Friday Favorites – I’m in Nashville

Happy Friday, friends! I’m extra excited today because I’m waking up in Nashville. Thanking my lucky stars that my son is moving here in a few months and our trip to apartment hunt lined up with Lisa’s visit. That makes the best Friday favorite of all!

Favorite #1

First of all THANK YOU to each and every one of you who offered up prayers for my brother and family along with the well wishes. I am so pleased to say that the surgery went well! He will have a long road to recovery but the first hurdle is done! I am forever grateful!

Favorite #2

I have two beauty faves to share. After hearing about this mascara for some time now I grabbed it myself. It really is pretty fabulous and the price cannot be beat. Have you tried it yet?

On Friday, Dawn shared how much she like this BB cream. I decided to give it a try and I really like it! The coverage is good and it feels great on – not too heavy and it wore well. I ordered it in the color medium.

Favorite #3

New boots, I know another pair! Lets not keep count, okay? I’m telling myself that my boot game needed a refresh this year. Even though I recently added these combat boots, and these pointed toe booties, I still had room for one more pair! These rounded toe, platform style booties are so comfortable. The brand is b.o.c. (big on comfort) and I can attest, they are comfortable!

Flannel || Henley || Best Black Skinnies || Booties

Favorite #4

My poncho. In fact, it was the subject of my post on Wednesday. I packed it for this weekend too – it’s so versatile I know it will come in handy!

Poncho + denim + leopard booties

Favorite #5

I found this on Instagram and it gave me such comfort! Not someone who loses it often or gets bogged down with worry, but I still appreciate having something to meditate on in times of stress. My brother’s surgery was certainly that. Maybe you’ll find comfort in this as well!

Andrea || Erika

I’ll be taking Monday off from the blog. We return from Nashville on Sunday and once we do, we’ll be getting our master bedroom ready for a big closet renovation that begins on Monday! There will be lots to do!

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