Loafin’ Around!

2016-10-30-001 2016-10-30-003 2016-10-30-004Loafin’ around, yup.  That about sums up what I’ve been doing lately!  At least in terms of blogging.  It’s not that I don’t have ideas, because I do. It’s just that there seem to be so many road blocks that keep getting in my way leaving me overwhelmed.  Challenges are merely opportunities for growth though, right?  So persevere I will.  Here goes!

I have been on the hunt for a great pair of loafers.  They have to be comfortable, cute, and of course reasonably priced.  The comfortable part has been the trickiest.  Although I hate the way it sounds, my feet are getting more finicky with age.  Booties that were comfortable just last year are no longer.  I have a closet full of shoes that make me wince with pain and the worst part?  I have a closet full of clothes I cannot wear because of the shoe situation!  #cuetheuglycry  Just last weekend I tried on oodles of shoes at DSW to no avail.  And then on a whim I tried on a pair at Target.  I know, I know.  Of all places I find a comfortable pair at Target.  Unfortunately they only had them in black patent in the store but I remembered seeing a pair online in pink “suede”.

Once again online ordering came through for me.  I placed my order on Sunday evening and they were delivered to me Friday.  These babies meet all of my criteria.  Cute – check!  Comfortable – check!  Affordable – Check, check!!!  They are only $34.99 and come in black, gray, and pink.

Sam & Libby Loafers

Target is really killin’ it this year.  Check out a few more I have my eye on. Affordable, stylish, and on trend for this season.  Happy Shopping!


Black Open Toe Booties

Suede Loafers

Fringe Booties

Quilted Slip On Sneakers

Pointed Toe Ballet Lace Up Flats

I am considering ordering those quilted slip on sneakers.  They would look great with denim, joggers, and skirts.  Yes!  Skirts!  I’ll save that for another post.  Have a wonderful week!

Fashionably yours,


What’s In The Box????

Happy Friday Friends!!!
Why does the week before Halloween always drag on forever when you are a teacher? Maybe, because we know what we are going to meet come November 1st!!! #Halloweenshouldalwaysbeonaweekend
I decided to do a post on the famous boxes that so many of us order-I have tried Birchbox and Ipsy for beauty items and Hello Fresh and Blue Apron for food prep. Birchbox and Ipsy were ok, but they always send small sizes. Hello Fresh and Blue Apron were great for getting me out of a slump for meals, however, it was getting a little spendy! My friend Hannah was singing the praises of FabFitFun. She told me that this company sends FULL SIZED products!!! After going back and forth I bit the bullet because I found a code for $10 off. Placed my order, charged $39.99 to my VISA, and waited patiently for my box to arrive. Seven days later my box is in the mail!!!! I LOVE to get boxes and packages in the mail, UPS, FedEx…its like Christmas to myself!!!!! Got my box and laid everything out on the table. I was pleasantly surprised!!!! Now, there are a few items that I will not use (I detest the smell of roses) but for the most part, I loved everything in the box and it definitely is a great deal if you love getting new products!!!! I have added the photos of all items so you have some sort of idea what comes in a box- These boxes are sent every season and I will definitely order again!!!! You can get a sneak peek at the winter box November 7th!!! If you want to try something new, give FabFitFun a try!!!!! Like them on Facebook and you can get the $10 code-I would put it up now, but it changes frequently and I want you to take a look at the site and check out other boxes that have been sent.

Here’s to a beautifully fantastic weekend girls!!!

Fashionably yours,





ToeSox Toeless Fitness Socks


The Created Co. To Go Coffee Mug






ModCloth Loch and Key Scarf



Spongelle: Beyond Cleansing Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer



Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette




The BrowGal Clear, Water-Resistant Eyebrow Gel



the mullein & sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil




Skin Laundry‘s Restoring Night Serum

Shopping with SheIn

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  It was a busy one over here with my oldest son home from college for a long weekend and my younger son going to homecoming as well as celebrating our 22nd anniversary!  And now it’s back to the daily grind although we have a few things to look forward to this week  My husband is headed to upstate New York for a guys weekend and I am headed to Jacksonville for an overnight with one of my absolute best friends.  Good times ahead, we are blessed!

I wanted to get this post out a bit earlier but an order I placed has not yet arrived so I’ll have to do it and show you my order at a later date.  Reading blogs over the years has really expanded my menu of shopping options and today I want to share a great one with you – SheIn.  SheIn is a great online resource for fun clothing and accessories at very affordable prices. Seriously once you peruse the site you will likely be pleasantly surprised! I have ordered from them in the past and have had great luck.  Once I did return an item because it did not meet my expectations and the process was painless (not quite as easy as Nordstrom returns but still easy).  I thought you might like to check out their site, so click on the links below to see the site in its entirety, dresses and great tops.  I love that standard shipping is FREE with no minimum order and you save 40% off your first order. You also accumulate SheIn points (similar to a rewards program).


Shop Dresses

Shop Tops

I hope you enjoy shopping at SheIn, for many of you this may be your first experience with this retailer. As I always say when shopping online be sure to read the specs for each item so you’ll know what size to order as well as care instructions.

Happy Shopping!

Fashionably yours,

Closet visit

img_2667img_2664img_2626Happy HAPPY Friday!!!!!
After last week with our close call with a category 3/4 hurricane I had a friend ask me to give her tips on how to organize her closet. Now, anyone who knows me I detest anything out of place…..#touchofocd……..and my closet is something that I am very proud of! If you are anything like me, you will get up in the morning and freak out because you have NOTHING to wear!!! I am going to give my tips on how to organize your closet and keep it that way!!! Make sure that you have time to take on this project because to do it right, you will need a large chunk of time!!!

1. Take EVERYTHING out of your closet-no-you can not leave one piece of clothing in there. I tried that once and I failed miserably at getting rid of items that had no business staying in my closet!!! You will need a LARGE bag(s) to put the items that are leaving the house-and yes, there will be many pieces freeing up your closet!
2. Now this is going to be painful-you need to try on every single piece of clothing. If it has a small stain or rip-get rid of it….I know my friends won’t fix things and don’t let it take up space!!!! Also, dated items, items that don’t fit right and items that you haven’t worn in six months need to go….Please…don’t use the line..”I got it on sale!” ” Its a ________(insert any high end fashion name)
“I’m going to lose the weight!!” (That has been my go to line for the past 18 months!)
3. When you try it on, go look in a mirror right away. If you go “Oh I LOVE this piece!” Then it goes back on a hanger. If you go “Hmmmmm…..well it might work with_____________” Go find that piece it might work with and try it. IF it doesn’t work then it goes in the bag as well.
After you have tried everything on and put a ton of pieces in the bags it is now time arrange things beautifully in your closet!!!!
4. This is how I hang items in my closet-
A. Put all sleeveless shirts in order from lightest to darkest.
B. Next, its short sleeve shirts-same way-light to dark.
C. Long sleeve-
D. Shorts/skirts
E. Capris
F. Pants
G. Dresses
With everything in a color pattern you are able to see what you are lacking and what you don’t need to buy in that color for some time-for me, it is black…
Something that I always do it hang my statement pieces and bracelets on the hangers as well. I feel that if you put it in a drawer or a jewelry box you forget what you have. I hang one piece on each hanger on the shirt that I feel it will look best with-there might be several that it will work with!!! I also hang my infinity and blanket scarves separately so I don’t forget I have those as well!!!!
I absolutely LOVE organizing so I hope this helps my friends get a start on their closets!!!
PS…..I will come and do your closet for a fee!!!hahahahhahha!!!!!!

Fashionably yours!


Staying Fit During the Holidays

Well today we have a bonus post! When I saw that Shelly from The Queen in Between was co-hosting a link up about staying fit during the holidays I knew I had to participate.  As you well know we are heading into a very fun and hectic time of the year and for most of us that means picking up a couple of unwanted pounds.  Every year I try my hardest to stick with a healthy eating plan and my regular workout routine while still allowing myself a few indulgences.  Over the years it has become increasingly difficult, and not because I am getting older but because my lifestyle has changed so much.  Back in the day when my kids were younger we ate out very little we always seemed to be busy.  Now I find myself eating out way more and becoming much more sedentary.  That all adds up to pounds that slowly creep up on me!

Here are a few of the things I do to stay in shape and maintain my sanity during the holidays.  My hope is that maybe you’ll find a tip or two that you might like.  I should also mention that I was a Weight Watchers leader for 15 years and many of the principles I learned from the program are still very much a part of who I am today.  And for anyone who has thought about losing weight I will tell you that Weight Watchers is a great program for real life living!  Check it out!

Usually around this time of year one of the first saboteurs I encounter is flavored coffee creamer.  While it may not seem like much, adding a few extra calories to the two cups of coffee I drink every morning can really add up!  This year I have found a great alternative.  GNC sells delicious lean protein shakes and they come in great seasonal flavors like gingerbread and pumpkin spice.  When added to my coffee they add a great flavor and I get extra protein – win, win!2016-10-09-001

Okay, the protein shakes as coffee creamer were one thing but the next may be a little less palatable for some of you!  For years now I wake up weekday mornings to head to the gym by 5am.  Yup, that’s right, I get up at 4:15 am so I can dress and do my daily bible study or devotional before I head out.  Yes, it’s early but it’s the only way I can be sure I get my workouts in.  I started going by myself but for the last few years I have been joined by my sidekick Lorie.  Having an accountability partner makes all the difference!  Every morning she is the first person I talk to and together we push each other.  Most days we do strength training with weights and then do cardio.  We work out for an hour and then head home happy knowing no matter what else comes our way we have worked out!  I am including pictures and you’ll see there is NOTHING pretty about early morning work outs, no make up, gross hair but we get it done!img_0608

It’s dark when we get there and the place looks deserted but don’t be fooled, the place is hoppin’!




By the time we’re done at 6:00 am I am one sweaty mess and head home to shower.  Of course exercise is only part of the equation, what you eat really makes all the difference and I try to make good choices.

So there you have it, early morning work outs and protein shakes that double as coffee creamer are two of the ways I stay in shape during the holidays.  I am always looking for new and interesting ways to keep moving and eat better so please share your tips and tricks!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Fashionably yours,


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My Fall Uniform

Hi friends!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I am feeling extremely blessed today to be sitting here as if nothing happened over the last few days.  Despite Hurricane Matthew visiting our coast we suffered no damage and never lost our power.  It was nice to have a few days off from school even though we’ll have to make them up later.  We were forced to slow down and I was able to read “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst.  Great book.  If you’ve ever felt left out, hurt by the end of a relationship, or had the experience of feeling all alone in a room filled with others this book is for you.  I think it’s going to be a great gift for some of the women in my life because I believe they’ll be as blessed by reading it as I have.  You can find the book here

2016-10-09-003 2016-10-09-006 2016-10-09-009 2016-10-09-012 2016-10-09-013 2016-10-09-015

On to today’s outfit.  I call this my Fall uniform because it is the epitome of what I call cute and comfortable.  Nine times out of ten I will grab my distressed skinnies.  I am loving these Chelsea Vigoss jeans!  I bought them during the Nordstrom Sale but they are on sale again here.  For under $45 they are a steal, so comfy!  My gray tee is fabulous, I love the v-neck and the pocket detail.  Here’s a style tip: if you are larger chested like me choose a v-neck over a crew neck, looks much better and breaks up all that business!  My tee is from Madewell, you can find it here.  The scarf I am wearing is a great addition to my Fall wardrobe.  It is lightweight and it’s an infinity scarf.  Almost all of my scarves are infinity scarves, I love them because they style themselves, hello easy!  You can find the scarf here.  The scarf is available in two colors, I ordered the ivory but I’m seriously considering getting the other color option as well, and wouldn’t it make a great gift?  Really under $20!  You’ll also see the handbag I ordered during the Nordstrom Sale here.  I chose to wear my favorite leopard belt, I bought it years ago from Target. Here is one that’s similar.  Now onto my shoes.  I will wear booties with this outfit once it gets a bit cooler but right now since our temps are still in the 90’s I chose these shoes I found on Amazon.  They come in several colors and the price cannot be beat, really under $25!  Check out this link to find the shoes, they come in lots of colors!  Shop the shoes here

You’ll also see my favorite bangle from Accessory Concierge, I wear it at least once a week because I love it!  Here’s the deal ladies, you CAN wear a simple tee and jeans but by adding a few interesting details you go from frumpy to fab in no time.  Go for it!

Today we are linking up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.  I hope you’ll swing by her site and check out all the great bloggers who’ve linked up!

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Two Ways With Gray Jeans

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you had a terrific weekend!  We visited our oldest son, Nolan, for Fall Family Weekend at the University of Florida.  On Friday we took Nolan and his roommate to dinner and shopping.  I swear I love that boy, he has his daddy’s brains but loves to shop like his momma!  Saturday started out great with a fabulous breakfast and a stroll around campus.  Then we attended the tailgating bbq and game viewing hosted by the university.  The weather was wonderful and they had large tents set up with comfy seating and large screen televisions so we could cheer on the Gators.  The marching band and cheerleaders performed for us during half time and all in all it was a first rate event.  However, about halfway through I started feeling sick to my stomach.  We stayed through the 3rd quarter and then left.  I ended up with food poisoning so needless to say my fun was cut short.  My husband took me back to the hotel room where I stayed the rest of the night.  I was heartbroken but glad that my husband and son could still hang out.  My younger son traveled to Gainesville on Saturday for a robotics competition with his high school team so my husband and son were able to spend some time with him and his team.  I hated to miss out!

On Sunday when I woke I was feeling better but exhausted.  We drove home and I spent the day on the recliner, what a bummer!  I am grateful I had at least close to 24 hours with my boy.  Luckily before we left I put together a few outfits for this post. I had planned on showing 4 ways to style these gray jeans but I just couldn’t muster the energy so 2 it is.

I ordered these gray jeans by Caslon from Nordstrom.  They are lightweight and have plenty of stretch.  The link I provided is for the plus size version, I am not sure if regular and petite are still available.  They have been in my closet for awhile patiently waiting for cooler weather!

First up is a little dressier way to style these jeans.  You may notice I am wearing the dark teal sweater from this post. I decided to cuff the jeans because for some reason I just think it looks better.  I am also wearing one of my chokers from this post and my leopard heels find them here.  After a few pictures I swapped out my choker for a beaded, tassel necklace.  I actually like it better.  The necklace is old and I believe it is from Target. This is an outfit I would wear out to dinner or church.  I couldn’t wear the heels to work because although they are comfortable I don’t think my feet would be very happy by the end of the day.  I’d swap them out for booties or even my over the knee boots last seen here.

2016-10-02-001 2016-10-02-002 2016-10-02-003







I really like the casual outfit.  It is comfy and fun.  A few things to note here – I am wearing a graphic tee and bit of bling.  This is my favorite combination!  I am reluctant to wear some graphic tees but this one I purchased last year from Old Navy and I like it.  Let me say I have nothing against a graphic tee but I feel silly in some, maybe it’s my age?  The plaid shirt is lightweight and from Target.  I am wearing my converse sneakers and of course my sparkly necklace to jazz things up a bit.  Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to go from frumpy to fab in no time so my advice is to buy yourself a piece or two.

2016-10-02-004 2016-10-02-005







Similar Graphic Tee


Similar Necklace

Similar Plaid Shirt

Converse Sneakers

I hope this post inspires you to try something new with colored denim!  Colored denim two ways, that’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

Fashionably yours,

Kellyannad Yet Style

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Versona visit :)

Today was the day my friends JK and MoJo went on our Winter Park excursion to Trader Joe’s for everything pumpkin and then to one of our favorite stores-Versona! Now, if you have never experienced Versona you are missing out-Versona is a clothing and accessory store. If you want to be that woman that is not wearing the same outfits as all your friends, then this is the store for you. It has the latest clothing and accessories. As I have said before, fall is my drought in fashion. I can get some amazing accessories so that is what I turn to when I can’t find something I like. Here are several pieces that I found today! I saw that tassels are still in and they are a great piece to have because it may look simple, but it brings something to an outfit. The next trend I saw was a lot of natural materials used for putting together pieces. I am not a fan, but it does look good on some-its just not for me. Photo four was my favorite-it is a huge statement piece, but it is super light and made with beautiful ribbon. Its a bib necklace and had it not been $39.99 I would have picked up that gem!!! #pleasebeonsalenexttime

These were a few of the pieces I thought you might like-We were on a time constraint, but that’s ok because I am running back to Winter Park in two weeks so I will do clothes that time!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
Fashionably yours!

img_2553 img_2554img_2555




img_2556 img_2557 img_2558