Friday Favorites Buh Bye August

August just seems like a blur to me – the crazy, busy days of work have left me with a feeling of whip lash. Where did the month go? Anyway, today I thought I’d share… View Post

Fall for your Summer Top

Okay, now that is the kind of title I like, tells you what you need to know with a little bit of pun on the side! But since so many end of season sales are… View Post

Faux Leather Leggings Over 50 but under $40!

One of the best decisions I made fashion wise 4 years ago was to get a pair of faux leather leggings. In the past I purchased a pair from Kohl’s and immediately returned them. They… View Post

Friday Favorites – Recent Purchases

Friday, I love you! Everything about you. The hope and excitement I feel just knowing the whole weekend is before me gives me a little extra pep in my step all day long, how about… View Post

Still Stylin Summer and Link Up

Fall officially begins September 22 but in these parts we thumb our noses to such notions. It’s hot and humid until a cold front comes through. So I am here to tell you that even… View Post

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