Summer Bucket List Update

A day late and a dollar short! That’s me with my Summer Bucket List Update this month. I’ll admit I hit the ground running when I first shared my list and knocked off quite a… View Post

Friday Favorites #83 – Entertainment Edition

Who do I think I am with that snazzy title? Let me tell you. I am a woman on the edge – ha! I honestly have been on the struggle bus this week and feel… View Post

Shop With Me, Target Style!

Although my favorite way to shop is online sometimes I enjoy a little foray into the fitting room. I found myself there yesterday – bright and early. The days and weeks leading up to the… View Post

Summer Bucket List Update

Hard to believe it’s been a month already since I shared my first Summer Bucket List. I’m joining my friend Leslie to give you an update of how it’s going. Here’s my bucket list for… View Post

Summer Neutrals

As much as I love bright, vivid colors I do have a soft spot for neutrals as well. I can remember as a pre-teen watching my mom’s soap opera, The Guiding Light each afternoon. The… View Post

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