Floral Skirt 5 Ways – Part 5

Friday, Friday I am so happy you’re here!  Well I did it, 5 posts this week! That’s a record around here and it feels good to set a goal and accomplish it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the skirt series, I had fun putting it together. The funny thing is that since taking the pictures and publishing these posts I’ve discovered even more ways to wear this old floral skirt of mine! No doubt I’ll snap some pics and share them one of these days.  But let’s get to today, my 5th and final post in this series.  I am also including a few Friday Favorites in today’s post and I’m linking up with Andrea,Erika, and Narci.

Let’s get right to today’s look because it includes one of my favorites: POLKA DOTS!  Yes, I’m jumping on that crazy train called pattern mixing once again.  They may be hard to see in the photos but there are tiny white polka dots on my hot pink button up.  For some reason when I wear this top I feel the need to pull out my pearls and that’s just what I did here!













I thought it would be a good idea to show you the skirt with black shoes so you can see the difference. The black shoes make my legs look shorter and just seem to bring the whole look to an abrupt halt!  Are you convinced that nude is the way to go?  Nude shoes are definitely my favorite!

And now are you ready to mix it up a bit with a skirt or two?  If you haven’t tried pattern mixing yet, why not?  Look for colors that ‘go’ together and prints that play nicely together; one larger, one smaller. Give it a whirl, friends!

Another favorite of mine?  Having my family all under the same roof! I keep saying this but what a year his has been.  After all I’ve dealt with in the last year I keep coming back to the importance of the love of my family.  Listen, I’ve been let down and disappointed in people BIG TIME in the last year and it has hurt my heart but the love of my husband and sons never fails.  I’m grateful to God for choosing this husband of mine for me and blessing us with our two incredible sons.  We have fun plans for the summer and I am looking forward to all the memories we are going to create.

Happy weekend and I look forward to seeing you back here next week. Guess what’s coming up?  Bathing suit season and we’re gonna address it right here!  So, that’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours?



Shop similar pieces so you can give this look a try here:

7th Avenue – Madison Stretch Shirt – Embroidered Dot • New York & Co. • $29
Eva Mendes Collection – Maddie Skirt – White • New York & Co. • $45.46
7th Avenue – 3/4-Sleeve Knit Shirt – Black & White Stripe • New York & Co. • $14.99
Strappy Cage Sandal • New York & Co. • $25
Eva Mendes Collection – Mari Tie-Waist Midi Skirt • New York & Co. • $55.96
Oversize stripe boyfriend shirt • Gap • $34.99
Lauren Ralph Lauren Non-Iron Pinstriped Shirt • Lauren Ralph Lauren • $69.50
Charter Club Cotton Gingham-Print Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $29.99
Charter Club Textured Windowpane Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $29.99–35.99

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Floral Skirt 5 Ways – Part 4

Today’s the day!  My son comes home from school for summer and I am so happy!  What a year!  My husband left to go pick him up this morning and move him out of the dorm, fingers crossed he is packed and ready to go.  Tonight we have our younger son’s awards night at the high school. Monday night we had National Honor Society Induction and Wednesday night we had his architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) program.  I am so tired and looking forward to the weekend.  Thank goodness we took pictures last week for this skirt series!

Today’s look is very casual.  Starting with my floral skirt and adding a simple black tank was super easy.  In the hot climate of Florida wearing a tank is pretty typical.  Except I’ve never worn my tank with this skirt! Not sure why, except I usually wear the skirt to work and grab a blouse.  Do you do that too?  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Coming up with 5 ways to wear this floral skirt was as much for my benefit as it was yours!  As soon as I threw the tank on I new the perfect finishing piece was my denim jacket.  Air conditioning is serious business here in the Sunshine State so a jacket is a necessity.  Here’s a tip about wearing a tank, especially if you are a little busty like yours truly (seriously girls, the bra I’m wearing is a 32E – I know, I know that is huge). Be sure your tank is a good, thick material and not too low cut.  I have cleavage for days but I’m not showing it here! A good bra is essential as well, please don’t skimp in that department regardless of your size, a good fitting bra makes a world of difference! I love the end result and can’t imagine why I didn’t wear this sooner, I think my shoes dress it up a bit but flats would work just fine too.  Especially my good old Vionics! I apologize if I seem obnoxious about them but they really are super comfortable.  I’ve tried so many shoes but these are the real deal.  Now that I’m wearing them I have noticed so many teachers wearing them, so smart since they’re on their feet all day.  Try them, you’ll like them!

If the denim jacket is too casual for your work environment change it out with a lightweight cardigan or cotton jacket. A color would be a nice touch – if I had a hot pink jacket I’d have thrown it on. I do own a hot pink cardigan but it’s a little too heavy for this time of year in Florida. Did I mention we’ve already had several days in the 90’s? It scares me to think of what summer will be like! The heat is one reason I prefer skirts this time of year and into summer. They keep me cooler!

So grab your floral skirt, a tank top, a denim jacket and some accessories and go get dressed! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours? I’ll see you back here tomorrow to wrap up the series!


Shop similar pieces here:
First-Layer V-Neck Plus-Size Cami • Old Navy • $4.99–14
Two-Way Plus-Size Tank • Old Navy • $6.99
Fitted Rib-Knit Plus-Size Tank • Old Navy • $6
Plus-Size Smocked Floral Skirt • Old Navy • $30
Women’s Plus Denim Jackets • Old Navy • $44
Floral Circle Skirt for Women • Old Navy • $24.94
Relaxed Racerback Scoop-Neck Tank for Women • Old Navy • $10
Fitted 2-Way Layering Tank for Women • Old Navy • $6
Classic Semi-Fitted Tank for Women • Old Navy • $14.94
Stay-White Denim Jacket for Women • Old Navy • $35
Denim Jacket for Women • Old Navy • $36.94
Pop-Color Denim Jacket for Women • Old Navy • $29.97
heels fromTarget
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Floral Skirt 5 Ways – Part 3

Here we are at Wednesday already! Woo hoo! Before I get to my 3rd way with the floral skirt, I’ll share a little about things I’m waiting on as part of Royally Waiting. First up is something I won’t be waiting too long for…my son comes home TOMORROW from school for the Summer! I am over the moon excited to have him for almost 4 months.

Another thing I’m waiting on?  An issue with my Bloglovin’ account to be straightened out.  I’ll tell ya what, my blogging business has been one step forward two steps back.  I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of things and then something goes awry.  Currently I am waiting for them to tell me why my posts are not showing up on Bloglovin when they’re published (or soon afterwards).  I’m sorry if you subscribe to my blog through Bloglovin (which I LOVE BTW) and you are not seeing my posts until the next day.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  I’ll keep you posted (lol, except you probably won’t see the post because of this issue).  And now I’m just cracking myself up because I’m slap happy like that, time to talk clothing!

I’m pushing the envelope a little today with some pattern mixing.  I love mixing florals with stripes.  Florals and stripes are two of my favorite patterns (I love polka dots too!). I understand that not everyone if ready to take the pattern mixing leap but I assure you, you can do it!  Be careful with the scale of the prints and make sure the colors go – they don’t have to match just go.  Same color family – yes; Garanimals – no!  Take a look at how I did it :


SSo much sass when you pattern mix, right?  Seriously this is a fun way to add interest to basics you probably already own.  This could work just as easily with a striped tee.  I just happened to love the sleeves on this darling blouse when I saw it at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago.  I had ordered a super cute, striped top with bell sleeves from them.  I put it on to wear it to a volleyball game and wouldn’t you know it had tiny holes in the stomach area so back it went.  Of course they didn’t have another one but lucky me I found this gem!

Yes, I’m still wearing my nude heels that make me 6 feet tall and no we’re not going to mention that to my podiatrist when I see him very soon for my next appointment.  Honestly I wear my Vionics every single day to work but my fun shoes when I go out because a high heel girl like myself has to live a little, amiright?

I hope you’ll at least consider wearing stripes and floral together.  It’s a fun way to add new life into what you’ve been wearing.  Come back tomorrow to check out look #4!  If you are enjoying this series and this post please share it with a friend. Check out the links below for pieces to help you create a fun look like this one for yourself.  That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours?



Shop here:
Striped Tie Cold Shoulder Tee • LOFT • $29.50
BP. Springs Wedge Sandal • BP • $39.90
Lush Cold Shoulder Flounce Blouse • Lush • $22.97
Melrose and Market Long Sleeve Striped Crew Neck Tee • $19.97
Ten Sixty Sherman Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse • Ten Sixty Sherman • $13.78
14th & Union Striped Raw Hem V-Neck Tee • $12.97–14.97
Gibson Striped Criss-Cross Shirt • Gibson • $21.97
Charter Club Cotton Floral-Print A-Line Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $63.99
ECI Floral-Print Pull-On Skirt • ECI • $39.99
Grace Elements Floral-Print Pencil Skirt • $39.99
Charter Club Printed A-Line Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $54.99
ECI Floral-Print Faux-Wrap Skirt • ECI • $34.99
Thalia Sodi Printed Scuba Pencil Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Thalia Sodi • $39.99
Maison Jules Gingham A-Line Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules • $49.50
Charter Club Elbow-Sleeve Metallic-Striped Top, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $19.98

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Floral Skirt 5 Ways – Part 2

Today I’m back with part 2 of my floral skirt series and I am thrilled you’re here! I’m going to ease you into different ways to style a floral skirt and save a little riskier move for later in the week. Yesterday’s simple cross front tee was easy and comfortable and could definitely have been done with a plain black tee or blouse; use what you have! However, if you are in the market for new pieces think of adding items with detail to make them more interesting.

The cross front tee I wore in yesterday’s post was purchased from SheIn and so was this OTS top I am wearing today. I was in the market for a white OTS and when I spotted this one I didn’t think twice, the price was nice! #poet It is a little long in length and almost a tunic, it’s also very voluminous but I really love the sleeve detail. It’s sweet. When I look at these pictures I think I need a belt. In fact a nice, wide one would cinch in at the waist and help create a nice silhouette. I’ll be on the look out for one when I allow myself to shop again. I didn’t try tucking in the top but I could have. Since my tummy is my problem area I hesitate when tucking in because of the added bulk, same thing with belts. Sometimes, however, they work.

I added a necklace to this look, it’s one of my favorites from Stella & Dot.  It was gift a few years back, after seeing every blogger wearing it I new how versatile it was so I didn’t mind asking my husband to get it for me for Mother’s Day.  It was pricey from Stella & Dot but since then there have been less expensive versions that look just as good.  Check out Accessory Concierge. My earrings are dupes for the Kendra Scott version I have in turquoise. I bought them from Living Social or Groupon. Since the top is OTS there’s no way this would work in my workplace but it would work for going out.  The top is supposed to be convertible meaning you can pull the sleeves up and wear it that way which I tried to do in the last picture but it wasn’t very comfortable.

That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, are you ready to add an OTS top for Summer yet?  Would you wear it with a skirt?  I’ll see you back here tomorrow for look #3 with this same thrifted, floral skirt!

Fashionably yours,


Shop similar pieces here:
Cross Front Tee (from yesterday)
My Exact OTS Top from SheIn
Women’s Bp. ‘Solar’ Platform Wedge Sandal • BP • $79.95
Women’s Bp. Paige Wedge Sandal • BP • $69.95
Women’s Bp. Sky Wedge Sandal • BP • $49.95
Women’s Baublebar ‘Pinata’ Tassel Earrings • BaubleBar • $36
Women’s Kendra Scott Danielle – Large Oval Statement Earrings • Kendra Scott • $65–75
Women’s Bp. Square Stud Earrings (Set Of 2) • BP • $9.98
SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Beaded Collar Necklace • $16.99
Women’s Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace • Kendra Scott • $80–90
Women’s Bp. Stone & Tassel Pendant Necklace • BP • $19
Lauren Ralph Lauren Cotton Off-The-Shoulder Top • Lauren Ralph Lauren • $47.70
Women’s Apt. 9® Off-the-Shoulder Top • Apt. 9 • $26.99
Catherine Catherine Malandrino Off-the-Shoulder Satin Top, White • $45
Free People Darling Off-the-Shoulder Top • Free People • $48
Ten Sixty Sherman Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse • Ten Sixty Sherman • $13.78
cute peplum top here

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Floral Skirt 5 Ways Part One

Happy Monday!
Today I am one happy momma, my youngest son returned yesterday from a 5 day Vex Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky and on Thursday of this week my oldest comes home for the summer! It is so hard to believe he is finished with his freshman year. I am happiest when my babies are all under one roof but who isn’t? And while our youngest was away last week we got a taste of what it will be like (in the near future) when we’re empty nesters. Ugh, I’m not sure I’m ready to let go just yet so I’ll savor one more year of having my baby home with me. In the meantime I plan on enjoying the next several months of having both boys at home with us!

This week I’d like to try something a little different around here. I am going to post 5 times this week! Say what? Yup, I’m doing it. Here’s why, I believe you will benefit greatly from the posts because I am going to show you how to take a simple piece and wear it multiple ways. You’ll get more mileage from your clothes when you start mixing and matching as well as taking a few calculated risks.

I bought this simple, floral skirt about 4 years ago at Goodwill. Guess what? It was $4! I was drawn to it because of the colors, I LOVE pink and black. One of these days I’ll share pictures of my school office and you’ll see how deep my love is! The skirt is not a name brand but it has held up wonderfully over the years. It’s washed well and I have never had to iron it. You probably have something similar to it in your closet, a patterned skirt in a classic cut. By the end of the week you’ll be styling your skirt in a host of different ways and creating more outfit opportunities!

For the first look I paired the skirt with a cross front tee purchased through SheIn. I’ve mentioned them before but as a refresher SheInis an online retailer offering trendy, stylish fashions at ridiculously affordable prices. My top is $10! The quality is surprisingly good. You may have been tempted to throw on black shoes with this outfit but I hope you know my theory by now. Nude shoes elongate your leg, so of course that’s the direction I went! I kept my accessories simple because the cross front detail on the tee is enough. I added earrings and bangle bracelets. Easy peasy and so comfortable! I can wear this to work or out and about, so could you!

I’ll bet if you look in your closet you’ll find a skirt, maybe even a floral printed skirt and you may find you wear it with the same top each time you wear it. I urge you to try to mix it up with other tops and accessories, let’s do this together and expand your wardrobe! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours?


Shop cute skirts here:
Black Floral Pencil Skirt • $26.99
Gabriella Rocha Layla Floral A-Line Skirt • Gabriella Rocha • $30.99
Floral Skirt • $16.99
Juniors’ Plus Size HeartSoul Pleated Floral Skirt • $21.60
Alexandre Herchcovitch Floral Skirt • Alexandre Herchcovitch • $30
Plus-Size Smocked Floral Skirt • Old Navy • $29
Shop similar tops here:
Women’s Pst By Project Social T Cross Front Tee • $35
Women’s Topshop Cross Neck Tee • Topshop • $28
Black Criss-Cross Back Tee • $16.99
Criss Cross Deep V Tee • Avenue • $20.30

My exact top can be found here

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Friday Favorites, Old Navy Edition

Happy Friday friends and cheers to the weekend!

It’s no secret I have a thing for Old Navy.  It hasn’t always been like this but in the last year or so they’ve really won me over. At first I thought it was a fluke and that the good fit and quality I was finding would come to an end but here I am months later and I’m still scribbling KR loves ON on my notepad #kidding #notreally.  And because I keep earning rewards with my Gap card it’s like I’m getting paid to shop, or at least that’s the way I explain it to my husband, except he is not a fan of my girl math and fashion finance philosophy.  But you know me, I was made to persevere and that’s just what I did last week when I had a few hours to kill. I’m linking up with Erika,Andrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites, Old Navy Edition!

2017-04-19 001
2017-04-19 022
2017-04-13 002
2017-04-19 020

On Monday I shared my Barbie Pink Dress in this post so today I’ll show you the rest of what I bought and you won’t believe what I paid. And hey, Brian, if you’re reading this now I think you have a phone call you need to take NOW so go right ahead and log off. Ahem, ok, let’s get back at it. A few months back when I bought these super skinny jeansI fell in love and have wanted to add a pair in a darker wash. So I did. Yep. These mid-rise Rockstar Super Skinny jeanswere just the color I was looking for. In fact, I am getting rid of some of my other jeans because I like these so well. They are comfortable and because they are mid rise I don’t feel like I’m having to yank them up or worry if I bend over I’ll frighten small children. Or teenagers. Yikes.
Then I spotted this floral patterned swing blouse.At first I wasn’t sure about the pink color but once I tried it on I was smitten! I actually wore it to school last Friday and I got so many compliments! Another top I picked up was this one shoulder tencel top.I really debated on this one because I swear I am NOT BUYING ANYMORE OTS TOPS! But I really liked it. I haven’t worn it yet and I never remove the tags until I do so just in case I change my mind…
You know how I mentioned rewards I earn from my Gap card? Those rewards can be used at Old Navy, Gap, Athleta, or Banana Republic. I had earned a $20 rewards certificate so with that and the fact that everything was discounted I got all 4 pieces for $66.00 (that was with tax). I felt like that was pretty good!
And now I really am declaring a moratorium on shopping. So far this week I have not purchased any clothing for myself! I came close let me tell you but I resisted. Seriously I wanted this cute striped jumpsuit that Peaches in a Pod featured on Monday. I mean, really,how cute is that and look at the price? I was this close to pulling the trigger when I remembered I wasn’t shopping. And then look at my friend Andrea’s cute peplum top. I want that too! In fact I have been debating ordering it. But I resisted. And did you hear about the sale Loft had? Yes, 50% off and free shipping,no minimum. Guess who didn’t buy anything? This girl right here. Gosh, I feel like I earned a reward for all this resisting. Hmmmmmm…I’ll let ya know how that turns out.

I tried something new with the picture collage and I hope you like it. The four pieces I purchased are featured along with these cute earrings for under $13!

Friends I hope you have a terrific weekend. Please come back and visit next week, I’ll be styling a floral skirt 4 ways. So much to look forward to on the blog! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

Fashionably yours,

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Comfortable But Cute

Happy Wednesday friends!
Comfortable but cute, isn’t that what we all want? I think those two words come to mind for me so often when I ‘m choosing what to wear each day, they are synonymous with my wardrobe and personal style. Today’s outfit is a perfect example. Sure it’s just really jeans (ok, they are white) and a tee shirt. But it’s the addition of a fun necklace and comfortable but cute shoes. So this outfit is a winner in my book.

This is the style I gravitate towards whether it’s for work or fun. You’d be hard pressed to find me wearing jeans with sneakers and tee shirt without said sneakers being stylish and said tee shirt having some type of fun detail like this one. It’s just my personal style, which I can thank my mother for. Growing up she stayed home with us but she alwayshad her make up done,hair fixed,and dressed stylishly. I never saw my mother in jeans and a tee and she has never worn a pair of sweat pants in her life!

This peplum tee from Style & Co.was the other shirt I bought on my last trip to Macy’s.You know when I bought this denim one with the bell sleeves. It’s lightweight and comfortable and can be worn with so much! I love it with my white denim cropped jeans. They are from Loft and are a few years old. I pulled out one of my favorite tassel necklaces because the colors worked so well together. My necklace and my leopard cuff are both from Accessory Concierge. Seriously it takes no more time to wear comfortable and cute clothes than it does to wear just plain comfortable clothes!  And I know you’ll feel even better about yourself when you reach for the cute!  That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours?



Shop cute and comfortable tops here:
Style & Co Ruffled Lace-Trim Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $49.50
Style & Co Bell-Sleeve Peasant Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $49.50
Style & Co Ruffled Denim Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $49.50
Style & Co Layered-Look Peplum T-Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $34.50
Style & Co Embroidered Denim Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $54.50
Shop plus size options here:
Style & Co Plus Size Cold-Shoulder Peasant Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $49.50
Style & Co Plus Size Embroidered Peasant Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $56.50
Style & Co Plus Size Denim Shirt, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $56.50–59.50
Style & Co Plus Size Cotton Eyelet-Hem Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $59.50
Style & Co Plus Size Crochet-Bib Babydoll Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $49.50
Style & Co Plus Size Peplum Top, Only at Macy’s • Style&Co. • $34.50
Women’s Bobeau Cold Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Top • Bobeau • $49

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Barbie Pink Dress

Happy Monday friends!
How was your Easter weekend? Are you suffering from sugar overload? I can hardly wait to see all the kids at school and how much candy they sneak in their lunchboxes and backpacks! Of course I’ll hear lots of tales about what the Easter bunny brought and that will bring a big smile to my face, I really love listening to the excitement in the children’s voices. Sometimes I have to remind myself what a blessing it is that they want to share their stories with me, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and miss the gifts bestowed upon me. Ahhh, the life of a school counselor!

We celebrated Easter on Saturday this year. We always host and this year I decided I’d like to go to church on Easter Sunday (we usually go on Saturday night) and then relax and enjoy the day. This also gave my brother and sister a chance to be able to celebrate with their in laws on Sunday so we could all be together on Saturday. It was weird that our oldest son was not with us; we made the decision not to drive up to Gainesville to get him since he’ll be coming home in 10 days for summer. I can hardly believe he is for all intents and purposes done with his freshman year.

Tomorrow our younger son heads to Kentucky with his high school robotics team for a competition. He’ll be gone until Sunday so we’ll be empty nesters for a few days. I’ll miss him like crazy! We are also finishing up volleyball tonight. When he returns next week he’ll be facing exams and all the other end of year busy-ness. Before we know it school will be out!

On that note, I’ll be finished with work on June 2. With that in mind I’m going to try to stop shopping and use what I have in my closet. I’m sharing this to try to stay accountable but…well, we’ll see what happens, lol! So the dress I’m wearing in today’s post I snagged at Old Navy for a steal $15. I am planning on wearing it this summer because it’s so lightweight and it can also be thrown over a swimsuit for a quick cover up or dinner out after a day at the beach. The material is thin but I LOVE the color, this pink reminds me of Barbie. Some might call it bubblegum pink but I like Barbie better!

When I wore it to work I wore a denim jacket because the air conditioning is too cold for me to go sleeveless. In the pictures without the jacket you can appreciate how thin the fabric is because you can see the outline of my bra. As much as I really hate it when that happens you should know I took this dress on and off no less than 4 times because I kept playing around with different bras! Next time I wear it I think I’ll try one of my sports bras. And don’t even get me started on the underwear! I ended up wearing boy/bike shorts underneath. I really have a problem with panty lines, back fat or bulge, dimpled thighs showing through my clothes. Once I spot it I’ll do just about anything to conceal it! I guess except return the $15 dress because the material is thin, lol!


































I am wearing a small in the dress.  Remember how last week I talked about dressing for your shape?  By adding the jacket to this dress it definitely helps create the illusion that I have a waist!  Oh and in case you’re wondering the necklace I’m wearing is a few years old; it was a birthday gift from my sister!  I love the happy colors and it gets a lot of use this time of year.

My denim jacket is so old I can barely believe it! I bought it when my boys were babies and they are 17 & 19 now. Just goes to show you that having some classics like a good denim jacket are worth keeping. I probably went through a stretch where I didn’t use it much and I remember just a few years ago buying a lighter colored one but this is my favorite. In fact I got rid of the lighter colored one because this fit my arms better. So yes, I got this jacket when I was in my 30’s and I’ll soon be 50 and still wearing it!

Lightweight (and I am so not kidding about that with this one) dresses paired with denim jackets and comfy espadrilles are what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, are you ready to add them to yours?

Fashionably yours,

You can shop my look here:
Suede espadrille wedges • Gap • $64.95
Striped Plus-Size Fit & Flare Dress • Old Navy • $29
Plus-Size Cutout-Shoulder Swing Dress • Old Navy • $32
Drapey Plus-Size Swing Shirt Dress • Old Navy • $22
Women’s Plus Denim Jackets • Old Navy • $44
Fit & Flare Plus-Size Dress • Old Navy • $19.99
Denim Jacket for Women • Old Navy • $28
Distressed Denim Jacket for Women • Old Navy • $32
Sleeveless Cutout-Back Shift Dress for Women • Old Navy • $14
Jersey Swing Dress for Women • Old Navy • $15
Crepe Swing Dress for Women • Old Navy • $14.99
Printed Pintuck Swing Dress for Women • Old Navy • $14.97
Side-Slit Midi Dress for Women • Old Navy • $15
Pleated High-Neck Tank Dress for Women • Old Navy • $9.97
Jersey Swing Dress for Women • Old Navy • $12.97

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Friday Favorites – Beauty Products

Happy Friday friends!  What a week!  If you are fortunate to have this Good Friday off from work or school I hope you spend it enjoying yourself and preparing for a fabulous Easter.

I have rounded up a few of my personal favorites to share with you today.  It’s kind of a random round up but I think you’ll enjoy it.

Favorite Nail Color – My absolute favorite all time nail color is OPI’s Mod About You.  It is the perfect shade of pink and I’m crazy about it.  It’s on my toes most of the time and I even bring it with me when I get a pedicure.  It’s not a new shade and I don’t like to take the chance that the salon won’t have it.

Favorite Deodorant – So this may sound crazy but I adore Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Deodorant.  It’s a little on the pricey side at $26 but it lasts a long time.  Seriously!  The last stick I had lasted almost 4 months and let me tell you this girl can sweat! You can find it here .

Favorite New Sunless Tanning Product #1- You know I love my sunless tanners!  In fact I have a shelf in my bathroom with different types of lotions, mousses, and sprays.Jergen’s Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer is great! Right now Target has a promotion where you buy one and get 25% off a second. This is such a nice way to keep your skin looking it’s best without a full on self tanner. Shop here to get a great deal on this new product.

Favorite New Sunless Tanning Product #2 – Yes, I have 2 favorites in this category but that’s because I need different products to do different jobs! Self tanners have to meet a certain criteria in order to land on my favorites list.  They need to give me color (quickly I might add) and they need to dry quickly.  So I am totally digging this Body Drench Quick Tan Bronzing Spray.  It’s easy to use, just spray it on, rub it in and voila!  You will instantly notice some bronzing but it gets deeper as time goes on.  My favorite thing about it is that it dries so quickly! Get yours here from Amazon .

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into the kinds of beauty products you’ll find in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag. Do you have any tried and true products you won’t be without? I am planning on sharing some of the skin care products I use and love. I truly believe that recommendations from girlfriends are the best product testimonials so I’m always interested in knowing what others use, are you like that too?

Have the BEST weekend my friends, enjoy Easter or Passover with family and friends. That’s just what I intend to do! Wanna know what my Easter will be like? You can follow me on Instagram @thisblondesshoppingbag or on Twitter @ThisBlondesBag (btw I am brand new to Twitter!) I’ll be sharing this weekend’s shenanigans there!

Fashionably yours,

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Denim Bell Sleeves

Happy Wednesday!  A couple weeks ago I popped into Macy’s.  This was kind of a treat because I have literally not stepped foot into a Macy’s in awhile.  The one closest to my house is closing and the nearest one is not convenient.  I had the pleasure of stopping in when I had to take my son to an engineering mentoring program and had two hours to kill.  By myself #heaven. I was surprised at how much I liked the Style & Co. pieces, they reminded me of Free People with that relaxed sort of Boho vibe. I snagged two tops and with the discount, a coupon, and my Plenti points I paid around $30 for both tops.  There were a few others I had my eye on but I decided to wait since I couldn’t use a coupon (I’m such a thrifty shopper, right?).  I’m anxious for the Friends & Family sale at Macy’s so I can go back and (hopefully) grab one of the other tops I really liked. I have my eye on this one in hot pink .

The denim bell sleeve top from Style & Co. I am wearing in today’s post is perfect for warmer climates.  The 3/4 sleeves and lightweight material are cool enough for outside yet comfortable enough in the air conditioning.  If you haven’t noticed it yet sleeves are all the rage these days!  I paired the top with light pink skinny jeans from Target.  I purchased these pink jeans last year.  Of course I am wearing my favorite earrings and a tassel necklace I love.  My espadrilles from Gap were the perfect choice for this casual outfit.












Now you may be thinking you don’t really need a denim blouse because you already own a denim shirt.  Let me tell you that a top or blouse like this is a great addition.  It’s a little dressier and feminine than your standard button up denim shirt.  Wondering what you’d wear a top like this with? Well, you can wear it with any color you choose and it’s great year round.  I like to think of it this way, what would you wear with jeans? Just flip flop it, now your denim is on top.  Now you are free to let your creative juices flow!

This final picture is almost a candid shot, I really don’t enjoy getting pictures. It makes me nervous, I don’t know how to pose, and I’m always asking my husband (also my photographer) if we’re good. He has no idea if we’re good and nor do I – such newbies to all of this but we are learning. Honestly it’s funny because after the pictures have been taken and I am uploading them I notice things like my husband’s reflection in our glass front doors, a strap showing that shouldn’t be, etc.
My sweet husband had never even seen a blog until I started this one so it’s all new to him. So I think in this last picture the wind is blowing and I’m about done, lol. Thank you for sticking with me through this learning curve, I really appreciate it!

Shop similar pink jeans below since mine are old.

That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, would you wear pink denim?

Fashionably yours,


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