Happy Thanksgiving and a Few of My Favorite Sales

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  I hope you are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of life’s blessings and you have a full heart!

If you’re ready to get your shop on I have two sales to highlight for you. One of my very favorite online retailers for jewelry and accessories is Accessory Concierge. This necklace is on my wish list!  My very favorite cuff is in stock! The best news is if you use the code: BLACKFRIDAY2017 you’ll get 40% off your entire purchase!

No secret I love a good sale and lately it seems Old Navy has been my jam. Right now you can get 50% off your ENTIRE purchase! There’s no code to enter, the discount is applied at checkout automatically!










Here are my suggestions:
Velvet Pixie Pants
Relaxed Sleeveless Velvet Top
Flare Jeans
Plaid Top (I have this!)
V-Neck Sweater (I have this one!)
Track Trousers
Twill Shirtdress (I have this too)
Boyfriend Velvet Top
Ruffle Sleeve Shiftdress
Bell Sleeve Top
Suede Mini Skirt
Raw Hem Ankle Jeans
Pleated Metallic Midi Skirt
Relaxed Cross Top
Utility Pixie Chinos (on my wishlist)
Graphic Sweatshirt (on my wishlist)
Boatneck Tunic SweaterClassic Flannel Shirt
Frost Free Vest

Plus size options:
Harper pants
Gorgeous Velvet Top
Must Have Twill Utility Jacket
Embroidered Yoke Blouse
V-Neck Velvet Top (perfect for holiday parties!)
Plush Knit Tee
Classic Flannel Shirt
Smooth & Slim Rockstar Jeans

Shoes, Handbags, and a Hat:
Tartan D’Orsay Pumps
Velvet Boots (my heart swoons!)
Pom Pom Beanie
Tassel Saddlebag
Glitter Belt
Sueded Saddle Bag

Whew! That’s quite a list and those are really just some of my faves. Skip the lines and the crowds and shop online. Old Navy offers free returns in store or by mail. You may not know this but your returns are FREE by mail, just print the return label!

I’m anxious to know what you get and where you shop so don’t hold back, leave me a comment below!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I wish you the very best!

Most Likely

Here we are, the day before Thanksgiving and I’m in a bit of a conundrum. You see, a few weeks ago I posted (here) what I planned to wear for Thanksgiving. Remember that pretty floral dress? Yeah, me too. It would be perfect to wear to my sister’s home to enjoy a delicious dinner surrounded by all the people I love. Well, just like our weight changes after the holidays so do the best laid plans! We are now headed to my brother in law’s family’s farm for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a nice piece of property with a pavilion, a lake for fishing, cows, and a small house. There will be a crowd of us so we’ll be using the pavilion. Did I mention it’s supposed to rain? And the hits keep coming…

Clearly I need to make some modifications to the outfit. This week was a one day work week, which I am highly in favor of btw, and I was thinking what I wore to work might end up being what I wear for Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty simple and casual outfit. My grey jeans, a white tee , waterfall cardigan (here or here), infinity scarf, and slip on sneakers (similar) are sure to keep me comfortable. If it gets too warm I can take off the waterfall cardigan. Most likely what I end up wearing with be something very similar to this outfit. See? I have no problem rolling with the changes, I mean honestly I’m about as flexible as peanut brittle, am I right?

All kidding aside, I am thrilled to be with my family and extended family at Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and I am counting my blessings. Just for fun I thought I’d share the picture taken back in 1998 (I thought it was 1999 but that was wrong, I was pregnant with Collin in 1999) so you all could see my poor fashion choices.

I am super thankful to be home from work this week to enjoy my family. As I sit here typing I am listening to Nolan playing Wii bowling with my 12 year old niece Carly in the other room. I picked her up early this morning so we could make bath bombs, do a little baking, and a little shopping for Christmas decorations. Nolan and Collin joined us for lunch at Chipotle and I am just over the moon happy to be able to have lunch with them. Our kitchen reno is almost done, the last few items are being addressed and I cannot wait to share it with you! The best part? In this moment I want for nothing, my heart is full and happy, I hope yours is too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Women’s Bp. Plaid Infinity Scarf • BP • $9.49
Junior Women’s Bp. ‘Heritage’ Plaid Infinity Scarf • BP • $24
Knox Rose Women’s Lurex Stripe Waterfall Cardigan • $25
Bar Iii Open-Front Waterfall Cardigan, Created for Macy’s • Bar III • $41.99
Vintage Soft Pocket Tee • LOFT • $24.50

Black Friday Outfit

Today’s an exciting day as it is the second in a series of link ups for the holidays. Our theme today is Black Friday, specifically what we’ll each be wearing. It will take a sale of massive proportions to pry me away from my home Friday and get me into a store. Most likely I’ll spend as much time in my pj’s as possible shopping online since that’s my jam.

I chose to share an outfit that will work for a variety of events I might engage in on Black Friday. Maybe we’ll head out to lunch, or the movies. I can’t be sure but I can count on this outfit to keep me comfortable and stylish doing whatever it is I decide.

This outfit is literally head to toe Old Navy! My booties (similar) are from a few years ago but are still pretty comfortable on these finicky feet of mine. My plaid top was purchased in October. I am in love with the colors in this top. It’s primarily green (’tis the season) but has a hot pink stripe in it. I bought this v-neck sweater to wear with it and my mid-rise Rockstar skinny jeans in this dark wash were purchased last Spring. It looks like they are on sale!!!! My absolute favorite Kendra Scott necklace goes with everything so it’s a no brainer to grab and throw on. When I’m shopping I like to use a crossbody bag so my hands are free to shop.

Black Friday shopping used to be so much fun. When my boys were little it was all about grabbing the toys they wanted at the best deals or getting them before they were gone. As they’ve gotten older shopping for them is much easier. What ended up happening was I’d find tons of perfect gifts for me! I’d come home with bags and bags of fabulous buys. It was crazy. A few years ago my husband and I put together a budget and I find it much easier to stick with if I avoid temptation. We don’t buy gifts for the adults in our respective families just the kids so there’s no reason for me to go out searching for a gift. My husband and I do exchange gifts – my list is usually a mile long while his is super short, lol.!
Now…are you ready for to check out the link up? I hope so!


Whitney: “As much as I love shopping, I am not a Black Friday shopper.  I prefer to sleep-in, eat Thanksgiving leftovers and avoid the major crowds.  I still love holiday shopping expeditions, though!  It’s fun to look festive but comfort is really key for a day of walking around and carrying shopping bags!”

Linda: “In Canada we are still going full out on Black Friday but I do like dressing a little festive knowing that you are enjoying a special Holiday. Wearing my new embroidered blazer from Target with a pair of plaid pants I have owned for a few years.I will not be hitting the sales on Black Friday but I will be thinking of all my American Friends enjoying this time with their families.”

Shelbee: “For Black Friday shopping at the mall, I must be warm and comfortable for waiting in outside lines.  But I also must wear enough layers to shed if I get too hot.  I chose a lightweight hoodie, stretchy jeggings, and flat boots for lots of walking.  I layered up with a leather jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves. Minimal jewelry to prevent snagging…just earrings and my wedding ring.  Let’s go shopping! “

Kellyann: “This is an outfit I’d wear if I was actually going shopping on Black Friday.  A crossbody bag is a necessity for me so my hands are free to shop! I want to be comfortable so I chose skinny jeans, a lightweight plaid shirt, and a v-neck sweater to keep me warm.  Knowing my Florida climate as I do, the sweater will come off by noon!  Right now I’m only planning on shopping online.  I want to spend as much time as possible with my boys and soak up all that I have to be thankful for.”

Jennie: “I rarely actually go to any stores on Black Friday and stick to shopping on my laptop, but this year I may actually visit our local outlet mall and catch some sales. A lightweight jacket, hat, and boots will keep me warm and comfortable throughout the day without extra bulk.”

Chrissy: “Black Friday has always been a fun shopping adventure to me. I can recall standing in crazy lines for Bath & Body Works candles and Air Freshner plug-ins. However, for the last 3 years my Black Friday shopping is now on “Black Tuesday or Wednesday” with my mother in law and sister in law in central Illinois. On official Black Friday you’ll find me traveling on the road back to GA with hubby and boys.”

Lee: “This year on Black Friday instead of running around spending money and buying things we don’t need I am going to volunteer.  I am apart of a local service league which holds an event called Christmas House which gives underprivileged children a new coat, 2 toys, and 2 new books for Christmas (or whatever holiday they celebrate).  In order to have the items to offer we work with other companies to raise money or get donations.  This year to get books we have partnered with Barnes and Noble (New Hope Commons Durham NC).  As part of our partnership we will ‘man’ the gift wrapping table.  So my black Friday will be spent wrapping gifts for shoppers at Barnes and Noble while spreading the word about Christmas House.  Head to my blog to learn more.”

Kristin: “Since I live in Germany, Black Friday isn’t as big of an occasion as it is in the States. This year I’m going to be shopping online so I can still get in on all of the sales! I’m always looking for great deals on expensive winter items like boots, coats, and cashmere.”

Kimberly: “I would wear something comfortable and dress in layers so I can take things off if its crowded or the stores are hot.  A lightweight/loose top, vest and scarf would complete my look.”

Ada: “This year on Black Friday I will be working and give or take I am going to be out and about for 12 hours straight so a comfy and warm outfit with black skinny jeans – still work-appropriate – a black long-sleeve wool tee and one of my long and cozy chenille cardigans will be what I will wear. I chose burgundy desert booties for comfort and a wool-blend blanket scarf to keep warm. My workplace is doing the “Simply Give” event this year on Black Friday. I will be doing a food-drive for families in need and after that a mittens+socks drive+deliver. Between all the driving and being in an out of my car, I wanted a layered look. I think my ‘Fall Uniform’ is also perfect for shopping on Black Friday since layers are a must.

Lizzie: “On Black Friday, I like to wake up super early to take my siblings on a shopping spree in our PJ’s. We have a lot of fun picking out presents for our family and making memories along the way.”

Monica: “Oh Black Friday, so many people get up so early to go shopping and I think it’s become its own holiday as well.  I like to be lazy Thanksgiving weekend and I’m not one of those people who wakes up early.  I worked in retail for about 10 years, so I like to sleep in and take my time shopping.  I usually can’t find anything on Black Friday besides certain electronics.  So my plans are to sleep in, and relax until I’m ready to shop.”

Michelle: “This outfit is totally ready for some Black Friday shopping. If you plan to shop online, then you will be cozy in this pullover and comfy leggings & if you plan to head out to stores, sneakers & a cross body bag are a must for a full day of shopping! Either way, go get those deals!”

Hope you enjoyed reading today!
Shop the look:
Velvet Cheetah-Print Low Ankle Booties for Women • Old Navy • $22.50
Velvet Boots for Women • Old Navy • $22.50
Sueded Ankle Boots for Women • Old Navy • $22.50
Sueded Side-Zip Ankle Boots for Women • Old Navy • $22.50
Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans for Women • Old Navy • $17.50
Classic V-Neck Sweater for Women • Old Navy • $24.99
MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Large East/West Crossbody • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $143
Michael Michael Kors Leather Crossbody Bag • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $59.50

Inspired by Mary

Today’s look is totally and unabashedly inspired by my sweet friend who lives “across the pond” Mary of The Pouting Pensioner .  I’ve given her the nickname of Lady Leoprint and sometimes I boss her around a bit by telling her what to wear.  It’s all in good fun and she handles it so well, we both enjoy the back and forth banter of two witty women.  No matter that we’re on different continents, we seem to enjoy quite a few of the same things.  Connecting this way makes the world seem a little smaller and a lot friendlier too.

Mary published a post titled Channelling Coco and I was so inspired by the outfits she created it got me thinking. Side note: usually when I say this my husband gets nervous because it usually means work for him but not this time! Anyhow, I recalled one of my favorite jackets that I hadn’t worn in awhile and the beginnings of a recreation were born. My darling friend piled on the strands of pearls she’s acquired over the years, so in true copy cat fashion I did too. All two of mine! Ha!

I wore another pair of flare jeans. These are darker and have a low rise. I wore my favorite double strap cami and wedge sandals to work.

Another interesting story that can be woven into this outfit is the fact that it can be worn for more than just work. Case in point on the day that I wore this I had an unexpected golf banquet to attend. Who attends unexpected golf banquets? Apparently I do along with my better half. Let me explain. Thursday morning I’m putting the ingredients for our dinner into the crockpot and chatting with my younger son, Collin. He sees me doing this and says, “oh yeah, I won’t be home for dinner.” I casually asked where he’d be and he says, “oh the golf banquet is tonight.” Say what? I’ll spare you the details but this is what happens when your children are in charge of conveying information to parents. The golf coach texted the information to the team. On October 21. Thanks Collin for sharing the information with your parents! #blesshisheart

Back to the outfit. Everything I’m wearing is old (what else is new), haha pun totally intended. The jacket is INC from Macy’s (back when practically all my clothes came from there) and my jeans are the brand 7 for All Mankind (similar)from TJ Maxx.

I wore my open toe booties (on sale!) to the golf banquet that almost wasn’t since it cooled off at night.  Speaking of the banquet, seems I’m in good company with the golf moms.  When we got to the country club the mom who greeted us had a glass of wine #speakingmylanguage and two other moms had no idea about the banquet until that night! We had a marvelous time and I am grateful my son has an awesome group of young men in his life! Here’s one last picture we snapped at the end of the banquet with our favorite golfer.
That’s a wrap for today, thanks to my friend Mary for the inspiration! I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for a Black Friday Linkup!
Make it a marvelous Monday friends!


Shop similar pieces here:
Maje Tweed Short Blazer • Maje • $34
Tory Burch Tweed Accented Blazer • Tory Burch • $59.50
Magaschoni Tweed Cropped Blazer • Magaschoni • $39
7 For All Mankind 7 For All Mankind The Ali Flare In Dark Paradise • 7 For All Mankind • $99
Rock and Roll Cowgirl – Trousers in Dark Vintage W8-3405 Women’s Jeans • Rock and Roll Cowgirl • $79
NYDJ Farrah Flare Jeans in Sure Stretch Denim in Mabel Wash • NYDJ • $46.90

All My Faves

Happy last Friday before all the craziness begins! Although while my husband and I were out last weekend I felt like it had already begun. Honestly the stores were packed and parking spaces were few and far between. Thank you retailers for totally spoiling Black Friday, we now have Black November. That’s a total buzzkill for me! Anyway, I have a nice little round up of faves to share today so enjoy!

Favorite #1: As cliche as it may sound, I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. Although this little space of mine on the internet may not garnish tons of attention and brands aren’t reaching out to me I have been rewarded in far greater ways. Honestly I have made some great friendships with other bloggers to the point that when things are happening in my life I find myself reaching out to them. Crazy, huh? Maybe not, I’m not the only one feeling that way.
I received the sweetest little package from my sweet friend Andrea over at Living on Cloud Nine. You may be tired of hearing about it but she really is the sweetest person and a good friend. She helped me out a lot when I needed it most and I am delighted to have her as well my other gal pals in my life!

Favorite #2: This super easy, delicious recipe for Saucy Cranberry Meatballs. So easy and so delicious. Three ingredients and they cook in the crock pot! My son Collin took one bite and said, “Yes! Make these again!”

2017-09-14 024
2017-11-15 003

Favorite #3: Cooler weather in Florida means wearing most of our typical wardrobe just a little differently. I wore this wrap dress first back in September and then again this week to an important appointment.  By wearing a cami underneath as well as my black boots it transitioned well.  Don’t have a wrap dress yet?  I got you covered, this one is under $40,here’s a great petite version, and this one comes in plus sizes.

Favorite #4: The laughter and joy of children. My 20 month old niece came to visit and I took her to the park in our neighborhood. Seeing the joy on her face as she went down the slide and climbed on the equipment along with her deep, belly laughs was probably my absolute favorite for the entire week. She also enjoys chasing my sweet dog Sophie around with the same excitement. While Sophie may not be nearly as excited she tolerates all the love so well. Indulge me and enjoy these pictures!

Favorite #5: Gifts of kindness. I mentioned in Wednesday’s post that my principal “gifted” our staff with jeans days through Winter break. This gift was better than if she had wrapped a present for each of us individually. Little things like that make a difference. This reminds me that simple gifts are often the best. Here’s what I wore on Tuesday compliments of a school bathroom selfie. Backstory – I hope you appreciate my smile in the picture, I had just finished a social skills group with 9 kindergarten and first grade student and they ran me ragged, lol! I think the radio on my hip makes a nice addition, don’t you?












So there ya have it, five of my favorites from this week.  What do your weekend plans include?  Travel?  Movies?  I am hoping to see Wonder, it looks so good!

Make today great my friends and remember, people don’t care what you know they want to know that you care!



Shop wrap dresses, including petite and plus sized options!
Fashion Union Plus Wrap Dress In Velvet Leopard Burnout • $64
24/7 COMFORT APPAREL 24/7 Comfort Apparel Peacock Pretty And Brilliant Faux Wrap Dress • 24/7 Comfort Apparel • $37.89
Petite Women’s Karen Kane Cascade Faux Wrap Dress • Karen Kane • $64.80
Women’s Anne Klein Animal Print Faux Wrap Dress • Anne Klein • $71.40
Women’s Soprano Ruffle Wrap Dress • Soprano • $45
Charter Club Faux-Wrap Dress, Created for Macy’s • Charter Club • $39.99

Flare Up

I had a flare up of the Monday blues this week. No particular reason just tired and anxious for this last full week of school to be over! Thanks to Irma we have school next Monday but then we begin our Thanksgiving break! And my college boy comes home! In any case, now that I can shop my whole closet for what to wear each day I find that somedays I am overwhelmed by the choices. I just felt like being comfortable and that called for jeans. I decided to rebel a little (wink, wink Mary) because Mondays are not in fact jeans days. Little did I know my principal sent an email over the weekend granting us jeans days through December! So much for taking a walk on the wild side and rebelling!

What started out as just a comfortable, kind of meh outfit actually garnered quite a few compliments! Who knew? Apparently everyone enjoys a good flare jean from time to time! As you can see the weather was kind of dreary and the wind was picking up but that didn’t stop the picture taking! It’s gotten a little difficult with the time change, this getting dark so early business is not a blogger’s friend. I think you can tell I’m tired too – thank goodness for sunglasses, lol!

So my jeans are old from American Eagle. Like years old. But so good. Skinny jeans are fabulous but there’s just something about a flare jean that skinnies just can’t deliver. Maybe it’s that they’re fitted through the butt and thigh and then flare below the knee. Maybe it’s because they lend themselves so beautifully to the boho trend. If comfort weren’t an issue I’d probably love wearing a pair of leather flip flops with these jeans but my middle aged feet won’t have that so my comfy wedges won the footwear battle.

So here’s the skinny on the flares #witty, they’re fun, they’re comfortable, and they do nice things for your legs. Now who doesn’t want that?! You can wear any top you like with your flares. I chose an old top from Target, the Knox Rose brand is one of my favorites! I just love the boho vibe. This one is similar. But I love this all over lace top , this velvet bell sleeve blouse, and this one. If you’re looking for a pair of flares take a look at this pair, this pair, and this pair. They are all under $30!

So, the nest time the Monday blues flare up for you fight back with something fabulous! I find the best way to feel good is to look good! Now tell me, do you own any flares? How do you wear your flares? Do you wish I would stop typing the word ‘flares’ okay, I will. Bye for now and thank you for stopping by, it means so much to me. Drop me a line in the comment section below!


Your Opinion Counts

Opinions, we all have them. Sometimes it’s our opinion that helps someone else make a decision. From what to buy to what doctor to see to what to order on a menu the list goes on and on as to how our opinion influences others. It’s basically what a blog is all about. Think about it, I buy and try and then write about it and then you may buy and try for yourself!

Are you a person with strong opinions? Do others often value your opinion by asking for your input? Would you like to get free stuff? Wait, what? Free stuff? Yes, that’s right. All through Influenster .

It’s super easy to get started just click here and complete your profile. The profile is basically a list of questions about you and your lifestyle. Then sit back and wait for your Voxbox to arrive! Once it does you’ll get information as to how you can try out the products and share your opinions. You get to keep the products and there is absolutely no fee involved!

I’ve received two Voxboxes so far. Here’s the first:

You can see the box is filled with a little bit of this and that which makes it so fun! I was able to try things that were new to me and a few I really liked and would purchase on my own. I really loved this:

I had been looking for a hair mask that wouldn’t weigh down my fine hair. This mask by Eva NYC smells delicious and rinses out so well without weighing my hair down. My hair felt smoother and looked shinier after using it.













I have used some Origins products in the past and this did not disappoint. If you’re familiar with the brand you know the products are top notch and as they say, “powered by nature”. I used the serum in place of my usual one for two weeks. While I liked it just fine I prefer my Vichy Life Serum . It’s less expensive and I love the scent.













This product was new to me, Fit Tea offers a line of detox products and I was thrilled to get the 14 day detox for free! It was easy enough to use and at first I was a bit skeptical but after drinking it (on an empty stomach) each morning I understand how it works. I’ll spare you the details but lets just say if you suffer from irregularity you should buy this. It will in fact get rid of any bloat you may have.  This is a product I will definitely purchase.













I enjoyed the chocolate mint Balance bar and would consider purchasing these myself. Honestly I don’t eat many bars but this one had a good taste and good nutrition.

I also received Welch’s fruit roll ups. I have never in my life eaten a fruit roll up so I gave them to my son Collin. He enjoyed them!

And now the second one (and I should mention if you look closely at the photos of the first box and now the second you’ll get a sneak peek of my new kitchen counter tops): Yes, that’s my second box. It had only one item – Hefty Microwave Strong plates. These babies will be headed to work with me. So far I have used them once and the plate held up very well in the microwave.

I should mention the more active you are on social media the better. There are lots of Voxboxes that include great items, like cosmetics and hair products. Admittedly I am not very active on social media, clearly I’ll need to up my game but it is something I struggle with. I always feel like I have nothing to say!

So are you ready to share your opinions in exchange for free products? If so, check out Influenster and get started!


Stop, Drop, Shop

What in the world am I doing posting on a Sunday?  This does not normally occur so you know it must be important, ha! But really I want you to stop what you’re doing, drop whatever you’ve got going on, and shop this . No, I mean it. You will not find a better gift for yourself or another woman at this price point.

I own this infinity scarf and it is the perfect accessory. For starters it has fringe! It is an infinity scarf so it styles itself – no fussing, no mussing, no playing with it all day to get it just right. It comes in 3 colors and is under $10!!!! Oh yeah, and shipping is free because it’s from Nordstrom!

Honestly this scarf is a fabulous buy. It would make a great hostess gift, teacher gift (because teachers have enough #1 Teacher mugs – trust me), gift for your hair dresser, babysitter, etc., etc.. Oh an YOU! It would make a great gift for YOU!

So what are you waiting for? Stop, drop, shop now! Go get it! You can thank me later.

See ya back here tomorrow friends!

P.S. Thought you might also like to check out some booties that are all on sale!
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A New Day Women’s Bridget Mod Booties • $34.99

The Long and Short of It

Today I have two new dresses to share with you. The best part? They are both adorable and super affordable. That’s because I bought them both online from Shein. I’ve shared some pieces I’ve purchased from them before here on the blog. It’s worth noting that I love buying trendy pieces that don’t break the bank while I don’t mind spending a little more on pieces I’ll wear for more than one season. Are you like that? Then check out Shein! So one dress is kinda long and the other is super short, at least by my standards. Without further adieu I give you the long and short of it!

2017-11-04 008
2017-11-04 002

If you haven’t noticed I have an affinity for all things gingham and wine lately. I really need to quit because it’s almost full on addiction requiring a 12 step program. My name is Kellyann and I am addicted to wine and gingham. Ok, the first part of that sentence actually could qualify me for a 12 step program but I digress.

This dress is only $15 and comes in 4 colors! Of course I chose wine. Take a look at the sleeves though! Seriously, so pretty! I ordered a medium, should have gotten a small but I think I like it a little bigger and a little longer. With a dress that’s loose like this one I like boots that hug my legs. Loose boots look schlumpy with something so loose fitting.

Dress number 2 is only $14 and comes in blue or black gingham. I ordered a medium in it and you can see how short it is. Even though it’s short on me I decided to keep it as well. I am obsessed with the sleeves and of course the gingham print. It’s lightweight so I can wear it all year, it will be perfect with sandals!

This leopard clutch is divine and under $40! If you buy one accessory this year make it this one, you’ll wear it with everything. The quality is magnificent and the price can’t be beat.  It holds a lot too – it’s a fold over clutch so there’s plenty of room for everything your heart desires!

Thinking of ordering from Shein? Here are a few tips. Read the reviews on the items you are considering. Also check out the measurements and whip out the tape measure if needed. This has saved me from making mistakes a few times. All that said and yet I have two dresses in the same size that fit me differently. Sometimes that happens and in this case I am okay with it. Are you ready to give Shein a try?

Make this Friday a good one friends!



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Thanksgiving Day Style

Perhaps it’s just me (influenced by the 86 degree weather) but it most certainly is hard to believe Thanksgiving Day is just 15 days from today.  Are your plans set?  How about your menu?  More importantly, what are you gonna wear?   Not sure yet?  No worries.  I have you covered.  Actually not just me but a whole team of fabulous bloggers!

I am planning to wear this beautiful new dress from Old Navy. Remember when I bought it a few weeks ago? It’s casual enough to be comfortable and not fussy but pretty enough for the occasion. I definitely won’t shy away from picture taking in this beauty.

For size reference I am wearing a medium. I chose to wear my peep toe booties because they are super comfortable and look great with the dress.

Way back in 1999 we hosted Thanksgiving and while I paid attention to the food and the table decor I completely ignored myself.  In fact, and I shudder when I think about it, I wore a light cream colored tee shirt and heather gray athletic shorts with sneakers!  Talk about blase!  When the pictures came back (because back then they had to be developed) I couldn’t believe how bad I looked! Ha!  Seriously, it was Nolan’s first Thanksgiving and I looked like I showed up to clean the house.  I made a vow to dress better.

Our plans always include eating with our family and extended family.  We’ve hosted up to 30 people at my house!  My sister sometimes hosts and I am hoping this year that we’ll be headed to her house – approximately 4 miles from mine!

The weather is usually pretty comfortable.  In the sun it’s super hot but as it sets it gets cooler.  The weather should definitely play a role in outfit selection.  There are few things worse than showing up dressed for the wrong temperature.  Thanksgiving should be about spending time with family and eating delicious food – not worrying about what you wear.  But take it from me, when you look back at those pictures you’ll want to love how you look!

I am thrilled to be participating in this multi-blogger holiday collaboration created by the energetic Ada .  In fact I was ecstatic when I received her email invitation! I am hoping you’ll enjoy the series and will take a minute to check out some of the other bloggers. We’ll be bringing you all kinds of holiday style inspiration over the next several weeks so please follow along!


Read on to see everyone’s Thanksgiving plans and stop by these fabulous ladies’ blogs, today, also.
Michelle: “On Thanksgiving, it’s all about food, family & comfort! Adding a vest to jeans & a blouse is the perfect way to make a casual outfit appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner!”
Chrissy: “Every year our family of six hops in our minivan and travels to central Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband’s side of the family. I chose this outfit because I love the colors, as well as the reminder to be thankful.”
Kristin: “Living overseas makes it hard to be home for Thanksgiving, so this year my husband and I will attend a casual Friendsgiving. This red flannel has been in my closet FOREVER and I love it for Thanksgiving because it’s as traditionally ‘fall’ as you can get!”
Shelbee: “This year for Thanksgiving, we are joining our best friends at their house and decided we might want to dress up just for the fun of dressing up.  I chose a black knit long sleeve dress with lots of stretch to accommodate for food intake.  My favorite red paisley blazer to add some color and tall black boots with a modest heel.  A statement necklace completes the outfit.  Comfortable, chic, and fun!”
Monica: “Hey y’all!  The Thanksgiving holiday will be here sooner than we think!  I wanted to show one of the many outfits that I’ll be choosing from on Thanksgiving.  Over the past few years I’ve loved the whole casual vibes for Thanksgiving.  I also make sure to find outfit that will hide the food baby I’ll have after eating on Thanksgiving!  Since the fiance and I go to two different places on Thanksgiving we eat double.  With that being said, I love this top because the sleeves are such a statement that no one will be looking at your stomach.  Plus, it’s a super cute top.  The pants are really comfy and have stretch to them, so you won’t have to worry about your pants not being able to expand, these will expand with you lol.  Check out more looks like this one on my blog Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.  As always, thank you to Ada for hosting this awesome collab!​”
Linda: “ I love dressing up but I always need to be comfortable enough to serve and get everything ready for our guests. This Old Navy Tunic is a fav that can be dressed up or down at will.  With fun leggings and OTK boots I am fall appropriate.  Adding the pearls seemed to dress it up slightly.”
Lee: “Hi, I’m Lee and my blog is Wine & Couture.  This year I am hosting, for the first time, Thanksgiving Dinner at my home.  I am excited to decorate and have family over to share good food with.”
Kellyann: “Our Thanksgiving plans include dinner with our family.  We usually eat outside and don’t expect cold weather so this dress and booties are perfect!”
Ada: “My Thanksgiving plans are laid-back. Some of my family members work till the afternoon. But we will get together, have a bigger meal than usual, talk, drink coffee and love on each-other. I chose a semi-dressy outfit this year consisting of a thick, brick-red skirt (it has the cutest pockets) with a forest green+navy plaid shirt and some fun sparkly white booties to glam it up. Also, I chose a long coatigan (cardigan sweater) as a topper.”
Whitney: “This year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and boyfriend at my sister’s new home in Colorado Springs.  I usually want to be comfortable (obviously) but a little bit dressed-up and festive, so this year I’m wearing an on trend velvet top in fall colors.”
Jennie: “We are looking forward to having our four sons, daughter-in-law, and dogs together under one roof again for Thanksgiving! My autumnal colored shift dress is not only stylish with its bell sleeves, but also works well with leggings for a comfortable look that will disquise my holiday food baby!”

Thanks so much for stopping by!