Friday Favorites – Hello June!

It’s good to be back this fine Friday. I had not planned to take a break last week but one thing led to another and before I knew it, a day off felt right. My… View Post

Hello 52 and Style Six Link Up!

Happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing the post I had planned for last Wednesday, my birthday. Now that I’ve been 52 for a week I can say I like it and I am excited to… View Post

Wearing Orange & Loft Try Ons

Orange is one of those colors that sometimes gets a bad wrap. It seems like it’s often a sport’s teams color and that’s about the only time it gets worn. Honestly I’ve never been drawn… View Post

Style Six Link Up

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Style Six Link Up. In light of the very sad state of affairs, we decided to take a week off from sharing new fashion. Next week we’ll be… View Post

Breakin’ the Rules with Ageless Style!

It’s time for another edition of Ageless Style! This month our sweet style sister Bettye chose our theme, Rules Were Meant to be Broken! Although I have never met her, I have a feeling Bettye… View Post

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