Over the Moon for Over the Knee!

Hi friends!  Last year one of the trends I loved but didn’t dare try was over the knee boots (OTK).  Lucky for me the trend is back again this year and hotter than ever!  Now being a more “mature” aged lady I have to be careful with trends.  I guess last year I just wasn’t sure I wanted to invest the money in a pair of OTK boots and I didn’t really know if I could pull it off.  One things for sure, if you decide to try a trend be sure you are comfortable because no matter how good you look to the public if you don’t feel good about it yourself it’ll never work!

During the Nordstrom Sale I saw so many great OTK boots but I had to weigh my options.  Living in such a hot, humid climate OTK boots won’t get worn daily.  Add in the fact that they aren’t necessarily work appropriate and I am not exactly leading a wild and crazy social life.  This But here’s the deal I really want a pair of OTK boots!  That last little part?  Yup, pretty much outweighs everything else.  So I knew I would be buying a pair.  But it also meant that I’d be looking for a pair priced well under $100.  They had to be the right color, the right price, and they had to be comfortable.  I figured it would take awhile to meet my list of demands and to be honest since we are still in the midst of temps in the high 90’s around here I wasn’t in a hurry.

Imagine my surprise when just a week ago I stumbled on the pair.  It happened innocently enough, but then again all of my purchases do, while I was reading one of my favorite blogs, http://www.thequeeninbetween.com/.  Shelly, the “Queen” had written a post highlighting some fall boots from Target.  I immediately clicked on her link and ordered a pair!  http://www.target.com/p/women-s-dv-marilyn-over-the-knee-fashion-boots/-/A-50752546

And here they are!  They are called “Marilyn” and they are the DV brand.  They were actually a little pricey for Target, I don’t like to spend $50 for boots at the same store I buy milk but after reading the reviews I took the plunge.  I also consulted the reviews for these boots and they were all good.  Target has a great return policy and with my Target card I saved 5%, so I had nothing to lose!

Women's dv Marilyn Over the Knee Fashion Boots

After receiving them I am happy to report that they are comfortable and fit well.  I ordered up a 1/2 size.  The heel height is good – not too high and not too low.  I am not a fan of OTK boots that are flat and fit like stockings.  Sorry but I don’t find that particular look to be flattering.

Here’s how to wear the OTK boot trend, especially for us over 40 gals! Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings.  Pop a tunic on top with a great scarf and you are done!  So easy to go from drab to fab with just a few pieces.  I also love this trend with a dress or skirt.  Take a look at my photos below, you could absolutely try this trend!

2016-08-28 002 2016-08-28 003 2016-08-28 004 2016-08-28 005 2016-08-28 009

And yes, I was taking these pictures super quickly to avoid heat stroke! You’ll be seeing alot of these pieces in the coming months though.  The two dresses were purchased on Friday night at Old Navy.  The jacket I am wearing is from Gap but it is 10 years old – no lie!  The scarves are several years old from Nordstrom and my favorite leopard print bangle is from Accessory Concierge.  If you aren’t already aware, LEOPARD IS A NEUTRAL so it can be mixed and matched with everything.  I wear this bangle several times a week.  I am wearing a pair of denim leggings from Hue that I purchased during the Nordstrom Sale along with my favorite tunic in Olive.  Now I am ready for fall! #someonetellfloridatorelaxwiththeheatallready.

Next week I’ll do a post on some of my fall favorites for Florida weather so stay tuned!

Over the knee boots, that’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag, what’s in yours?

Fashionably yours,


All Choked Up

Hello friends!  Catchy title, huh?  It does sum up my life lately.  We dropped my oldest off for college last week and I have found myself getting choked up at the craziest times!  Ugh, the pit in my stomach, the teary eyes, who knew this would be so difficult!  But you didn’t come here to listen to all that.  Let’s talk fashion, shall we?

One of the trends this fall is the choker.  They are showing up all over and why not, I think they are the perfect compliment to either an off the shoulder or cold shoulder top.  Of course chokers aren’t limited to just those types of necklines.  Chokers are way more versatile than that!  Since my style leans waaaaaay in the Boho direction, throwing on a choker with just about anything adds the flavor I crave.

While on the hunt for a choker or two I stumbled across a few from Amazon.  Amazon Prime is one of my favorite ways to shop and I find myself time and again checking there in addition to my usual haunts. I chose to keep my choker budget low since I don’t anticipate wearing a choker every single day, nor do I expect to keep said chokers for years to come.  I also found inspiration in other blogs I follow, I was especially drawn to Tracy Hensel’s styling of the chokers.  Check out her blog http://tracyhensel.com, I love everything she has to say from fitness to fashion!

Take a look at how I styled the two chokers I recently purchased.  Would you wear a choker?



So, excuse these pictures.  They aren’t the greatest I know but I hope you get the point.  Chokers are versatile and an easy way to update your wardrobe!  That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

Fashionably yours,


A week in the life of this teacher!

Happy Happy FRIDAY!!!!

Kellyann and I have both been crazy busy getting back into the swing of the classroom, and anyone who works in the education field knows that the first month is literally we go into survival mode!!! I decided to have my friend Kim take photos of everything I wore for the week. It is bloody HOT here in Florida and Kellyann did a post about different alternatives. I believe in being as comfortable as possible and this week’s options were easy breezy!!! Everything I am wearing came from three stores-Old Navy, Macys, and Loft. My jewelry pieces were all bought at Versona. Now girls, if you have never been to Versona I feel you have not truly lived!!!! I have a moment of nirvana every time I enter that store! #damnyoubordersforgoingbankruptandversonamovingin

I have a collage of this week….Now, you will see when I do photos I am wearing the same or similar type of shoe. I have the lovely plantar faccittis so in order to make it through a day I have to wear shoes that work-Vionics are my go to shoes!!!! You can find them almost anywhere on-line, but I use QVC or 6PM. #thankyouQVCforeasypay

Top left: I love a cute little smock top and did it with Karen Scott Bermuda shorts. I felt uber comfy! Shirt is from Old Navy and shorts are from Macys.

Bottom left: I adore the Converse look with a skirt so I paired them with a peplum top from Old Navy and a jersey skirt from Macys.

Middle: I struggled and went back and forth about this blue Ikat trapeze dress from Loft. When there was a huge sale at Loft and I could purchase it for $15 I went for it!!!! I am so happy I did because the colors are perfect and you can pair any piece of statement jewelry with this dress.

Top right: Now I have always loved this type of jersey dress from Loft because yes, you guessed it, it is super-duper comfy!!!! I used my silver jewelry with this, but next time I put this on it will be a bright statement piece that I wear.

Bottom right: Ok…ok…..some of you might be thinking how I can wear a halter top to school. I personally feel it covers everything except my shoulders and I have seen WORSE outfits being worn around campus…ie leggings worn as pants and not even of good quality!!! Top is from Loft and shorts are Style&Co from Macys.

I have also put up some links so you can purchase items that are similar to what I am wearing!!! Sooooo….here’s to Friday going super fast!!!!

Fashionably yours,

Diane and Kellyann



Karen Scott Twill Belted Skimmer Shorts, Only at Macy's Style & Co. Twill Bermuda Shorts, Only at Macy's Product photo 1


Style & Co. Twill Bermuda Shorts, Only at Macy’s  Karen Scott Twill Belted Skimmer Shorts, Only at Macy’s

Halter Swing Dress for Women

Is the Third Time a Charm?

Oh how I hope it is! A little back story here, I have written this post in it’s entirety two other times. It even got published until I saw it on my Bloglovin feed and went into cardiac arrest (almost). I immediately had to pull it and trash it. No, there was no wardrobe malfunction or misspelled word. Something much worse occurred. Rotated pictures. As in rotated 90 degrees. Hideous. Rookie mistake? Maybe, maybe not. In any case I have researched and hopefully figured out the problem. I’ll tell ya what, this blog thing? It ain’t easy. It is challenging, especially for someone who isn’t tech savvy. And to make matters worse I started back to work last week, my husband had to fly out to Colorado for business for the week unexpectedly and my son leaves for college this week. Emotionally I am just not on my “A” game and needless to say the blog has suffered.

So I am hoping this works. The good news is I have learned from this experience, the bad news is the sale at Loft is over. These items may not be available but the inspiration you may receive is yours for the taking!

Last week I happened upon the sale at Loft, an extra 50% off sale styles. Although I hadn’t planned on shopping I found myself in Loft while my son finished a burger at Five Guys. Because I have a hard time saying no to their fries I thought it would be better for me to skip his foray into fast food heaven.

Here’s what I found, I call it yes, yes, no! Because I can’t say no to a tassel, especially when it’s on sale, I scooped up this black skirt. It was originally $69.50, marked down to $54.99 and my price was $27.49. That price was much more like it, really, $69.50 for this skirt? Who pays that? I grabbed this vintage soft tank because I can always use a bright colored tank and this one is soft! The sale price was $7.49! Yes, please! The ‘no’ in the group was the blue top. So pretty but the cut was too boxy and sloppy for me. What do you think?





In the last picture I added a sleeveless vest I purchased last year from Target. The vest was a great buy and I can wear it this year as well. It can be worn year round here in Florida. If you have the chance definitely scoop one up!

Fingers crossed friends that someone besides me actually gets to see this post, lol! That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

Fashionably yours,

It’s Hot!

Good morning friends!  Living here in Florida I can honestly say that it’s HOT!  While the rest of the country is preparing for fall and dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes here we are in the heat.  Now I know some of you love the heat and don’t complain, I regret to inform you that I am officially on the opposing team and feel like a little cool down is in order come September #jerseygirl.  The upside to our never ending summer weather is being able to take advantage of all the end of summer sales and I’ll tell you there are some great sales to be had!  Today I want to show you how to dress for work when the weather is hot without spending alot!

Dressing for work can be frustrating when you’re trying to look professional and appropriate but the temps say wear shorts, a tank, and flip flops!  This topic is especially on my mind as I prepare to head back to work next week.  And I don’t know about you but our school’s air conditioning seems to wish for cooler weather as well because it rarely works!  Yup, good times ahead, welcome to the new school year sorry but the a/c isn’t working!

So when it comes to dressing for these hot, humid work days I say throwing on an easy breezy dress is the way to go!  Below I’ve linked some dresses from Old Navy along with a denim jacket and vest to throw on if the weather ever cools, for weekend fun, or if you are lucky enough to work someplace that has a great a/c.  Old Navy is fabulous because the prices are great and they carry a wide array of sizes.   The dresses I’ve linked will work well with sandals, wedges, and when cooler weather hits booties too!  Throwing on a cardigan, lightweight blazer or jacket also helps these dresses transition beautifully.  I hope you enjoy these looks, they’re what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag!

Fashionably yours,