Friday Favorites #85 August Amazon Edition

As much as I love Fridays and especially those that kick off a long weekend, this one has me slightly concerned about Hurricane Dorian. Such is the life of a Floridian this time of year.… View Post

Friday Favorites #84 – Empty Nest Edition

Two weeks in a row with a theme? Sometimes I really impress myself! Friday Favorites are usually based on the things I am loving and while saying goodbye to both of my boys as they… View Post

Friday Favorites #83 – Entertainment Edition

Who do I think I am with that snazzy title? Let me tell you. I am a woman on the edge – ha! I honestly have been on the struggle bus this week and feel… View Post

Friday Favorites #80

It’s time for the final Friday Favorites of July! Can you believe August is just days away? Glad you’re joining me for a crazy, all over the place list of favorites. There’s no theme today,… View Post

Summer Bucket List Update

Hard to believe it’s been a month already since I shared my first Summer Bucket List. I’m joining my friend Leslie to give you an update of how it’s going. Here’s my bucket list for… View Post

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