Lumity for Life

Do you ever feel like so much attention is placed on what we wear or put “on” our bodies and faces to look better when we really need to focus on what we put “in”… View Post

How to Wear Gold Earrings with Fashion Jewelry

No surprise I love all the fashion jewelry because I think accessories really make an impact. It’s fun to mix and match various styles to completely transform an outfit. While I don’t subscribe to many… View Post

Welcome to the World of Fashom!

Today I am thrilled to share a new service with you! Fashom is a budget-friendly styling service bringing the latest fashion forward styles to your door. The clothing is high quality and ethically sourced from… View Post

Lingerie Box

Today is a departure from the norm in a couple of ways. Not only am I posting for the 4th straight day in a row but I’m sharing lingerie. Relax, you will NOT see any… View Post

Dexa Scan: Valuable Information You Need

With my 51st birthday less than 2 weeks away I find myself taking time to re-evaluate my health and wellness. No secret this year has been hard but how have I been coping? I like… View Post

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