Getting a Good Deal on Your Old Clothes

We all have some old clothes in our closet. These are pieces that are no longer worn, and although you have fond memories of the way you looked in them, they’re no longer loved either.… View Post

Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Unique

This weekend I am hosting my a bridal shower brunch so I have all things wedding on the brain! Spring and summer mean that wedding season will be in full force as well – how… View Post

Get the Best Gifts for a Girl When You Don’t Have a Clue

This post is for all the guys out there! Feel free to pass it along to the man in your life! *Contributed Content What Mistakes Must You Avoid? There are definitely quite a few mistakes… View Post

Get Your Skincare Right This Winter

*Contributed Content REDUCE EXFOLIATION  Exfoliation is a huge part of an effective skin care routine. The process eliminates dead skin cells for the surface of your skin and opens the pores. It also makes your… View Post

Gift Giving: 3 Ways To Get It Right

Unsplash CC0) *Contributed Content Many of us have been the recipient of a gift we didn’t want, and we may have given gifts that were unwanted too. It can be rather embarrassing to see the… View Post

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