Denim Dressed Down

Hello Wednesday, I am happy to see you!

Okay friends, on Monday I dressed up my denim so today let’s go a little more casual. Although I’m calling this dressed down I know for some of you this is dressy. Regardless of what you call it I like it!

I am wearing my same Old Navy denim with a comfortable off the shoulder top and flat sandals. Easy breezy is what this look says to me. Super comfortable and ready for the day or night!

Once again I pulled out my favorite Pom Pom Clutch from Accessory Concierge. I love anything with a pom pom and the colors are so vibrant and fun.  My favorite bracelet is from Accessory Concierge as well. I wear this bracelet multiple times a week. It goes with EVERYTHING and adds a little extra somethin’ to any outfit.

My shoes are oldies but goodies from a few years ago. They are comfortable and because leopard is a neutral they go with everything. I could have worn black sandals with this but little details add so much interest to an outfit. I think that’s important when you’re trying to avoid looking frumpy. Check my shoes out here.  My necklace is a little more delicate than you’re used to seeing me wear.  I’ll tell ya what, I had my eye on this baby for months and finally bought if for myself.  It’s so simple and can be worn with simple t-shirts, dresses, you name it!

Of course it’s from BaubleBar. I love their pieces, they wear well and they are affordable. Accessories can make or break an outfit and theirs never let me down. My necklace is a great piece to add to your Spring/Summer wardrobe because it can be worn with everything! It would be a great piece to take on a trip because of its versatility.

I hope you enjoyed another look at denim today, that’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag. Shop the links below for similar off the shoulder tops (and a few others I love). Check back here on Friday!

Fashionably yours,
Linking up with Patti/Shelly/Alison/Catherine

Women’s Bp. Off The Shoulder Tunic • BP • $45
Women’s Soprano Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Blouse • Soprano • $39
Women’s Bp. Stripe Off The Shoulder Top • BP • $26.98
Women’s One Teaspoon Oakwood Sugar Off The Shoulder Top • One Teaspoon • $64.80
Women’s Soprano Tie Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top • Soprano • $26.98
Women’s Bobeau Off The Shoulder Cotton Poplin Top • Bobeau • $59
Women’s Bp. Off The Shoulder Top • BP • $25
Women’s Bobeau Cold Shoulder High/low Top • Bobeau • $49
Women’s Soprano Bow Off-The-Shoulder Top • Soprano • $45
Women’s Soprano Ruffle Tee • Soprano • $20.98
Women’s Soprano Tie Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top • Soprano • $26.98
Women’s Lush Ruffle Sleeve Tee • Lush • $20.98
Women’s Leith Off The Shoulder Top • Leith • $55
Women’s Topshop Ella Off The Shoulder Top • Topshop • $65

19 thoughts on “Denim Dressed Down”

  1. I look forward to your posts! Todays tip about your choice of shoe over just black just gave me a good style fix.

  2. Hey Beautiful Babe, well twin-y minds really do think alike!!! LOVE your clutch and now you gave me an idea how to wear my top another way…CUTE as can be!!!

  3. Hi Kellyann! I found your blog through the Royally Waiting link up 🙂
    I love Old Navy denim too!!! This last year I’ve been wearing their pants almost exclusively. Love this look! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you found me. Aren’t Old Navy pants the bomb? Really, they are killing it and they are so affordable, love!

    2. Hi Lisa! I’m glad you found me. Old Navy is killing it this year and I am really loving their pants and denim! So affordable and look great.

    3. Thanks Lisa, I am thrilled you found me! Old Navy is killing it lately and I am loving their Pixie pants as well as their denim. So good and so affordable!

    1. Thanks J! YOU are the reason I blog! Yours was the first blog I stumbled upon years ago on Pinterest, been hooked ever since. Have a blesses day and thank you so much for stopping by.

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