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Welcome to the last Monday of October and with it the promise of a fresh start for a new week.  For me, after a long weekend, I am hoping to return to work refreshed.  My weekend was a wonderful one with our oldest home from school, a little shopping, happy hour with our best friends, and family time.  Our kitchen reno is nearing the finish line too.  Today the painter comes to begin painting the interior of our home, tomorrow appliances arrive, and possibly granite at the end of the week.  We still have cabinetry to be delivered but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate the supportive comments from this community.  What started as a fashion/style blog has become a place to share and connect and the experience has been cathartic.  Thank you, for real!

On Friday I made my way to Old Navy.  I had placed an online order a few weeks ago and unfortunately everything I ordered was TOO SMALL.  In fact, the three dresses I ordered were so short and tight I felt like the Hulk in them.  While vanity sizing is alive and well at some retailers, I’m lookin’ at you Loft, at Old Navy the reality hit me like a smack in the face.  This right here?  Is the reason one should NEVER let the number on a clothing tag dictate self worth.

Seems I was mostly dress obsessed at Old Navy, take a look at what I tried on. Although I wasn’t really looking for a jacket I could hardly pass up this one. I wanted the cognac color but they didn’t have it in my size so I tried the wine color in a medium. It was too big. It is perfect for my climate so later that day I stopped in another Old Navy and found it! Score! It’s a bit pricey by my Old Navy standards but I did have $20 of Super Cash which made it more affordable.












This dress was such a disappointment. I tried it on in both a small and a medium and they were equally horrible. Bottom line this cut is not for my body type. However, the dress is lined and seems well made, and it should be because the price tag said $54! Whaaaaat? Hello, Old Navy, yeah, $54 is unacceptable for a polyester dress even if it is lined. Please adjust the price accordingly, if I’m paying $54 for a dress I better not be standing on a cement floor in the fitting room. For $54 I better be at Gap or Banana with carpeting and higher quality hangers, just sayin’.












I like the cut of this dress. I’m wearing a medium. Wear it now with sandals or booties and when it gets cooler with boots.












Apparently I not only enjoy drinking wine I like wearing it as well. This dress is versatile and flattering. I look forward to wearing it for Fall and Winter with boots and scarves. I think a long cardigan or duster would be great too – stay tuned! I am wearing a medium.  












This next dress was one I had originally ordered in solid black in a small. It was way too short! In my store I couldn’t find a solid black so I ended up getting the black floral in a medium. I love the bright colors and the cut!












My love for plaid shirts in pretty colors runs deep and I love this style from Old Navy. The shirts are soft, relaxed fit, and wash well. I was drawn to the colors in this one, it’s green and has a hot pink stripe running through it. Again, I am wearing a medium. LOVE this!












Finally I tried on a pair of french terry joggers in heather grey, size medium. Although I didn’t buy them that day I’ll be back to get them. See? I show some restraint.












I saw lots of other goodies at Old Navy but for some reason I was on the hunt for Fall dresses. If you’re in the market for dresses I highly suggest you take a look. Thanks for coming along with me and I hope you found my experience helpful. I always find it more helpful to see clothes on real women rather than the models online.
On Wednesday I’ll be back with a wrap up post on the Common Threads Challenge. Can you believe it will be November 1? Oh my word, the year is coming quickly to a close. The good news? So is this post! See ya Wednesday friends and as always thank you for stopping by. I am participating in some link ups – check the top right corner on this page to see where and with who!

CTC Week 4

Wrapping up the Common Threads Challenge with a lot of selfies today!  Although I wish we had actually had time to snap real pictures with the kitchen renovation in full swing it just wasn’t in the cards.  I’ve also had a couple of rough days at work which equated to very little sleep so there’s that.  Enough whining let me share what I have, because for the most part, I have been on my A Game with the challenge.

I could have very easily called this post all the ways with olive because I sure wore the heck out of my skinny cargo pants. On Wednesday I wore them with my college tee since it’s Destination College Day (I know for a FACT that our elementary school students are certain to pick a college because I wore the shirt) #snark #whycantweletthembelittle. We had another VEX Robotics competition on Saturday and once again my olive cargo pants made an appearance but this time with my cute graphic tee. The bathroom mirror was FILTHY so excuse that, it looks like my pants are spotted, they are not but the mirror is, ha! Then on Sunday I wore them AGAIN this time to the grocery store and Target. I actually had Collin snap that picture outside along with the pictures from Monday’s post. About this time I start wondering what the neighbor’s are thinking of Collin snapping pictures of his mom – like a weird Psycho-Norman Bates thing? Hmmmmmm…























I’ve learned that creativity is key when a wardrobe is limited and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I’ve also learned that I am a mood dresser – so planning outfits in advance and staying the course is difficult for me.

On Thursday I wore my gingham bell sleeve top from Loft (p.s. it’s on super sale) with a pair of chambray trousers. I didn’t snap a picture of that ensemble unfortunately. Probably because I felt just sort of meh about it, do you feel like that sometimes? The outfit looks great in theory but once on it just doesn’t live up to your expectations. Normally when that happens I’m all about changing but not that day.

Monday brought another selfie, this time with my striped, embroidered top and magenta flame pants (similar).












The final outfit I am sharing this week was not what I had originally planned to wear but with the promise of rain and somewhat cooler temperatures I decided to change things up. Please note that said promised rain never materialized but it was a little cloudy. I only worked a half day because I had a dental appointment (random fact I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months, I know weird).












Today (Wednesday) is supposed to be much cooler and Thursday even cooler! I am super excited and have no idea if I’ll stick with the challenge or not. After all I need to take advantage of the cool weather while it lasts (approximately 48 hours, we move fast in Florida – ha).

Nolan is coming home for a long weekend on Thursday and I took Friday off from work. We’ve only just started our 2nd marking period and I am growing very weary. Sometimes life is just like that and when I recognize it I have no problem stepping back and taking a breather. Believe me, I need it. What do you do when you reach your limit? I often find it a little confusing and difficult to truly decipher what’s going on – is it hormones? Lack of sleep? Crazy job? My gut tells me it’s a combination of all three mixed in with a kitchen renovation. Yup, definitely.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I look forward to seeing you back here on Friday! Until then I hope you make it a great one and take care of yourself!


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Flower Power

Happy Monday friends!  If you’re wondering how it can already be the last full week of October you’re not alone.  Although it sounds cliche, the month is really flying by.  I always feel like it’s hard for Floridians to believe it’s almost November because it is still so hot here.  The only falling leaves here were caused by Irma and there are certainly no changing colors to speak off in regards to foliage.  This week does hold the promise of slightly cooler temps – we’re expecting highs in the upper 70’s on Thursday and Friday.  I promise we’ll all be whipping out our scarves and booties for our two days of Fall!

Those cooler temps have me thinking how I can incorporate my new embroidered jeans into my outfit plans! Embroidered everything is a huge trend right now. You can find embroidered jeans at every price point so if you’re looking to dip your toes into something trendy you can do it without spending a fortune. My tip in regards to purchasing a pair of embroidered jeans is to think about the tops you already own and how they’ll work with the colors.

Today I’m sharing a few ways to style embroidered jeans. As a bonus you’ll get to see my favorite photo bomber, our dog Sophie.  She likes to be wherever I am and I think she approves of the embroidered jeans.  After all, they can be a fun alternative to a regular pair of jeans and easily take you from frumpy to fabulous!  Today is all about flower power!

Probably the easiest way to break in your new embroidered jeans is with a simple tee. Mine is old but this one is a great affordable option and this one is a little edgy!

If you’re looking to dress up your jeans try a tunic, like this one . It’s under $28, I own three! It’s such a versatile piece.
I’m also loving plaid with my embroidered jeans. Yes, it’s pattern mixing and that’s probably why I like it! Just find a plaid with the same colors as your embroidery. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. Whoops, I’m lettin’ my elementary school talk out.
This last look may be my favorite but that’s because I am so smitten with my top. It’s old but I found this one   that’s very similar. I’m wearing  my comfy booties !
Are you ready to jump on the embroidered jeans trend? I hope so. I think it’s a fun way to add a little color and sass to your outfit!
Thanks so much for reading today. I hope you’ll share this post if you enjoyed it. Stop back on Wednesday for the latest installment of the Common Threads Challenge. You’ll see how compliant I’ve been this week, ha!
Make it a great week friends!
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Friday Faves

Today I have a hodge podge of goodness to share, some of my recent faves! From lips, to hips, to walls my list spans them all.

First up, my recent purchase of these embroidered jeans from Target. I tried them on last week but put them back because I didn’t want to pay full price. Voila! A new week meant a new Cartwheel deal – all jeans 20% off! Score! So with 20% off, $15 in gift cards (thank you laundry detergent purchases) and my RedCard I paid $13 for my jeans. I’m not sure what I like better, the jeans or the deal! If you get these, size down, I ended up buying a size 2. Am I a size 2 normally? Um, heck no. Get them here!

Next, another Target find. For some time now I have been on the hunt for a lip treatment. I am not at all interested in spending much on said treatment and that made it a little harder. Enter my new favorite lip treatment from Pixi at Target . This nourishing lip treatment is a mere $12! I am loving it. There are little bristles at the tip so when you apply it you’re exfoliating. I love how smooth my lips feel after I’ve used it. It has become part of my evening skincare routine. Check it out!

My next favorite is my new necklace . This BaubleBar necklace has been such a great piece. I’ve worn it several times since it arrived and each time I fall in love a little more. It’s different than my other pieces so maybe that’s why I like it so much. One of the main reasons I don’t hesitate when purchasing from BaubleBar is because of the quality. Their pieces don’t tarnish or turn and I just love the selection!  Did I mention they also have free shipping and returns?  Yes, they do!

Surprisingly another favorite for me has been the Common Threads Challenge! It is finally dawning on me that the challenge has really pushed me to be more creative with the pieces I’ve chosen. Case in point, my olive pants (similar) and red halter top. I would not have worn these pieces together had it not been for the challenge, I would have grabbed a pair of jeans. I’ve been wearing my olive cargo pants (similar) with everything I’d normally wear my jeans with and I really like the result!


























































Finally the walls at my school are a favorite! Ha! Well, one wall in particular. There’s a little backstory. Our PTA had budgeted funds for school beautification and long story short this mural is the result. It was designed and painted by 4 high school students from our local high school. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I was when I met with these girls and asked if they’d be interested in an art project. It has become such a welcoming wall in our school’s lobby and gives me a lift each time I walk by! And FYI – see the graduation cap? It’s a photo op – students can stand underneath the cap and it looks like they’re wearing it! How clever, right?

So there you have it, my list of faves on this fine Friday. What are your plans this weekend? I’m headed back to a Vex Robotics Competition once again this weekend. For me it’s a lot like the Big Bang Theory and I’m Penny, surrounded by geniuses!

Make it a good one friends!


CTC Week 3

Well it’s week 3 of the Common Threads Challenge.  Since I’ve decided to comply 5 of 7 days each week I feel a lot better.  Somedays the pieces I chose just won’t work and rather than beat myself up about it I gave myself permission to do the best I can.

My favorite outfit from this week was what I wore on Saturday.  I was up early for a full day of Vex Robotics.  My olive cargo pants were perfect paired with a sleeveless red top. I bought the top at Loft over the Summer and it’s no longer in stock. This one is similar. My necklace  was the perfect accessory. I wore flat leopard sandals. Perfect for a day of competition and then dinner out with my husband. I’m also showing it with my booties because it was windy the day we actually shot these photos and I wanted to look like I was ready for Fall!  Ha! With my sleeveless top, lol.
And a quick bathroom selfie from Saturday!












The second outfit of the week I really liked as well because I’m taking a Summer dress and making it Fall appropriate!  Remember when I wore it this way?












By adding my cargo vest (similar) and my Toms open toe booties it transitions perfectly! Take a look, in one I left the sleeves off the shoulder and in the other I pulled them up:

The third outfit I am sharing today features my striped top. Because the embroidered bird and flowers are so colorful it is easy to mix and match with all kinds of bottoms. I chose an old pair of mustard colored jeans (similar) – they are years old – from Kohl’s. I am wearing my favorite wedges . It’s a simple, easy, and comfortable outfit for work. What makes it easy? There’s no need for a necklace because of the embroidered detailing on the top and I wore simple stud earrings. The top is a nice, sturdy fabric and it runs a little big. Although I am wearing a small I should have grabbed an extra small. I’ve washed it and it didn’t shrink at all.

So that’s what I am sharing from week 3, I can hardly believe it’s already the middle of October! I am hoping November brings us cooler weather but I’ll settle for a drop in the humidity. Until then I’ll keep wearing clothes to keep cool. How about you? Is it finally feeling like Fall where you live? Every year around this time I start craving scarves, sweaters, booties, you know all things Fall. I have found that mixing a few Fall touches with some of my favorites from Spring & Summer help satiate me.

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I thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to having you back here on Friday! Until then friends, shop on!

Make it a great one!

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The Skirt That Almost Wasn’t

Oh hey, happy Monday!  We have no school today but I am at a District Golf match with Collin.  It was a jam packed weekend with Vex Robotics Competition all day Saturday, homecoming Saturday night, our 23rd anniversary Sunday, and golf today.  The kitchen renovation continues too but no worries, I’m getting used to washing dishes in the garage utility sink #liar.

Here’s something I am totally not lying about! This HIKA Women’s Retro High Elastic Waist Flare Pleated A-line Midi Skirt for under $20. After seeing it on Sarah of Foxy’s Domestic Side here. I knew I had to have it! Funny story though. I ordered it and with my Prime membership it should have arrived on a Friday. It didn’t. I called Amazon on Saturday and they told me that sometimes things get left on the truck because it got late and I should ignore the fact that the order tracker on the website says it was delivered. Hmmmmm…okay. If it didn’t arrive by Monday at 5 I was told to call back. Call back I did because, you guessed it, the SKIRT NEVER ARRIVED. Who has time for this tomfoolery? Not me. I called back and as nice as pie explained the dilemma. This customer service rep told me the skirt had in fact been delivered to a different address and they’d issue a refund. What? If I still wanted the skirt I had to order it again. Here’s the kicker, there were only a few left when I placed the original order! And yes, I get anxious over missing out on an $18 skirt especially since some other woman is wearing the skirt I ordered! It’s all good, as you can see I have a picture of the skirt that almost wasn’t below. I’m planning on featuring it in a post next week, it’s super cute and totally worth the hassle. I still love Amazon and my Prime membership and their customer service reps because they were all so nice and I totally understand that mistakes happen.  Enough of all that take a look at this skirt you simply have to have!

Versatility is key.  When I look at the clothes I reach for over and over they are pieces I wear so many different ways.  First up take a look at this casual look featuring the skirt. The skirt is well made, it’s lined and although it zips up the back of the waist is elasticized.  I wore a simple camisole and a bright green cardi but a denim jacket would be great too.  My flat nude shoes look like I am wearing nothing on my feet!

You know you don’t have to spend a lot of money to wear a piece for a dressier occasion.  By adding a glitzy little belt and some heels this skirt could easily go for a more formal event.  Definitely not a black tie event mind you but you know what I’m saying – a night out or other special event.  It’s a great versatile piece!  Another versatile piece is this leopard clutch for under $40. If you haven’t gotten yet you better, it is so good and I’ll bet it doesn’t last long.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that this skirt that almost wasn’t was!  Have you ordered clothing from Amazon?  I hope you’re inspired to try something new.  A skirt like this can be flattering on any shape.  Keep in mind when you go fuller on the bottom a slimmer top looks best. Here’s a close up of my new necklace I’ve worn several times since it arrived. I love it!

Here’s hoping your Monday is marvelous!  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the blog today.  On Wednesday I’ll update you on the Common Threads Challenge so I hope to see you then.

Make it a great day!



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Life Lately

Happy Friday!  Yes, indeed it is a happy Friday as this is a 3 day weekend for us.  We have a teacher workday on Monday and I always take those days off, so yippee skippy.  Sunday is my 23rd wedding anniversary and while we never really do anything super special to celebrate the day is special to us anyway.  Since life has been a little crazy in these parts as of late I figured I do a little round up of what’s been happening behind the scenes.












I am writing this post on Wednesday night, sitting in a Panera on International Drive.  I have a perfect view of Kraken, the rollercoaster at Sea World.  My son Collin and his friends are at an ACE (Architecture Construction Engineering) mentoring program.  If you have kids interested in these fields look for this incredible program in your area – it is FANTASTIC.  What’s not fantastic?  The hour drive we had to make to get here, nor the 2 hours I have to hang out down here until it’s done.  I love my kid, I do.  You know what else I love?  Washing my make up off and putting my jammies on around 7pm.  That’s of course after I have washed the dishes – in the utility sink in my garage #kitchenreno.  Oh well, I’m making the best of it.  Eating my favorite salad at Panera – the Green Goddess Chicken Cobb Salad – holy yum – an unsweetened iced tea and a cookie (I’ll eat it later) and of course working on the blog!

There are actually a few things that have happened recently that are more positive.  Our school collected food for families who needed help after the hurricane.  Once school started back up again we noticed one of our buses was empty and when we realized this particular neighborhood still had no electricity and no water it made sense.  We realized parents didn’t want to send their kids to school since they hadn’t bathed, huge eye opener.  This is a picture of me with our principal and assistant principal – also known as my fellow lunch duty buddies!  Oh, and FYI the woman is the principal because hey, girls rule!

Because we like to keep things fun at work we try to plan something for our staff once every quarter.  Since anyone could do a Halloween event I suggested Oktoberfest.  It was so fun!  We served root beer, cream soda, and pretzels.  Decorations were purchased through Oriental Trading and we played polka music. I wish I had a picture of the tables cause they were cute.  I also put conversation starter tokens on each table to give everyone something to talk about besides school!  Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and talk with your co-workers!



















I was able to stop in Target and found a few things worth noting. First up this super cute military vest. Th equality is exceptional and it’s priced well at just under $30. It comes on grey and olive, I’m wearing the grey in a size small.












Two big trends this Fall are embroidered everything and velvet. These embroidered jeans are fabulous! They felt great, the colors are pretty and they were $32. They run true to size, I am wearing a size 4.












You can see in the picture I’m wearing an almost blush pink top with the jeans. I couldn’t find the exact one to link but this is similar. I needed a small and they only had a medium, it was too big but it sure was cute!












Life lately has also included lots of golf, Collin is on the golf team and it’s been a very busy season. When people ask if I’m going out to dinner with my husband for our anniversary I kinda laugh. Pretty much every night around here is date night. Nolan is off at school and Collin is either at golf or robotics. The boy is never home. This weekend he has a robotics competition I’ll be taking him to all day Saturday and then the homecoming dance is that night. There’s no school Monday but he has a district golf game. On Sunday he’ll be finishing up college apps – life with a senior is BUSY!

Alright friends, thanks for sticking with me. I hope you enjoyed a little update on life lately. Make this weekend marvelous!


CTC Week 2

If participating in this challenge has taught me anything it’s that I’m not really a challenge kind of girl! I have decided to follow through however with a few adjustments.  Namely I’m not doing it on the weekends!  Mostly because we are in the middle of renovating our kitchen and our house looks like a war zone and since we’re doing some of the grunt work ourselves I’ve been wearing shorts and tank tops.  I’ve also realized I should have chosen a pair of jeans or a basic tee as part of my five pieces.  Although at the time that seemed so easy and not like much of a challenge.  Oh well, lesson learned!

So take a look at what I’ve been wearing this week. I’ve been posting selfies every morning before work on Instagram so if you’d like to see exactly what I’m wearing follow me there. It is also worth mentioning that it is super hot here – on Monday with the heat index factored in it felt like 100 degrees! I really should have worn a big, flowy dress to keep cool – the humidity is brutal.  Dear Mother Nature, please send cooler weather soon.  I am melting. 

Monday – Olive and blush.  These pants (similar)have been so versatile.  They’re fab with sneakers, sandals, and heels.  Today I dressed them up a bit with this old blush blouse.  I LOVE olive and blush together! My favorite part of this outfit is my new necklace from Baublebar. I love it! You’ll be seeing lots of it!

Tuesday – I wore the outfit I featured on Monday but I changed the shoes.  I decided to dress up a little because I had an audit.  Why does a school counselor get audited?  Because she is also the Section 504 coordinator.  If you ask the kids they’ll tell you I’m the lunchroom lady. Despite trying to educate them on what my job really is.  But I digress. Back to what I have worn so far this week.

Wednesday – Today is College Spirit Day at our school. Typically I wear jeans and a college tee but staying true to the challenge I chose a dress in UF colors. I am wearing my utility vest (similar) .You’ve seen that picture before in a previous post. I usually try to have my husband take my picture a few days before but we simply ran out of time. Monday night I had him photograph me in the olive pants and blush blouse after wearing them all day. Let me tell you it had been a looooooong, hot day. Surprisingly the outfit photographed well even after a full day at work. I had been in those clothes 11 hours at the time they were photographed. So apparently they wear well!

I’m off to go clean cabinets – part of our kitchen reno – my husband is painting our cabinets. I’ve cleaned them once with denatured alcohol, then he sanded them and now I’m back on duty washing out the insides and going over them once again with the denatured alcohol. The house looks crazy and I’m right there with it; I can’t stand messes! Enough of that, I’ll share some updates on Friday.

Thanks so much for stopping by – I appreciate it so very much!
My five pieces for the Common Threads Challenge:

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Dressed Up Gingham

Getting all dolled up isn’t something I do on the regular. My preference is casual and laid back with a bit of glam. Casual chic perhaps? I dunno. I do know how much I love my new gingham bell sleeve top from Loft. Something else I love? My new leopard clutch that is under $40! Wearing them together gives me all the happy feels.

Today I bring you an outfit with mostly new pieces, two of which are part of the five pieces I chose for the Common Threads Challenge. My new pencil skirt has really come in handy. I wore it last week with sneakers and now with leopard heels. This skirt is good my friends, it’s scuba material so it holds it’s shape and it’s comfortable. It runs true to size, I am wearing a size 4.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of heels and you want something other than nude (my favorite) then go for leopard. It’s also a neutral and you can wear it with black or brown so you’ll only need one pair of shoes. My leopard heels are years old but I’ve rounded up some from different price points:

One of my absolute favorite jewelry brands is Baublebar. I always have a running list of pieces I covet so when there’s a sale I pounce. My necklace was purchased a few weeks ago during a sale and this ring just can’t be beat, it’s perfect!  And p.s. right now BaubleBar is having an extra 20% off all sale prices.  They also offer free shipping and returns (think Christmas shopping!).

This outfit is one I’d definitely wear out to dinner. My feet just can’t handle standing in these heels for long periods of time but if I changed the shoes I could totally wear this to work.

Have you mixed leopard and gingham before? Are you ready to try? Fall is the perfect time to do it!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate you and your comments so much!



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Get Graphic

Hello Friday you handsome devil, I’ve been waiting on you, for like, all week.  Do you join me in that sentiment?  I don’t think anyone would mind closing the books on this week.  Cheers to the weekend for us all; I hope each and every one of you goes out and does something wonderful and fulfilling.  If we’ve learned anything from the events of late it’s that life is fleeting and precious so go LIVE yours.

With Halloween right around the corner (although you may have to look past the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS in stores to realize Halloween has not past yet) it’s the perfect time to add a graphic tee to your wardrobe.  So go ahead and get graphic!  Whenever I come across graphic tees I can’t turn away – I LOVE reading them, most of them crack me up!  I’m just not always comfortable wearing one.  It may be just me but sometimes I feel silly like I’m trying to be young and fun.  I also don’t like calling attention to my chest and I work with kids.  Who see me outside of school.  Every dang time I’m out I run into someone.  Really!  Even on our cruise.  But I digress.  I want you to know that if you’re feeling like me about getting graphic let’s band together and embrace the trend!

I wore this to work on Thursday.  My skirt is one of the pieces I chose for the Common Threads Challenge. My statement necklace is super old as is my denim jacket. I wore my sneakers because it was a rainy day, originally I had planned on wearing my wedges.












I’ve recently added two to my wardrobe.  One I feel comfortable wearing anywhere and the other will be strictly for Halloween.  The first one I found while reading Jennie’s blog . I knew I had to have this tee!
I love the message and it’s perfect for this time of year!
The second tee I added is from Target, I love this one! Of course I will not be wearing it to work but I’ll wear the heck out of it at home and for Halloween night.
I’m sure you remember the one I bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I still love this one, the message is the BEST.

Here’s my take on getting graphic with a tee. Grow the look up a bit, ya know, wear something other than jeans and sneakers with it. I like to add pearls or another statement necklace, heels, a skirt, a jacket – you get the idea, right? Graphic tees certainly have their place in a mature woman’s closet just be careful that the message displayed on your tee is indeed appropriate for the place and the people you’ll be seeing. I guarantee you if I wore one of the adorable tees that has “I’m here for the Boos” on it my school district would have my head. However, if you don’t have that type of concern than GO FOR IT! I think graphic tees are so much fun!
One more thing before I go – I recently added this to my wardrobe:

And I am loving it! I returned the one from the Anniversary Sale because as much as I liked it I wasn’t completely feeling it. So back it went which made way for this one! I think I have finally found the one I’m ready to commit to!
Okay friends, thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate your kind comments and just the fact that you took a few minutes out of your day to visit my blog. I am humbled beyond words.
Make this and everyday a great one!