Friday Favorites #75 – Summer Bucket List

I am a believer that goals not written down or spoken aloud often go unattained. To me they’re just thoughts, or good intentions, but once written down they become projects I am actively working to… View Post

White Denim and Weekend Wrap Up

A few weeks ago I got a chocolate stain on my white denim jeans that would not come out. I took it as a sign it was time to replace them – they were several… View Post

Friday Favorites #74

Hello Friday you handsome devil! I have been waiting for you to show up since, um, Monday? Yep, that’s about right. How ’bout you? It’s been a busy one for us with our regular day to… View Post

June Amazon Favorites

I used to wonder what I did before Pinterest and now I wonder how I ever survived before Amazon. Are you with me? It used to be I shopped Amazon for books only but now… View Post

Friday Favorites #72

Can my first favorite be a 4 day work week? Yes? Who doesn’t love a short work week and this week truly felt short compared to the busy-ness of last week! So let’s get to… View Post

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