On Second Thought

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Have you ever lusted after a piece of clothing and then you finally get it and you’re underwhelmed? Then you think about it and try it different ways and realize maybe it’s not so bad after all?  This happened to me recently. When I saw this top on a couple of my favorite bloggers, including this beauty (Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine) I just had to have it. I kept looking at it online and thinking about it and hoping it would go on sale. It didn’t and because my lust level was at an all time high I decided to get it. I was so afraid it would sell out and I wasn’t sure I could go on living if that happened #dramaqueen. I placed my order and waited patiently (except not all) for the UPS truck to come. After what seemed a sweet forever (why can’t everything ship like Amazon Prime?) it arrived. I ripped open the box and tried it on immediately. Guess what? I felt kinda meh about it to be honest. Rather than return it I convinced myself I could fall in love with it. I wore it to work one day and felt okay in it and then wore it out to dinner for Mother’s Day. I felt good in it but when I saw the pictures I was not at all happy with how I looked. I looked LARGE. Here’s the thing: with a larger chest I have to be super careful about the cuts of the tops I wear. On top of the large chest (or really just beneath it,lol) I am short waisted. Big, flowy tops can leave me looking like Sponge Bob Squarepants if I’m not careful.

Then a few weeks ago my beautiful blogger friend Lisa who blogs at Coast to Coast wore it in blush and I had all the heart eyes for it again. You should check out her blog, she is so sweet and so fun!





So on a recent closet purge I looked at this top again and decided to give it another chance. This time I wore it with more fitted pants and you know what? On second thought I like it! Lucky you, if you like it you can score a great deal on it because it’s on SALE for under $30! I paid full price which KILLS me. For size reference I am wearing a small.

I have four looks with this one top. I plan on wearing all of these looks to work, running errands, and even for a night out. I changed my pants, shoes, and accessories proving to myself it’s a keeper!  Check out how the top looks with white denim, distressed denim, blue window pane pants, and my new slim utility pants.

I also want to point out a new pair of comfortable wedges. Friends, these shoes are comfortable! Mine are the metallic color, a great neutral shoe that I will most definitely wear to work. However, during the hour long lunch duty I’ll be doing everyday I will most likely wear a pair of Vionics. I’m just keepin’ it real here, lunch duty is no joke! So if you’re looking for a comfortable wedge, these  don’t rub my mutant feet anywhere, they’re lightweight and cute!

We all deserve a second chance, right? I thank you so much for stopping by. Make it a good one friends!


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Top It Off

So Friday, we meet again! You’re a welcome sight except when each time you show up it means I am one more week closer to returning to work and one week closer to Nolan heading back to Gainesville.  Boo to both! Going back to work isn’t all bad I suppose, I need the schedule and the audience. I’m a feeder and it has nothing to do with food.  I feed off of the energy of other people and I laughing and joking about what life throws my way.  At an elementary school there are plenty of opportunities for laughter and I find every one of them.  Some things I couldn’t make up!  Speaking of making up, the title of today’s post “Top It Off” just goes to show you I better get back to work soon, the wit tank is showing evidence of depletion, ha!

Today is all about this top, which just happens to be my favorite purchase from the infamous Nordstrom Sale!  Not only is the cut fantastic (I’m wearing a medium) but because it’s so colorful it goes with everything.  I love a print like this because it’s not necessary for things to match a specific color in the print, rather so many colors just go with it.  So grab a bottom and use this blouse to ‘top it off’ – haha, there it is, the punch line!

I only purchased items from the sale I could wear now and this top definitely fits the bill. I’ll wear it now with shorts and even cropped pants. Later I’ll wear it with denim and booties, and slacks. This top is so flattering since it’s a little longer in the back and the front has that tucked in look without having to be tucked in. Reminds me of an infinity scarf, it styles itself! No fussing in front of the mirror wondering if it looks better tucked in or left out – it’s done for you!

The shorts I chose are super old from Kohl’s but I love the color so much I’m always looking for ways to incorporate them into an outfit. These shorts are just like mine but not in the same color; these shorts are blue but a little shorter.  I am wearing my comfy Vionics and my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. It’s pricey but you can still snag this one on sale.

These pants are a recent purchase from Macy’s. They are also on super sale so I kinda had to buy them. Yep, I broke my shopping ban. I lost few pounds and my clothing fits better but I still need to drop more Summer weight. I decided with a few weeks left of my break I’m going to do my best but relax a bit. Once school starts again I’ll be at the gym every single weekday morning by 5am and my meals will be better too. I think the only thing I’ll ban in the future is a shopping ban! But back to the cropped pants , they are very comfortable, come in several colors and they are under $25! BTW, they are pull on which sorta wigged me out at first but they go on super easy, I am wearing a size 6 for your reference and the color is magenta flame.  You can also get a good look at my new sunglasses , they’re such a steal!

Finally I am wearing my step hem jeans with the top.Of course I love it this way too!  Just in case you’re not familiar with a step hem I included a close up.  These also have a “tuxedo stripe” on the sides.

Whether with shorts, cropped pants, or jeans this blouse will top off your look in a fun and colorful way! Right now it’s under $30 so if you’re looking for a fun blouse to transition from Summer to Fall this is it!

Have a marvelous weekend and I will see you back here on Monday! As always I so appreciate you stopping by here and indulging me in your company.

Be happy!

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For the Love of Leo

Oh leo, how I love thee!  In case you’re wondering leo is a pet name for leopard and it happens to be my favorite animal print.  I try to add a little leo love to almost every outfit I wear, usually with my favorite cuff or in cooler weather my leopard scarf.  However, my favorite combination is leopard and gingham.  Sure gingham is a fabulous print on it’s own but add a little leopard and you have a case of fashion nirvana!

Allow me to demonstrate.  Here’s my original outfit.  It is fine as is, my newest gingham addition (similar)and black shorts.

Now look what happens when I add a little leopard print to the mix.  So much more interesting, right?  Simple and easy to do just add a few accent pieces and watch your okay outfit become fabulous!  I simply grabbed my new clutch (similar under $40)and my favorite cuff.  I am wearing my leopard sandals (this year’s version)as well. These are so old!  I hardly wear them anymore because my feet require a more padded foot bed but I still adore these shoes. I am wearing my Kendra Scott necklace (similar and on sale) and my new sunglasses (just $12).

Don’t own a pair of leopard print shoes? No worries, break out a pair of brown or cognac shoes and you’ll get virtually the same effect. In fact, mixing brown and black adds interest to an outfit as well. Just keeps things from getting boring, you know? My trusty Vionics would keep me comfortable all day at work or my favorite espadrille wedges from Gap would be my choice for a day out.

Leopard is a neutral it’s true. You can’t go wrong with a leopard print shoes, scarf, handbag, or cuff bracelet.  But just like everything else in life too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  So be careful.  Animal print from head to toe is tragic, it’s a fine line, be sure you have some solids or another print (like gingham) to break it up.  I wouldn’t normally do a shoe and a purse in leopard with the same outfit but since the shoes are so skimpy it works.  On a larger scale it would be too much, in my opinion.

So the nest time you get dressed why not grab a little leo?  He’s all the rage you know!



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Relaxed Mid-Rise Shorts for Women (3 1/2″) • Old Navy • $15

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Olive You

Did you know that you if you mouth the words “olive you” to someone it will look like you’re saying “I love you?” Try it.  It’s true.  I’m the worst lip reader but when my co-worker told me this I thought it was so funny! So if we’re ever out together don’t try to have me read your lips because I can’t and I’m likely just to mouth back “olive you” because I think it’s funny!

Anyhow, you saw these last week.  While it’s still too hot and humid to wear them right now I am scheming different ways I’ll style them once it’s no longer a bajillion (totally a word) degrees.  In fact I came up with three to share but I’m not done yet, you’ll see them plenty this Fall.  And Winter. All 2 weeks of it, lol.

Like I said last week, these utility pants are super comfortable. They are on sale for $49 right now and since that’s more than I would normally spend on a pair of pants they need to be worth every penny. Versatility is key for me because I want fewer but better quality pieces in my closet. Since I’ll be starting back to school soon my first look is casual and perfect for a day we’re allowed to wear tennis shoes. I’m wearing my new graphic tee (similar). Of course I am wearing my favorite cuff from Accessory Concierge because it is my go to bracelet. I’m also carrying this clutch that’s part of the sale.

In this second outfit I paired the utility pants with a blush, ruffled top. I purchased it last Spring. Olive and blush work so well together. I am wearing my lace up heels and my Kendra Scott necklace. You may remember I bought these for my birthday. Sadly I wore them and got blisters on my toes so I returned them and ended up getting a pair from Target. The ones from Target work better on my feet. Who knew? Keep in mind that the these have gotten rave reviews and I have funky feet, really, not normal. If I didn’t already own one I’d get this Kendra Scott necklace. I wear mine all the time, it’s such a great quality piece that won’t turn your neck green!

This third look is a great one for a night out. Again the utility pants but this time with an OTS black blouse. I purchased this one last November and wore it for Christmas Eve but it’s so versatile it can be worn year round in my climate. I found a dead ringer for my blouse available at a fraction of the cost for you here for under $13! I chose one of my favorite necklaces and my Vionic block heel sandals. Yup, I’m wearing cognac because it’s the closest to nude but you could wear black. But it’s totally okay to wear black and brown together, there’s no need to be matchy matchy.

Olive green is a neutral color, a lot like khaki, that will work so well with just about anything. Chambray, pink, orange, prints, you name it. Now if you’re not quite ready to spend $49 but you’d like to add a pair of olive green pants to your closet I found a few options for you! Check out these from Old Navy:

And these from Target:

Great options, right? No doubt over the coming weeks and months you’ll see me in these cargo pants plenty and I can’t wait to wear them with lots of different tops and jackets. Do you own any olive pants? Are you thinking of getting a pair? Remember,the Nordstrom sale is great but it’s not the only game in town. If you see something you like and it’s sold out, keep checking. If it never restocks move on, you will find something you were meant to have. That’s the way the universe works my friends. Ok, before I wax poetic on you, let me wish you the happiest of Mondays and thank you for reading!


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The Loot

Oh friends!  Thank goodness it is Friday eve.  I decided to post on Thursday rather than Friday just in case you want to shop the big sale when it opens to everyone tomorrow.

Last week I shared with you that I did in fact place an order from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Well, my first order arrived on Tuesday night and I couldn’t wait to tear into it! Then Wednesday afternoon my 2nd and 3rd orders arrived. Now don’t get to thinking I placed large orders, in total I ordered 7 pieces! I snapped these selfies so I could show you how things fit.

Let’s get right into what I ordered and how I liked it.  I ordered 4 items in this first order.  The first thing I tried on because I was super excited about the message was this graphic tee   on sale for $20. Apparently it is sold out but I have a feeling it will be restocked. I really like this tee, not only the message but the way it fits too. The only drawback is that it’s white and I am afraid it will get stained. I am not sure if I’ll keep it but I am leaning that way since I could wear it to work on jeans days. It would be great under a jacket for a casual look too and right now I can wear it with shorts. For fit reference I am wearing a small and it fits well, not too clingy at all. I can’t stand thin, clingy tees that highlight my back fat! The verdict: I’m keeping it, my son says I need to wear it with another layer like a flannel or light jacket and I will once it gets cooler.

Up next, these Mya skinny jeans from Articles of Society. I am wearing them in all of the pictures btw. I have never tried this brand but based on the reviews I thought for the price $38 I’d give them a try. I love that they are a higher rise and they are stretchy. Hopefully they won’t stretch out as the day goes on. The wash is great as well, not too dark and not too light. They are long though, in fact they kind of bunch up at the ankles and really need to be cuffed. I got these in a 4 and they fit well, the reviews said to size down and I did. Normally I would have ordered a 6 so if you’re thinking of getting these I’d say size down. I have a feeling they will restock so if you’re interested in them keep checking because the price will go up after the sale.  The verdict: They are packaged up and being returned, as great as they are I have other jeans I like as well from Old Navy and my recent favorites I paid $10 for from WHBM.

My favorite thing in this order is this cold shoulder blouse by Lush. The blouse is $29.90 during the sale and $45 after. What can I say except it is perfection. The fabric is lightweight, it drapes beautifully and gives the appearance of a front tuck. It basically styles itself and would be fabulous with any bottom from jeans, to shorts, to a skirt, to slacks. This is definitely a keeper and if it was available in solids I would order more. I plan on wearing it immediately and when it cools off I think a scarf and jacket would look great with it.  I am wearing a medium for size reference. The verdict: Currently hanging in my closet and will wear this weekend!

The final item is this gorgeous tote from Sole Society.The quality of this tote is exceptional, especially given the $49.90 sale price and it looks way more expensive than it is (even at the regular price of $69.90). For me it is just too big. I should have read the description a little more closely and realized it is a tote and not a satchel. If you like a bag you can stash everything in that looks great this is for you. Unfortunately when I carry a bag this large I knock into things, bump into people, and in general become a menace. So while I longingly look at this beautiful tote it will be headed back. Since I knew it was going back I didn’t completely unwrap it so yeah, that’s the wrapping in the pictures. The verdict: It’s headed back today!

My second order contained only two items. This twill peplum jacket in olive for $49.90 ($75 after the sale). This jacket is soooooo cute and I love how lightweight it is, perfect for my climate! Unfortunately it is not right on my body type.  My short waist and large chest are not properly honored in this piece, lol!  It’s too boxy on me but I know it will look fabulous on the majority of ladies out there. I am wearing a small. The verdict: Sadly, going back. Boo!








This fabulous clutch on sale for $52.90 ($79.95 after the sale) is up next. The clutch is fantastic. It feels great, so luxe, and it has plenty of storage. So many clutch bags just don’t have enough room but this one seems to. The foldover flap has a zipper so you can store your stuff in two places! The verdict: Right now I plan to keep it but I feel a little guilty spending so much on a clutch.

My third order was for only one item. These Caslon Slim Utility pants on sale for $49.90 ($79 after the sale). I didn’t expect to love these but I do! They are so comfortable, and don’t seem to get baggy. They aren’t low cut either which is so nice. I got them in a size 4 and they are perfect. They can be worn with cute sneakers, sandals, heels, or booties. The verdict: I am keeping them because even though there are lots of olive green pants out there I just happen to feel like these are my soul mate pair!























Something I didn’t pick up during the sale are my trusty old slip on Converse sneakers.  Mine are a few years old, need a good washing, but I still love them.  Check these out:

I also ordered candles and they were delivered later last night.  I got these Voluspa tins. Because I break up the set and give them individually. Great deal for such a pretty candle that makes a super sweet gift.

Overall I am happy with what I decided to keep and the fact that I did not spend an insane amount of money. I should also add if I didn’t have issues with my left foot I would have been all over the booties because there are some great deals on them. Have you shopped yet? Are you going to? Please tell me what you have your eye on, I love to shop vicariously!


Shop here:
Women’s Lush Surplice Cold Shoulder Blouse • Lush • $29.90
Women’s Sub_Urban Riot ‘Work Hard’ Graphic Tee • Sub Urban Riot • Sold Out
Women’s Articles Of Society Mya Skinny Jeans • Articles of Society • Sold Out
Sole Society Susan Faux Leather Tote – Black • Sole Society • Sold Out
Sole Society Tamika Genuine Calf Hair & Faux Leather Foldover Clutch – Brown • Sole Society • $52.90
Caslon Slim Utility pants in olive $49.90
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Orange Crush

I bet if you went into your closet right now you’d probably find very few orange pieces of clothing, am I right?  That was certainly the case for me until our son chose a university, the University of Florida to be exact.  Now I’ve developed an orange crush.

On Sunday I wore this outfit to a family gathering to celebrate my nephew’s birthday.  These orange shorts were one of the first purchases I made after my son decided to attend UF.  I remember shopping with my friend at Loft and we saw the shorts on clearance.  Of course they were, no one wears orange unless it’s to show school spirit.  I grabbed them up and figured they’d be good to wear to a football game.  But I was wrong.

This OTS embroidered top I purchased earlier in the Spring.  I wore it here the last time. But I knew when I bought it that I’d be wearing it with my orange shorts this Summer. I love the way the outfit came together. Since I chose my long tassel white earrings I decided against a necklace. It felt like it might be too much and the embroidery on the top is so pretty and so trendy too! I am also wearing a new pair of shades that I am enjoying but for my family the jury is still out. Spending a lot on sunglasses is not something I normally do, these are $12. Maybe someday I’ll invest in a pricier pair but for now these fit my budget just fine!




I read once that orange is a universally flattering color, do you believe that? I suppose depending on the tone I do. In the Fall it seems there are lots of shades of orange but how about for Summer, do you own anything orange? So, orange, it’s not just for football games and team spirit, it’s a legit color. Orange you glad I said that? Hahahahaha, you know I had to slip an orange joke in here somewhere!

Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate you!  Check back on Friday for a review of some recent NSale purchases I made, all are warm weather approved!  See you then!



Shop here:
Denim espadrille wedges • Gap • $59.99
Coral • J.Crew Factory • $29.99
Multi Check • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
British Khaki • J.Crew Factory • $34.99
Plus Size Apt. 9® Ruffled Chambray Off-the-Shoulder Dress • Apt. 9 • $24
Plus Size Apt. 9® Cold-Shoulder Top • Apt. 9 • $16
Women’s Apt. 9® Off-the-Shoulder Top • Apt. 9 • $14.40
Women’s Apt. 9® Embroidered Chiffon Top • Apt. 9 • $16
Women’s Apt. 9® Embroidered Flutter Tee • Apt. 9 • $19.99
Women’s Apt. 9® Ruffle One-Shoulder Top • Apt. 9 • $19.99



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Prevent Make Up Meltdown












It’s been awhile since I did a post about make up products so let’s change that today, okay?  With the Summer heat in full force right now you may find your make up literally melting off of your face.  I used to have that problem too, in fact I thought it was normal to have to reapply my make up before venturing out for the evening.  With a few tweaks to my make up routine I have found how to prevent make up meltdown!

The first thing I did was to take a long hard look at my skincare routine. That made a difference right away.  I have oily skin and large pores so using a day time moisturizer was only making the problem worse for me. I nixed the day time moisturizer and now I only use eye cream and a vitamin c serum.  I put those two products on as soon as I step out of the shower to give them a chance to soak in before I start my make up routine.

I will spare you the details of my make up routine because let’s face it (no pun intended) I’m no beauty blogger, nor should I be.  But there are 3 products I use that make such a difference and you may benefit from knowing about them.  The first is this primer. I’ve tried many over the years and this one just feels so good and works so well I believe I have found the perfect one for me.  I was hesitant to spend the money at first so I started with the trial size and then immediately up graded to the big daddy.  It’s sooooooooo good!

A few years back I heard all the hype about BB and CC creams and I jumped right on the bandwagon.  I’ll tell you I am an advertisers dream, tell me about something a few times and I am going to buy it.  You know what happened?  I didn’t like the way I looked in pictures and I wasn’t really all that pleased with what I saw in the mirror but I figured I was getting older and that’s just the way it had to be.  Wrong.  What I needed was full coverage foundation.  I have found three that I love! This one from Urban Decay is magical, really. It covers EVERYTHING and your skin will look flawless. This one is a little lighter and is buildable, meaning you can use more for more coverage. I got it when I was looking for the Urban Decay All Nighter in my shade and it was out of stock (it’s very popular). The salesperson at Ulta told me I needed this Smashbox foundation, handed me the correct color and sent me on my way! I eventually ended up getting the All Nighter from Urban Decay because I wanted to compare. Because the color of my skin varies because of my self tanning obsession they both work; the Smashbox is a little darker and the Urban Decay All Nighter is a bit lighter.

There are times I like to preserve my expensive foundation, so if I’m hanging around the house or my big outing for the day involves the grocery store (yes, my life really is that exciting) I use a drug store brand that works well too. Cover Girl Outlast All Day Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation.  In fact I wear it almost everyday in the Summer.

Regardless of which full coverage foundation I’m wearing I think the  product that makes the biggest difference is this setting spray from Urban Decay.  I doubted I needed this product but I am thrilled that I tried it and now I love it.  Once all of my make up is done I spray it on, lightly.  My make up lasts all day the only thing I reapply is lipstick.  Here’s a tip for you if you’d like to try it yourself.  Head to Nordstrom Rack, it’s half the price.  Urban Decay changed the packaging but the product is the same.  You’ll find it in a white bottle for half the price – yippeeeee!!!!

So there you have it, how to prevent make up meltdown in the Summer heat!  I swear by this routine because it really works for me.  During the school year I am inside and outside, running around all day but my make up stays put!  I’d love to hear your recommendations for fabulous make up products you use, let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Monday friends and as always, thank you for stopping by to see what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!



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Sale Picks

I’ll bet you knew exactly what sale I was referring to, didn’t you?  Just in case you aren’t sure it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and early access began on Thursday, July 13.  I had two choices for how to spend my Thursday, July 13. Here they are:









I chose:












No worries, before heading to the beach I shopped online. Apparently EVERYONE shopped online AT THE SAME TIME yesterday because the site crashed! I had no problem completing my order but here’s the good news: Nordstrom is offering 10x points for purchases made yesterday and today. That’s great news if you’re signed up to earn rewards (of course I am, lol). Here’s a little tip: last year I caved and got a Nordstrom card so I could shop the sale early. It was great because I also received the $20 Nordstrom Note (basically works like a gift card) and I signed up to earn rewards. When the card arrived I promptly stored it away. All of the purchases I make online from Nordstrom go on my regular credit card and I still earn rewards. Bottom line you can get a Nordstrom credit or debit card and use it just to get the perks like early access but you can still earn points towards your next Nordstrom Note even using a different card. I like that, most stores only give you rewards if you’re using their card. Of course that only works online. I’ve mentioned before we use one credit card for everything and pay it off at the end of the month. Do not go into debt for clothes! Alright, PSA over!

Sweaters, cardigans, and jackets do not interest me much since I live in such a warm climate but there are other goodies the sale offers so take a look at what I ordered:

I ordered these Articles of Society jeans mostly out of curiosity. They have gotten rave reviews. I’m not sure I’ll be keeping them but I will try them on and let you know!
So this graphic tee has me excited. I LOVE the idea of a graphic tee but because of my job (school counselor) and the fact that I live in the same neighborhood as my school I have to be careful how I present myself. I literally run into my students everywhere – seriously even on our cruise I heard, “Hi Mrs. Rohr!” So yeah, I have to be careful about what I wear.This tee will be fabulous for me and promotes such a positive message!
Ok, I am still crazy about cold shoulder tops and this one will be perfect for Fall and Winter. This is the perfect top for us warm climate girls! We can literally wear this all year. I can’t wait to get it and show you ways to wear it now and when it’s cooler (like in the 80’s hee hee).
Ever since I was a little girl I have been infatuated with purses so this Sole Society bag had to make it’s way into my cart. I love the shape of it but I wish it came in another color besides black, maybe cognac? Anyway, I can’t wait to get it and check it out. If you decide to shop the sale and things are sold out, don’t worry, they keep re-stocking so just check back.

So that’s what I ordered for myself. Here are some other items I have my eye on for my home or to give as gifts. First up, Kendra Scott jewelry. If you don’t already own any Kendra Scott take this opportunity to rectify that situation. Her pieces are high quality and dress up everything! My mother’s birthday is in September so I like to buy her a piece for her birthday. I think what I love the most is that Kendra Scott pieces don’t tarnish and when you wear as much self tanner as I do that’s an issue. You can buy several inexpensive pieces of costume jewelry and toss them in a few months or get one of these quality pieces.

I like to buy sets of candles and then break them apart and give as individual gifts. Voluspa candles come in such pretty tins and make such a nice gift. They also make great hostess gifts, I seriously always have a few of these on hand just in case! Diptyque candles are divine! They are super pricey so this set for $55 ($75 value) is a steal. Once the candle has burned be sure to keep the glass jar and use it to store your make up brushes – you’ll look like a Youtube star! Really, have you noticed how so many people use these jars in pictures?

Here’s my promise, I am not going to bore you to death with details about the sale. While the sale is great, especially if you want to score designer brands at great prices, I plan on sharing what I’m wearing now. Honestly after awhile the sale gets covered to ad nauseam.

So I lifted the shopping ban for the sale only but now I’m back on board with no spending for awhile.

I also don’t plan on two posts a day like I’ve done twice this week! Originally this post was planned for Monday but I thought you might like to know how you can score 10x the rewards points through today. So, yes, think of it as my gift to you as you head into the weekend!


Bells and Scallops

Happy Friday!  Otherwise known as “Day 2 of the #NSale Early Access.” Have you shopped the sale yet? I spent yesterday at the beach with my bestie. What a great day! It was just the two of us – no kids, no husbands! In other words, 2 ladies, 2 chairs, and a little Moscato, absolute perfection. I had been toying with the idea of driving the 2 hours to Tampa and checking out the sale but the beach was a much better idea!

Before heading off to the beach I did check out the sale online. Let me tell you, Nordstrom DOES NOT PLAY. I had to input my Nordstrom card to get access just to look online! Holy cow! After perusing 46 pages of the women’s sale I did purchase a few things. So, yes, I broke my shopping ban. However, I am not planning on keeping everything and I mostly ordered to share here on the blog. That’s what’s so awesome about Nordstrom’s free returns! I was very pleasantly surprised to see quite a few pieces that those of us living in warmer climates can wear. Of course that’s where I focused my energy. I promise I’ll be putting together a quick post on what I purchased from the sale but in the meantime I am sharing a couple of pieces I mixed and matched to put together 3 outfits perfect for this time of year.

2017-07-12 003
2017-07-12 012
2017-07-12 021

These scalloped shorts are a favorite of mine, I am in love with the fabric and the color!  A favorite color combination of mine is pink and black.  I purchased this bell sleeve, gingham blouse at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago for $19.99. This one is similar but a splurge. This blouse is so versatile, it’s great now and will be perfect in cooler weather as well (at least by Florida standards). I’ll add a scarf when (and if) it cools down.  My advice is to check your TJMaxx and grab it!  I added my white beaded necklace and nude sandals.

So a funny thing happens when I want to get blog pictures.  The weather gets crazy!  Really.  Either the wind picks up or storm clouds start rolling in.  That’s what happened Wednesday night when these pictures were taken.  Yes, I tried to lighten them up a bit but nothing replaces natural sunlight.

In Wednesday’s post I shared with you all my copy cat skills. Well folks, I hope you enjoyed it because I’m doing it again! This time it’s the beautiful Blaire from Peaches In A Pod providing the inspiration. I absolutely adore her outfit and since my pieces were similar I used what I had. Pink and turquoise pair so well! My white blouse from Loft and my turquoise necklace from Accessory Concierge work with great with my shorts.  I kept my nude sandals and grabbed my very favorite clutch.  Honestly if this bag were bigger I would carry it every single day, it brings a smile to my face!

In the last look I paired the gingham top with a pair of black shorts I’ve had for years.  They’re from Express and I really like the length so I don’t plan on replacing them anytime soon.  I changed my shoes and put on a pair of black wedges from Chinese Laundry.  I’ve had these shoes for years, I think I purchased them from Macy’s.  They are comfortable enough for me to wear to work.  I kept the necklace and bag to add a little color because that’s how I roll.

I love taking a few pieces and combining them in clever ways to create new looks.  By taking a few key pieces and adding in some accessories you can mix and match and come up with new outfits without spending a bundle!

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends and thank you so much for visiting!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Shop similar pieces here:
Tie Back Ruffle Cuff Top • LOFT • $39.99
Riviera Shorts with 6 Inch Inseam • LOFT • $29.88–39.50
Express Knot Platform Sandal • Express • $59.90
Express Fly Front Cotton Shorts • Express • $49.90
Express Gingham One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Top • Express • $59.90

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Super Sale

This never happens.  Not for me anyway.  Really, 2 posts in one day?  Who am I? Did you think when you saw the title of this post that I was referring to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Well, I’m not!

Here’s the thing, it is so hot here in Florida and it is going to continue to be hot for several more months.  So as much as I LOVE Fall clothes and dreaming about cooler temps it is not my reality.  Unless you live here you may not really understand, it just doesn’t cool down until the end of November (if we’re lucky) and there have been plenty of Decembers with temps in the 80’s with high humidity.  My eyes are on end of season sales because the rest of the country is prepping for cool weather but those of us living in warmer climates can totally cash in on great deals on clothing we can wear for MONTHS!

I adore J. Crew Factory because they offer great quality clothing in classic cuts and fun prints.  They are pieces you’ll keep for years.  Right now using the code SUPERCLEAR you will get an EXTRA 50% off clearance.  Guess what?  The cutest clothes are on clearance!

Remember this outfit?  Yep, totally on clearance! You can get the whole outfit for just about $40!

Check out these super steals! Keep in mind with the code SUPERCLEAR you will get an extra 50% off these prices! Honestly you will pay the same price you’d pay at Target for better quality pieces! Happy shopping friends! (p.s. be sure to click the arrows so you can see all the goodness)

Or click here:
Navy Ivory • J.Crew Factory • $39.99
White • J.Crew Factory • $34.50
Natural • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
Blue Bandana • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
Neon Berry • J.Crew Factory • $14.99
Multi Plaid • J.Crew Factory • $59.99
Navy • J.Crew Factory • $39
Blue Ivory Stripe • J.Crew Factory • $59.99
Ivory Watermelons • J.Crew Factory • $9.99
Blue Wash • J.Crew Factory • $24.95
Misty Green • J.Crew Factory • $28
White • J.Crew Factory • $22.50
White • J.Crew Factory • $16.50
Natural • J.Crew Factory • $18
Cobalt • J.Crew Factory • $24.99
Warm Cerise • J.Crew Factory • $59.50
Black Champagne • J.Crew Factory • $34.50
White • J.Crew Factory • $29.50
White • J.Crew Factory • $11.50
Old Red • J.Crew Factory • $14.95
Neon Berry • J.Crew Factory • $20.50

If I could I’d put every single piece in my shopping cart, lol!