Friday Favorites – Hello June!

It’s good to be back this fine Friday. I had not planned to take a break last week but one thing led to another and before I knew it, a day off felt right. My… View Post

Double Leopard and Weekend Wrap Up

Some will say don’t EVER wear two pieces featuring leopard print together. Ever. Fashion faux pas. Luckily that’s just what some say and I am not some. So there! #sassy I think it’s absolutely fine… View Post

Wearing a Sheer Sleeved Duster and Weekend Wrap Up

Before getting to the weekend, let me share with you this beautiful and unique sheer sleeved duster. It’s called the Garden Duster and it comes in both black and white. It’s such a fun completer… View Post

Favorite Purchases and Weekend Wrap Up

Today I am happily reporting the rain we expected all weekend did not come! Instead we had sunny skies and that meant I was able to get outside to do my longs walks on Saturday… View Post

Friday Favorites – End of April Edition

The final Friday of April is upon us and I hope this finds you well. My favorites today are all over the place, much like my thinking lately! No need to yammer on and on,… View Post

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