navy.  I had placed an online order a few weeks ago and unfortunately everything I ordered was TOO SMALL.  In fact, the three dresses I ordered were so short and tight I felt like the Hulk in them.  While vanity sizing is alive and well at some retailers, I’m lookin’ at you Loft, at Old Navy the reality hit me like a smack in the face.  This right here?  Is the reason one should NEVER let the number on a clothing tag dictate self worth.

Seems I was mostly dress obsessed at Old Navy, take a look at what I tried on. Although I wasn’t really looking for a jacket I could hardly pass up this one. I wanted the cognac color but they didn’t have it in my size so I tried the wine color in a medium. It was too big. It is perfect for my climate so later that day I stopped in another Old Navy and found it! Score! It’s a bit pricey by my Old Navy standards but I did have $20 of Super Cash which made it more affordable.












This dress was such a disappointment. I tried it on in both a small and a medium and they were equally horrible. Bottom line this cut is not for my body type. However, the dress is lined and seems well made, and it should be because the price tag said $54! Whaaaaat? Hello, Old Navy, yeah, $54 is unacceptable for a polyester dress even if it is lined. Please adjust the price accordingly, if I’m paying $54 for a dress I better not be standing on a cement floor in the fitting room. For $54 I better be at Gap or Banana with carpeting and higher quality hangers, just sayin’.












I like the cut of this dress. I’m wearing a medium. Wear it now with sandals or booties and when it gets cooler with boots.












Apparently I not only enjoy drinking wine I like wearing it as well. This dress is versatile and flattering. I look forward to wearing it for Fall and Winter with boots and scarves. I think a long cardigan or duster would be great too – stay tuned! I am wearing a medium.  












This next dress was one I had originally ordered in solid black in a small. It was way too short! In my store I couldn’t find a solid black so I ended up getting the black floral in a medium. I love the bright colors and the cut!












My love for plaid shirts in pretty colors runs deep and I love this style from Old Navy. The shirts are soft, relaxed fit, and wash well. I was drawn to the colors in this one, it’s green and has a hot pink stripe running through it. Again, I am wearing a medium. LOVE this!












Finally I tried on a pair of french terry joggers in heather grey, size medium. Although I didn’t buy them that day I’ll be back to get them. See? I show some restraint.












I saw lots of other goodies at Old Navy but for some reason I was on the hunt for Fall dresses. If you’re in the market for dresses I highly suggest you take a look. Thanks for coming along with me and I hope you found my experience helpful. I always find it more helpful to see clothes on real women rather than the models online.
On Wednesday I’ll be back with a wrap up post on the Common Threads Challenge. Can you believe it will be November 1? Oh my word, the year is coming quickly to a close. The good news? So is this post! See ya Wednesday friends and as always thank you for stopping by. I am participating in some link ups – check the top right corner on this page to see where and with who!


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